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    Ajmal Makan Real Estate, an acclaimed developer located in the United Arab Emirates, challenges the traditional status norm and conventional practices in order to accomplish major gains in social, environmental, and economic growth throughout the real estate business. An enthusiastic group of business leaders who are willing to question the established quo is in charge of the corporation.

    With its fantastic run of triumphs, beginning with the opening of the renowned Sharjah Waterfront City Project. Even though it was a pioneer and well-known brand name in real estate, its upscale development architecture helped it gain confidence in the industry. The developer seeks to offer a sustainable housing option by creating and delivering residences that, via prompt delivery and branded living, give investors great value.

    Ajmal Makan, an Acclaimed Real Estate Developer in the UAE

    In the United Arab Emirates, the Sharjah-based Ajmal Makan real estate developing company was founded in 2014. The Arabic phrase “Ajmal Makan” means “the most beautiful place,” because no place is lovely without at least a tinge of passion on the part of its creators. Sheikh Abdullah bin Fahid Al-Shakra established the business and serves as its chairman of the management board. Sultan Al-Shakra, the chief executive officer, is in charge of the group of skilled experts. The development corporation is involved in the construction of multipurpose real estate complexes, and because of the outcome of its operations, Sharjah’s economic and tourism potential is expanding. The development of the tourism sector of the real estate market is given special attention by Ajmal Makan, and projects in this sector are built in accordance with international standards to enhance the lives of the populace. Ajmal Makan won the coveted Arabian Business Real Estate Award for the finest waterfront project in 2018 as one example of how the company’s accomplishments are frequently recognized.

    The company’s goal is to develop construction-related innovations while providing clients with communities that have a good price-to-quality ratio. Before real estate sales begin, the development business constructs a network of roads and infrastructural amenities. This indicates that even if the project’s implementation will take more time, the new community’s members will be able to settle right away into a cozy and living setting. In order to ensure that each property complies with the stakeholders’ vision, the firm is motivated to expand and diversify its inventory. Ajmal Makan Properties is committed to developing legacy projects in a variety of industries, including residential, commercial, retail, and leisure, in order to establish a top-tier location for living, doing business, and traveling. The real estate developer wants to play a big role in future projects and the UAE’s landscape.

    Sharjah Waterfront City

    List of Projects by Ajmal Makan

    We will now talk about some of the best properties for sale by Ajmal Makan:

    Bluebay Walk

    The famous Bluebay Walk project by Ajmal Makan is a beachfront apartment complex in Sharjah Waterfront City that has impressively designed studio, one, and two-bedroom apartments. This twin 6-story development guarantees the highest standards of comfort and quality and offers a specially designed facility inside the two building spaces that are packed with different recreational features, which include a kids’ play area, a swimming pool, a spa and an area for relaxing that provides an atmosphere of social coziness and an inviting view of the area surrounding the beach. Even though it’s situated in Sharjah Waterfront City, which is graced with the most intriguing area and features top-notch amenities that ensure a leisure experience unlike any other, the area isn’t just a location. The Al Hamriyah neighborhood in Sharjah, which is close by and has easy access to Al Ittihad Road, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, and Emirates Road, provides a border for the development and enhances connection and mobility.

    The property provides 600 luxurious & smart apartments for sale in Sharjah with breathtaking beach views that provide a distinctive living environment. Enjoy the many amenities that the family-friendly location offers, including beautiful green gardens, swimming pools, a variety of boutique stores, a variety of dining options, local cafés and restaurants, and entertainment spaces. Speaking of restaurants, check out our guide to the best restaurants in Sharjah for all budgets. For house purchasers, Bluebay Walk provides simple and adaptable payment plan alternatives. One may additionally have down-payment options available with its beneficial payment conditions and assistance from customer service.

