Company Name: Al Mazaya Real Estate

Chairman: Rashid Yaqoub Al Nafisi

Founded: 1998

About Al Mazaya Real Estate:

Al Mazaya Real Estate FZ LLC is a leading real estate development company, headquartered in Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC). The development company is a subsidiary of the Al Mazaya Holding Co. in Kuwait. The firm specializes in different services like Real Estate Development, Projects Management and Marketing Management among others.

Vision of Al Mazaya Real Estate:

“Our vision is to work towards becoming one of the leading property developers in the region. We envision further expansion of our investment basket and enhancement in both the Kuwait and Dubai markets, as well as other GCC economies.”

History of Al Mazaya Real Estate:

Al Mazaya Holding Company, the firm behind Al Mazaya Real Estate was established in 1998 and started full operations in 2004 in Kuwait. It has tapped into both the Kuwait and Dubai Stock Markets and also ventured into real estate products nd services. It has now established its real estate subsidiary in Dubai Healthcare City.

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