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1 Bedroom Apartments for Sale in Dubai

What is a 1 Bedroom Apartment or 1 BHK Flat?

A one-bedroom apartment is a type of unit that is composed of one bedroom, one living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. While same in most features, the obvious difference of a one-bedroom apartment from a studio is that it is not a self-contained unit. A one-bedroom apartment has separate spaces for each parts of the home, most of the time divided with partial walls. A studio, on the other hand, just maximizes a single space for all house parts, without barriers.

The different one-bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai vary in features and furnishings. Larger units may feature a balcony and storage spaces, depending on the developer’s design.

Sizes of 1 Bedroom Apartments in Dubai

The sizes of one bedroom apartments in Dubai range from 500 to 900 square feet (on the average), But is still varies depending on the developer’s design and the location of the apartments.

Residents of 1 Bedroom Apartments in Dubai

The most common and typical residents of a one-bedroom apartment in Dubai are couples, especially those who are just starting out in their family life. The size of a 1 BHK flats in Dubai fits just right for two persons or even for a couple with a young child.

If you are expecting visitors to sleep over from time-to-time, there are one-bedroom apartments where the living room can be converted to a guest room, with sofa convertible to a bed.

Best Locations to Find 1 Bedroom Apartments in Dubai

Dubai is one the best places to invest in a one bedroom apartment, whether you are a local or a foreign investor. The wide variety of master developments in the emirate allows you to own apartments that give lucrative investment returns.

One of the most popular locations to own a 1 bedroom apartment in Dubai is Downtown. The popular location widely known for Burj Khalfa, the tallest tower in the world and The Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping center and mall. Because of its strategic area and various dining, entertainment and leisure options the one bedroom for sale in Downtown Dubai are priced higher than regular units. The average price of a 1 BHK flats in Downtown starts at AED 1.5 million on the average. Since the premier community is has global popularity and technologically advanced, the demand in these areas are increasing. Many are looking for a one-bedroom apartment for rent in Dubai, as there construction of future projects in the area are underway.

Another popular location for one bedroom apartments in Dubai is Palm Jumeirah. The world-class man-made island development has been among the most coveted places to live is Palm Jumeirah. Aside from the opportunity to enjoy beachfront living, the one bedroom apartments in Palm Jumeirah. With a tram to link to monorail, the island destination will be easily accessible via Dubai metro. This will increase the demand of the one bedroom apartment for sale in Palm Jumeirah. Prices for a one bedroom apartment in Palm Jumeirah start at around AED 1.5 to 2 million.

If you are looking for a cheap one bedroom for sale in Dubai, a good choice would be Business Bay. The one bedroom apartments for sale in Business Bay are in close proximity to Downtown Dubai yet its residences start at a lower price base. The area has its own metro station and is located next to Sheikh Zayed Road, making it appealing to young professionals working within the area, in Downtown Dubai, DIFC or other nearby areas. You can find a one bedroom apartment for sale in Business Bay starting or lower than AED 1 million.

Other locations for that are good for investment and residential purposes are Town Square Dubai or Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC). The one bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) also offer cheap units with great returns.

Benefits of Buying One Bedroom Apartments in Dubai

  1. More privacy than studios

One of the benefits of owning a one bedroom apartment in Dubai is the privacy that if offers compared to studios. You can simply welcome guests in your living room while maintaining your privacy in your bedroom behind a closed door. You get to keep your personal stuff away from the public eye in case there are visitors. Having a separate room creates that atmosphere that keeps you more settled and relaxed especially when you sleep inside your own bedroom.

  1. Much cheaper than 2-bedroom units

If you are newly-wed couple or a couple with one small child, you are very particular with spending within your budget. While a two-bedroom may look like your dream home, the price difference between a one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment for sale in Dubai is significant. A one bedroom apartment for sale is not only ideal in terms of price, but can also lets you save from future expenses. Instead of spending more on furniture items for a larger space, you will go for space-saving furniture that also doubles as a storage to maximize your space. You save a lot by not shopping for too much decorative furnishings and bulky furniture.

  1. Provides exactly what you need

A one bedroom apartment provides just enough space that you need ensuring convenience on the part of the resident. You utilize each part of your home while ensuring convenience, as the residences also provides access to the premium amenities within the apartment building. You free yourself of the stress of maintaining a large home, and are free of the clutter and buildup that comes with owning  larger units like penthouses and villas. This will help you become more relaxed so you can focus on more important things like time with your family and career.

  1. Competitive Return of Investment (ROI) Opportunities

Since one-bedrooms are mid-priced and relatively affordable, the demand for this apartment size is significant. Invest in high traffic areas like Downtown Dubai or Business Bay, as a lot of clients still prefer to live within the modern metropolis.

If you are targeting tourists, you may want to find a 1 bedroom for sale in Dubai in a hotel apartment. Service one bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai are among the top choices of tourists especially those who are looking luxury accommodations.

Find the best 1 bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai

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