    Key Highlights

    • Premium amenities and features
    • Constant Surveillance
    • Easy connectivity
    • impressively constructed serviced facilities
    • lush landscaped green spaces
    • 600 exceptional smart residences
    • Recreation areas between the towers

    Facilities & Features

    The Project provides free-hold apartments in Sharjah Waterfront City, which has top-notch amenities and a peaceful, clean environment for elite living. All contemporary comforts are available in this city. The Blue Bay Walk Apartments in Ajmal Makan are tastefully built and outfitted with all the modern comforts needed to provide an enjoyable living atmosphere, where life will thrive in all of its forms. The features and facilities include:

    • An outdoor play area for children
    • An area dedicated to Barbecues
    • A Modern Gym
    • Constant Surveillance
    • Shopping Centers
    • Great restaurants and cafes
    • Large and Beautiful Leisure Deck
    • A fine swimming pool both for adults and children


    These luxury houses for sale in Sharjah, which are part of Phase 1 of Sun Island, one of the 10 breathtaking islands of Sharjah Waterfront City, have a highly convenient position, just like Bluebay Walk. 321 homes are located on Sun Island, which has a total size of 2,212,984 square feet. The remaining land is used for a beachfront, roads, parks, a mosque, and shopping. One of the top hospitals in Sharjah, a power plant (SEWA) and a branch of the University of Sharjah are all reachable from the neighborhood.

    Blue Bay Apartments Ajmal Makan in Sharjah Waterfront City | Sharjah Oasis Real Estate

    Sun Island Villas

    Ajmal Makan’s famous Sun Island Villas project, which is situated in Sharjah’s Waterfront City, provides beachfront residences with 4 to 7 bedrooms. A total of 321 villas with all the latest amenities and cutting-edge technology are available in these distinctively built, limited-collection houses. The complex was created with the help of interesting architectural art galleries, fusing brilliant design with cutting-edge technology while considering future lifestyles such as smart living and artificial intelligence. This innovative design idea provides the greatest level of comfort and enjoyment for the neighborhood’s residents. The development is more environmentally friendly since it uses less energy and contributes to a reduction in carbon emissions, making it a green eco-friendly neighborhood. While wonderfully planned with green areas that provide a variety of opulent amenities and entertainment venues, from shopping malls to theme parks, on the remaining 60% of the land area, which makes up the community’s 40% of the premises, the community’s remaining 40% of the land is magnificently created.

    When it comes to the technological side, these distinctive smart houses are fully equipped with sensors and wireless technology, enhancing the sensation of both interior and outdoor life. With a single touch, residents may completely control all of their technology, appliances, and interior environment. You have the option to purchase a unit of your choosing through the Sun Island Villas post-handover payment plan. You just need to pay 30% while the home is being built and the remaining 70% when it is finished, which will take place 48 months after the handover. Once this is done, you will be ready to move into an elegant property that is currently being offered on favorable terms.

    Key Highlights

    • Breathtaking surroundings and views of the sea
    • First-rate amenities and facilities
    • 24-hour security
    • Beautiful beachfront residences with a distinctive style
    • Limited-edition residences equipped with cutting-edge technology

    Amenities & Features

    The satisfying sense of luxury and surprise of Sun Island Villas’ entertainment and leisure alternatives are used to introduce the amenities. Enjoy the 1.5 million square foot world-class water theme park, which provides top-notch amenities and a variety of thrill rides and recreational areas. The development provides a wealth of amenities, from its sizable malls for shopping to thrilling parks, retail stores to healthcare facilities, kids’ play areas to gardens and parks, to provide the inhabitants a feeling of utmost satisfaction and ease for both inside and outdoor life. The amenities of this project are listed below:

    • A large swimming pool
    • Fascinating cafes and diners
    • Retail outlets
    • Accommodations that offer satisfying services
    • Beaches & marina
    • Premier Water Theme Park
    • Play area for children
    • Hospitals and Clinics
    • Parks & Gardens


    On the Middle Eastern region’s unspoiled Arabian Gulf Coastlines, Sun Island Villas is situated in the most desirable area of Sharjah Waterfront City. The Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Emirates Road and Al Ittihad Road are the routes that lead to it from the three airports in the area: Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai International and Sharjah International. In addition to being adjacent to the five main ports of Hamriyah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain and the Port of Fujairah.

    Construction Update Ajmal Makan Sea Villas - September 2020

    Independent Sea Villas

    The best spot to stay in Sharjah is without any question Ajmal Makan’s independent Sea Villas on Sun Island. It consists of a collection of exquisitely designed and superbly autonomous 6BR and 7BR villas. These stand-alone homes are located in the center of Sharjah Waterfront City’s picturesque Sun Island. Magnificent freehold residence The Sea Villas by Ajmal Makan exhibits its luxury around the Sharjah Waterfront City shoreline. All of these villas for sale in Sharjah are exquisitely decorated and ornamented by some of the top interior designers in the industry, adding even more sparkle to the brilliant architectural features the complex includes.

