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No such thing as summer vacations for the Real-Estate Industry in Dubai anymore. The industry is very much active and running during this time of the year too.

Real Estate Industry in Dubai more active than ever this summer!

Gone are the days when summertime used to be a period of dormancy for the commercial sector of the country. Every year, United Arab Emirates inevitably experiences a very harsh and long summer with temperatures boiling up to paramount degrees. Thus, it is due to this perpetually accelerating centigrade that a large percentage of the population takes vacations back home (in case of expats) or just rummage off to milder areas scavenging serene climatic conditions to spend some quality time with their families relaxing and lounging away from an otherwise tedious routine they have throughout the year in an extremely pressuring work environment in the UAE.

Thus, according to the prior view and conditions, the drifting away of the residents in this way used to cause a halt in property selling, buying, and renting in the country, specially Dubai as the developers would not find much demand and hold back the announcements of their new projects till at least early fall. The ideology behind lower demand and a consequent un-narrated supply is that the Developers feared receiving an undervalued response from the market segment as there was so little of this segment staying back in town and actually willing to take the toil of finding a property at this time of the year.

However, Real Estate companies, reportedly, have spectacled a sudden shift of trend this year as they still had a booming demand for some of the properties selling like hot cakes within the Emirate. The reason behind, as it turns out to be, is that buyers and investors have now smartly started capitalizing on this very dormancy as most of the developers, in summers are also quite laid back and less persistent on their grounds providing the investors and buyers with big bargains and leverages. People in Dubai have been able to get their hands on some of the highly luxurious and spacious properties in extremely compensated rates in contrast to their rates all around the year normally. Thus, this exchange of business is proving as beneficial for the developers as it is for the purchasers causing a rise in their micro economical demand vs. shift graphs.

So,  to all the real-estate developers, brokers, investors and potential buyers reading this article, go try your luck, the cosmos are definitely working in the favor of the Emirate.

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