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Cherrywood Townhouses at Cherrywood Townhouses

Cherrywood by the bespoke Meraas Holding is a spectacular townhouse community in the beautiful and spacious residential area located at the crossroads between Emirates Road & Al Qudra Road. The whole residential vicinity has been designed in the form of a suburban escape entailing a huge number of lavishly designed feel-good townhouses built within it. Comprising of 3BR & 4BR townhouses, the unique features of Cherrywood community is the private and spacious living that is captured in the distinctive far-away residential district along with the opulent Middle Eastern influences within the tranquil and breathtaking setting of urban lifestyle features, lush landscaping and pristine coastal views of the Arabian Gulf along the Dubai coastline.

Project Overview

Starting Price AED 1,531,000
Price Per Sqft from AED 686
Area from 2233 Sqft.
Type Townhouses
Bedrooms 3BR Mid3BR End4BR End
Location -
Developer Meraas Holding
Developer Projects 22
Est. Completion Q2 2021
Views 532

Cherrywood Townhouses by Meraas Holding

Cherrywood Townhouses is a spectacular townhouse community in the lavish and beautiful residential area situated between the crossroads of two very famous road networks of Al Qudra Road & Emirates Road. The whole residential vicinity has been designed in the form of a large country-side suburban escape entailing a huge number of lavish and magnificently spacious townhouses built within it. The unique features of Cherrywood Townhouses community is the private and spacious living that is captured in the distinctive clusters along with the opulent Middle Eastern influences within the tranquil and breathtaking setting of urban lifestyle features, lush landscaping and pristine coastal views of the scintillating waters of the Arabian Gulf along the Dubai coastline. Thus, these 3BR & 4BR townhouses are what dreams are made of. Exuding the right quintessential spirit of suburban living in an upscale environment, these townhouses speak of all things uber modern and unparallel when it comes to their unique infrastructures and the overall vibe they emit. This beauty and elegance, however, is certainly to be credited to the mastermind behind it which is Meraas Holding. As we all are well aware of, Meraas Holding is not just a region confined local setup but an international and global one. Run by a team of highly competent and skilled entrepreneurs, designers, property developers, and real estate masterminds, Meraas Holding is indisputably and undeniably one of the most fast paced well-received property development entities within the UAE.

Cherrywood Villas in Dubailand Meraas Holding

Starting out as a joint conglomerate holding company in the year 2007, this premium master developer has stood out this whole decade owning to its sheer quality and diligence of perfection within its projects. Based and headquartered in Dubai, Meraas Holding has delivered some iconic and landmark projects adding further to the city’s global appeal and reach in the past like City Walk Dubai, Nikki Beach & Resort Spa Dubai etc. serving as the new travel destinations. The founding figure behind some of the most iconic real-estate, residential, commercial, hospitality, and leisure iconic master developments within the region and specifically within this glorious city of Dubai, Meraas Holding is one such property development entity that has stood its ground to the true provision of splendid developments. Starting out as a joint conglomerate, this Holding group has now become a mega master developer in all true sense of the word in such a small period of time since its birth in 2007 which is even less than a decade and it can all be attributed to its out of the box approach and unparalleled crafting.

Cherrywood Villas in Dubailand Meraas Holding

Thus, Meraas Holding has ascended to these new heights of success and recognition within the region all due to its extremely unique and competitive approach of coming up with the Gen-X uber modern concepts of venturing into retail, leisure as well as contemporary lifestyle development ventures. An inherent style and chic tonality can be seen embedded across everything Meraas Holding does and provides the region with and that is the USP and distinct identity of this master developer. Meraas Holding is one such property development and management company within the region whose very name is synonymous with everything upscale, uber, modern, and contemporary and this is the tonality that Meraas Holding has set for itself through its out of the box approach and unique project deliveries and developments within the region ranging in their versatility and diversity from fine-designed residential hubs to out and out leisure and recreational get-aways that instantly became the highlight of the tourism and travel life of the UAE and rose to become some highly sought-after global destinations of the world. Hence, this master development of Cherrywood Townhouses development offers spectacular and magnificent 3BR & 4BR Townhouses and with dedicated lifestyle facilities for its tenants. All the Townhouses are situated within the stunning residential development at the precinct of A Qudra Road & Emirates Road and  are built in congruent color themes and patterns that are surely soothing to live in.

Cherrywood Villas in Dubailand Meraas Holding

This tranquilizing residential development has been designed by some of the best designers and engineers in the business and Meraas Holding has again not compromised on its standards when it comes to combining elegance, class and value for money. The lively, refreshingly matt and soothing facade of these houses provides the residents with an ultimate sense of serenity and a truly acoustic experience. All the primary interior appliances i.e. kitchen deck, sinks, faucets etc are of European high brands. All the residences are pre-fitted with high-end wood cabinets and walk-in closets and also securely pre-wired and covered to prevent exposure to kids. The residential development is surrounded by a larger than life beautifully landscaped garden on all four sides of it providing a pretty view and access to those post-work me-time evening strolls along the beach and luscious waters. Thus, as the master developers Meraas Holding themselves put it in the way: “Cherrywood Townhouses is where beautiful stories begin and memories are made, filled with friendly gatherings and quality time with family. The contemporary townhouses are more spacious than can be imagined and the interior finishes are best in class, all within a serene environment”. Not just that, Meraas Holdings also places and positions Cherrywood Townhouses as a place one would not want to leave as it is quite expansive in its nature and covers everything from community living to the perfect surrounding amenities to the ease of location.

