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Al Khail Real Estate is a Dubai-based real estate company established in 2006.

Being in the industry for over a decade, the group have been committed to deliver quality properties and services to its clients.

Al Khail Real Estate adheres to the principles of transparency, efficiency and timeliness. The real estate firm carefully guides its clients from search to purchase, ensuring that they secure and get the best property for their hard-earned money.

With its personal and detailed approach in dealing with clients, the company has become among the well- trusted real estate companies in Dubai. Al Khail Real Estate offers a wide range of services covering residential, commercial, freehold and leasehold properties.

Al Khail Real Estate’s expertise is founded by years of industry experience and core mission to guarantee the satisfaction of each client in every property purchase or investment.

Why Buy Property from Al Khail Real Estate?

  1. No Commission – We guarantee that you only pay the actual price of the property. You can expect no hidden fees or extra charges as you buy the property.
  2. Established Partnership with Different Developers – With our established partnership with different developers, Al Khail Real Estate guarantees not to offer you properties that do not fit your preferences. You are sure that you will get the property that you want from the your preferred developer.
  3. Exclusive Offers – Get exclusive offers like discounts or customized payment plan, when you buy property at Al Khail Real Estate! With our secure ties with different developers in Dubai, you can avail special offers that you cannot get when you buy from other real estate agents.

CEO Message

Al Khail Real Estate Broker is founded by our team’s united vision to guarantee client satisfaction. Since the establishment of the company in 2006, the company has been driven to build strong and meaningful partnerships with the most esteemed Dubai developers. We believe that it is by earning the trust of developers that we can be of best service to clients who seek to make the right property investment or purchase.

Through the years, our company has continued to provide every client the best property that meets their specific needs and budget. Al Khail Real Estate has successfully adapted to the changes and challenges of the real estate industry in the past decade because of our strong commitment to serve our customers with excellence.

Abdol Nasser Mohammad

Managing Director

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