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Areej Plot by Tilal Properties

Areej is a new complex of residential lands situated at the first elegant community of Sharjah “Tilal City”. This MEGA project is the first joint venture between Sharjah’s government and the private sector. In fact, this is one of the most sought-after projects of Sharjah. This is because this time, investors are given the chance to create their dream future and lifestyle. In addition, the exclusive location, as well as the green space appeal and special benefits, add extra value to Areej. Besides, an easy payment plan with up to 24 months installments makes the investment more precious. These lands are for those investors desiring neo-classical or Arab-style houses.

Areej Plots in Tilal City Tilal Properties

The opportunity to paint your future

Areej plots are supposed to be the most life-transforming decision of your life. This time, YOU will be the creator of your dream home, lifestyle and little piece of heaven. As well as this, all of these will happen in one of the most desirable places in the world. Besides, Areej Plots are the best choice for those desiring houses with Neo Classical Architecture and Arab Architectural Motifs. So, this is going to be your little piece of Arabesque paradise where is the reflection of YOU!

Apart from these, these lands are set to be the exact spot where living your dreams starts. Also, Areej is a place where your way of thinking, style, personality and dreams are epitomized. Therefore, get immersed in your dreams and start creating them. If you are looking for a sea change, here is the opportunity!

Areej Plots in Tilal City | Tilal Properties

Tilal City- An Exclusive Location

Tilal City is the first elegant community of Sharjah. This area is set to be one of the most sought-after areas of the UAE. As well as this, Tilal City is an excellent environment to live and work in where the “prosperity” is above all else.

Moreover, Tilal City is a dream location with huge potential. Being in Tilal City, you will find yourself surrounded by a variety of world-class amenities. These unique amenities will make your life more comfortable and special.

Some of them include:

  • Gardens
  • Nurseries
  • Schools
  • Mosques
  • Green spaces

In addition to all of these, Tilal City features the largest commercial complex in the region. Also, there is a 5-star hotel in this area which is managed by Hilton. These high-end landmarks will add a little luxury to your life for sure!

Areej Plots in Tilal City Tilal Properties

As well as these, close proximity to major landmarks and places is the obvious feature of a great location. Tilal City also is not an exception. Actually, this is a place where you will be at the heart of the UAE’s best landmarks.

For instance, there is only:

  • 5 mins to the Emirate of Dubai
  • 25 mins to Dubai International Airport
  • 20 mins to global village
  • 20 mins to IMG world of adventure
  • 30 mins to Dubai Media City

*Above all, all of these incredible features are completed with the eye-catching green space appeal.

Residential Plot in Tilal City Sharjah | Tilal Properties

A perfect package of fantastic benefits

This is going to be an exceptional investment opportunity allowing you to own your dreams. In fact, fantastic benefits make this investment more appealing!

  • Complete infrastructures are available
  • First master-planned community in Sharjah
  • Open to all nationalities
  • Flexible payment plan for up to 24 months
  • ZERO maintenance and community fees
  • Water extensions and central gas extensions finished
  • STP sewage station for Tilal City project
  • Funding through Sharjah Islamic Bank
  • The right to own property without residency

Properties for Sale in Tilal City | Tilal Properties

Why UAE?

UAE is a beautiful middle-eastern country where bridges the East to the West. This fact makes it an extraordinary and special place. In addition, the UAE is highly renowned for superb infrastructure, stable currency, tax-free incomes and incredible safety. Besides, it is worth noting that its people are the happiest in the world. Finally, all of these are completed with pristine beaches in which turquoise waters please the eye literally. So, here is supposed to be your middle-eastern heaven where you will be the most perfect version of yourself and experience a world-class royal lifestyle.

Surprisingly affordable

Above all of the incredible features of fantastic Areej Plots, an easy payment plant makes investment more precious. Flexible payment plan allows you to own the most valuable property at the most affordable way!

Payment Plan Options

  • Option 1: Cash Payment
  • Option 2: 24 months Payment Plan
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