Cherrywood Villas in Dubailand Meraas Holding

Premium Amenities

Cherrywood Townhouses boasts of an active and healthy lifestyle with all the fun recreational opportunities it provides to its residents through various means and channels. Thus, Cherrywood Townhouses is a distinct residential development that is well-equipped with very quintessential amenity required by the residents. Cherrywood Townhouses is a spacious development designed to capacitate all the superior amenities like a gigantic swimming pool, a properly guarded and covered kids’ play area and imaginative spaces designed to take children into a wondrous little world of creative imagination, a dedicated meditative outdoor yoga area for adults and a sports and fitness centre fitted with world-class high-tech equipments within it. In addition to all this, tennis, basketball and squash courts across the whole residential vicinity. Moreover, regardless to mention, due to its location closer to Al Qudra Road & Emirates Road, Cherrywood Townhouses enjoys 24/7 access to the dedicated community facilities and recreational opportunities along with the breathtaking views of the skyline of this bustling city of Dubai where the residents can spend weekends and vacations relishing some much deserved family and friends time and bonding over it. Apart from all these amazing facilities, the overall view and vibe of the whole residential development itself is fairly tranquilizing with some of the best contemporary touches given to it while planning and laying it out. Thus, no family, couples, or even singles alike can ever claim boredom when they are living within such a wonderfully provisioned residential neighbourhood with literally everything available at just a footstep away from their reach.

Cherrywood Villas in Dubailand Meraas Holding

Convenient Location

When choosing a dream house, one of the most important consideration for anybody is the convenience of location that place enjoys. Under this scenario, Cherrywood Townhouses Residences Townhouses enjoy a very feasible and nuclear location due to their location in one of the most sought after residential locations of the city itself i.e. at the crossroads between Al Qudra Road & Emirates Road. Both Al Qudra Road and Emirates Road are quite centrally located when it comes to the ease of commute and reach of these road networks to the rest of the city and therefore, Cherrywood Townhouses owns a very pivotal and central place in that aspect too due to its location between the junction of both these road networks. As everybody in the region in quite aware of,  is a major road in the UAE. It begins in the old and popular New Al Falah in Abu Dhabi and extends north-eastward towards the Ras Al Khaimah emirate. E 311 has been called Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road since 2013. In Dubai, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road or this very Emirates Road is a prime location for new projects as the area surrounding it can now be accessed easily. Many projects have been proposed or are in various stages of development along this road and it is popular for its ease of connectivity to the rest of the city. Thus, Cherrywood Townhouses have been strategized and designed in such an order that they provide their residents with the ultimate ease of commute and so, they stand very true to their promise by doing exactly that. Cherrywood Townhouses is situated at an ideal location on Al Qudra Road in terms of its proximity to some of the landmark locations of the Emirate.

Cherrywood Villas in Dubailand Meraas Holding

The place has close access to all the touch points that contribute to making a decision in terms of living i.e.  retail outlets, healthcare options, schools and offices, transportation links etc. The development project is notably close to all the major road networks that serve to connect Cherrywood Townhouses with the other major road networks of the city and that very fact makes it an extremely central and accessible location. Thus, one thing is for sure that this villa and townhouse community will provide its residents with everything from the spaciousness and commodiousness of its place to the surrounding facilities and amenities that it engulfs and then the ease of such a proximal and central location that it enjoys. Cherrywood Townhouses lies at extremely close distances from most major locations within the city and is accessible through most key locations within the city. This beautiful and spectacular community of Cherrywood Townhouses lies at a mere 5km distance from Arabian Ranches 1 & 2, Dubai Sports City and Motor City, at a 10 km distance from Dubai Investment Park, a 15km distance from Burj Al Arab and Madinat Jumeirah, again a 15 km distance from the Expo 2020 venue, and a 20 km distance from the Al Maktoum International Airport. Thus, this residential development is definitely a major grab and would reap very beneficial returns on investment.


  • Easy access from major roadways
  • Retail and dining experiences
  • Lush park with water feature
  • Tennis, basketball and countless other facilities

Payment Plan

Installment Milestone Percentage (%)
1st Installment Down Payment 5%
2nd Installment 1 Month from Purchase Date 5%
3rd Installment 7 Months from Purchase Date 5%
4th Installment 10 Months from Purchase Date 5%
5th Installment 13 Months from Purchase Date 5%
6th Installment 22 Months from Purchase Date 10%
7th Installment 25 Months from Purchase Date 5%
8th Installment 30 Months from Purchase Date (Handover) 10%
9th Installment 6 Months Post Handover 5%
10th Installment 12 Months Post Handover 5%
11th Installment 18 Months Post Handover 5%
12th Installment 24 Months Post Handover 5%
13th Installment 30 Months Post Handover 5%
14th Installment 36 Months Post Handover 5%
15th Installment 42 Months Post Handover 5%
16th Installment 48 Months Post Handover 5%
17th Installment 54 Months Post Handover 5%
18th Installment 60 Months Post Handover 5%

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