Company Name: Schön Properties

Founded: Year 1973

About Schön Properties:

Schön Properties has been a mainstay of the city’s vibrant real estate market, for the last decade. Schön Properties Broker LLC was founded in the year 1973, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates having a long-standing reputation for its expertise and specialization in properties. The developer brings a new level of excellence to all residential, retail and office developments, by providing solution for quality real estate development in the region. Schon Group is renowned worldwide for its innovation and expertise across a wide variety commodities services. Schon Properties is the group’s global real estate development that intends to create attractive real estate projects for the home owner and deliver the best quality at the most reasonable prices. The company has pursued an active policy of expansion, backed by a commitment to high standard quality, granted by customer satisfaction.

Vision of Schön Properties:

“To be the leading source of premium turnkey, mixed-use property solutions, providing end-users with complete peace of mind, the best value and significant returns on investment.”

Mission of Schön Properties:

“To build an ethical, reputable and successful business organization founded on sound principles and practices, providing quality products and services by way of leading edge solutions to the property market that yield best value for all customers.

History of Schön Properties:

Schon Group is an international business conglomerate established in the year 1972, with more than 40 years of success. Schon Group started business in Singapore in year 1970’s, and operated business in over 4 continents to this date. One of the biggest assets of Schon Group is its policy of being debt-free and zero debt organization across the board. The Schon Group is one of the companies that have diversified business experience in banking, textiles, oil refining, knitwear, food products, and real estate development. This macro experience and debt-free policy given the business group the diversity and tenacity required to succeed in all markets around the world.

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