5 Factors To Consider If You Plan To Buy A House in Dubai

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With serene neighborhoods and state-of-the-art amenities developed specifically for ideal living, Dubai is undoubtedly one of best places to own a home. If you are planning to buy a house in Dubai, you are making a good long-term or even a lifetime investment. With the plethora of houses for sale in Dubai, there are a number of factors you must consider before finally investing money on your dream home.

1. Your Neighborhood

Location is always a top consideration when you plan to buy a house in Dubai. Always check its proximity to public transportation like metro stations, tram stations or bus stops. See if taxi cabs frequent the area. Make sure that there are grocery stores, hospitals and retail centers or schools (if necessary) nearby.

Choose an area that is relatively close to your workplace. Before you buy any property for sale in Dubai, study about your community. See if your desired location is self-sustaining or if it is the kind of place where you want to live for a long time.

2. Master Developer’s Legacy

Take a good look on the legacy and track record of the master developer. How good are the quality of projects that they deliver? Do they finish their projects on time? Do they offer additional benefits and after-sale care and maintenance?

Learn about the experience of their previous clients either through research or by finding someone who previously transacted with them. A good Dubai real estate developer doesn’t cut the relationship with its client after selling the property. Find a property developer in Dubai that always seek to deliver high-quality projects and puts its clients on top priority.

3. Price & Payment Options

Examine your own financial status and its sustainability so you wouldn’t buy a house in Dubai that you cannot pay in the long run. Developers are now offering its clients off plan properties in Dubai with flexible payment plans. This allows customers to pay the property for a little percentages of the total amount on a monthly basis until handover.

Interestingly, a lot of developers have also followed the trend of providing “post handover” payment plan, which takes from 2 years up to 5 years after you get the keys to your home. Look closely on the houses for sale in Dubai and see which suits your budget. Also consider if the property has good resale value in case you plan to move after a certain period of time.

4. Sizes & Arrangements

When choosing a size of your home, consider your plans for the long term. Demands and needs might change especially if you are a young couple starting a family. So instead of getting a one-bedroom apartment or villa, a larger home is much appropriate.

Look into the arrangement of the home. Choose a home where the rooms have en-suite bathrooms. If you are the type who loves to enjoy the view, you would want a balcony or floor-to-ceiling windows that also allow the abundance of natural light.

5. Features & Amenities

When you buy a house in Dubai, your convenience cannot be compromised. You want a home that is located in self-contained community, complete with places that caters to both your needs and wants.

Are there gym facilities o sports areas for your active lifestyle? Are there secured play areas for your children? Is there a swimming pool or park where you can enjoy bonding time with your family and friends? Check your choice houses for sale in Dubai if all the amenities that you desire in a neighborhood are all within your reach.

How to Search the Best Houses for Sale in Dubai

After assessing these factors, you can now begin with your search for the best property for sale in Dubai. In this portal you can filter results based on the abovementioned factors. Name your price, budget, location, size and preferred amenities and we will provide the best property for you. Start browsing and discover our extensive list of Dubai properties now!

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