    These autonomous Sea Villas developments, which are situated on the beach, are a haven of tranquility, serenity, and extravagant living for families in every fiber of their being. Additionally, Ajmal Makan’s smart architecture includes lighting and cooling controls that are accessible from the outside. The residences are equipped with top-notch American glass windows, which contribute to the best possible ambiance inside. Additionally, the homes in Ajmal Makan have solar energy systems and water treatment facilities for their irrigation and pool systems.

    Premium Amenities

    One asset in any development has the potential to make up for and even eclipse all the others: a beachfront position with constant access to the lovely beach. Ajmal Makan, however, did not remain there. For you to have a full family life, they have everything covered, including separate swimming pools for men and women, children’s play areas, spas and massage facilities, and running and cycling trails. The thriving neighborhood also has a number of top-notch eateries, diners, and cafés close by in addition to every single one of the above.

    Convenient Location

    As part of Sun Island’s Phase 1, one of Sharjah Waterfront City’s ten stunning islands, these opulent residences enjoy a highly convenient position. Sun Island covers 2,212,984 square feet in total, with 321 homes, while the rest of the property is set up for a beach, roadway, parks, a mosque and shopping outlets.

    A branch of the University of Sharjah, a sizable hospital, and a power plant (SEWA) are all reachable from the neighborhood. In addition, the region has a yacht club, which is home to over 800 yachts, and a Dubai water taxi station, which can be reached in 20 minutes and is located halfway between Dubai Marina and Hamriya Marina. You can check Dubai Marina apartments if you are interested in purchasing properties in this area as well. The Sea Villas Ajmal Makan’s residents will be able to take advantage of a pollution-free environment that is embellished with the greatest amenities for a luxurious way of life.

    Independent Sea Villas in Sharjah Waterfront City | Ajmal Makan Properties

    Make a Viable Investment in Projects of Ajmal Makan with Dxboffplan

    We have finished looking through the projects that Ajmal Makan has offered. Use this guide to select the best off-plan residences in the UAE.

    With the completion of remarkable projects in some of the city’s most coveted areas, Ajmal Makan, one of Sharjah’s top real estate developers, has created some of the city’s most identifiable and unique residential structures. If you are looking for off-the-plan houses for sale in Sharjah and want to invest in Ajmal Makan’s projects, Dxboffplan can put you in touch with the developer. Contact us for the best deals and to benefit from our wide range of top-notch services, which include:

    • Direct purchase from the developer (as mentioned above)
    • 100% free consultation
    • Zero commission fees
    • In-person and online consultation (via WhatsApp)
    • Immediate securing of the property (in 1 minute)
    • Citizenship services

    If you’re looking for different developers and developments that aren’t mentioned on the Dxboffplan website, have a look at the best projects by Deyaar Properties, another renowned real estate developer that has also built fascinating, luxury properties in Sharjah.

    Ajmal Makan Properties Projects List

    Project Name Property Type Development Name Min. Price Completion

    Ajmal Makan Properties Most Popular Projects

    Ajmal Makan Properties

    Ajmal Makan Properties

    Ajmal Makan Properties

    Ready To Move off plan projects

    7BR Villa For Sale In Independent Sea Villas

    Ajmal Makan Properties

    Ready To Move off plan projects

    6BR Villa For Sale In Independent Sea Villas

    Ajmal Makan Properties

    Ready To Move off plan projects

    2BR Apartment For Sale In Blue Bay Ajmal Makan

    Ajmal Makan Properties

    Ready To Move off plan projects

    1BR Apartment For Sale In Blue Bay Ajmal Makan

    Ajmal Makan Properties

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    The prestigious real estate developer, Ajmal Makan, was first established in 2014.

    By creating and delivering homes that provide its investors great value through timely delivery and branded living, the developer seeks to create a sustainable housing option.

    Ajmal Makan Properties is committed to developing legacy projects in a variety of industries, including residential, commercial, retail, and leisure, in order to establish a top-tier location for living, doing business, and traveling.

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