Decree No. (26) of 2013 Concerning the Rent Disputes Settlement Centre in the Emirate of Dubai Article (22-31)

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Article (22) Appeals from Decisions and Judgments Issued before the Effective Date of this Decree

Subject to the provisions of Article (17) of this Decree, the decisions and judgments that were not enforced before the effective date of this Decree may be appealed within thirty (30) days from such effective date.

Article (23) Fees

A. In return for registering the claims and applications submitted to the Centre and other services provided by it, the Centre will charge fees as determined pursuant to a resolution of the Chairman of the Executive Council.

B. The fees stipulated in the above mentioned Local Order No. (1) of 2004 will continue to apply until the Executive Council resolution referred to in paragraph (a) of this Article is issued.

Article (24) Remuneration of the Members of Tribunals

The chairman of the Council will issue regulations concerning the financial remuneration that may be paid to chairs and members of Tribunals.

Article (25) Automation and Use of Technology

The activities of the Centre in the judicial and administrative sectors will be automated to ensure simplification of procedure and expeditious determination of Rent Disputes.

Article (26) Providing Support to the Centre

The Department will provide all necessary support to the Centre to enable it to perform the functions assigned to it by virtue of this Decree, including providing office premises and administrative, financial, and technical support.

Article (27) Financial Resources of the Centre

The financial resources of the Centre will consist of:

  1. support allocated to the Centre in the budget of the Department; and
  2. fees and charges for the services collected by the Centre with respect to claims, applications, transactions, and the services provided by the Centre.

Article (28) Transitional Provisions

A. The Centre will hear and determine all claims and applications being heard by the Special Tribunal to Determine Disputes between Landlords and Tenants on the effective date of this Decree. These claims and applications will be referred at their current status unless the case is reserved for judgment.

B. All employees of the Special Tribunal to Determine Disputes between Landlords and Tenants will be transferred to the Department as of the effective date of this Decree without prejudice to their existing rights. The Government of Dubai Human Resources Management Law No. (27) of 2006 and its amendments will apply to these employees.

Article (29) Repeals

A. This Decree will supersede Law No. (15) of 2009 Concerning Hearing Rent Disputes in Free Zones and Decree No. (2) of 1993 Forming a Special Tribunal to Determine Disputes between Landlords and Tenants.

B. Any provision in any other legislation will be repealed to the extent that it contradicts the provisions of this Decree.

Article (30) Issuing Implementing Resolutions

The chairman of the Council will issue the resolutions required for the implementation of the provisions of this Decree.

Article (31) Publication and Commencement

This Decree will be published in the Official Gazette and will come into force sixty (60) days after the date of its publication.


Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Ruler of Dubai


Issued in Dubai on 18 September 2013

Corresponding to 13 Thu al-Qidah 1434 A.H.

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