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2 Bedroom Apartments For Sale in Dubai

What is a 2 Bedroom Apartment?

A two-bedroom apartment is among to most desired layouts of any homeowner. Aside from the additional living space, the design and size of a two-bedroom apartment makes room for more flexibility and ease of living. The key feature of this type of unit is that it has two separate bedrooms but have a common living room, kitchen and at least one bathroom (some have more bathrooms, depending on the layout).

The selection of 2 BHK flats in Dubai differ in features, interiors and layouts. Some units are furnished with basic home furniture and electrical appliances, while some are empty space that can be customized to your preferred design. Compared to smaller units like studio and one bedroom, the 2 bedroom apartment for sale in Dubai commonly feature a balcony and large storage spaces.

Some 2 bedroom apartments are found in hotel apartments where residents can avail hotel-like services within a home setup. These serviced apartments for sale in Dubai are popular among transient visitors or tourists.                    

Sizes of 2 Bedroom Apartments in Dubai

The sizes of two-bedroom apartments in Dubai range from 1000 to 1500 square feet, but still varies depending on the developer’s design and the location of the apartments.

Residents of 2 Bedroom Apartments in Dubai

The common residents of 2 bedroom apartments in Dubai are families with children or those individuals or couples who always entertain guests. The spacious unit allows room for up to 5 persons or more.

Best Locations to Find 2 Bedroom Apartments in Dubai

If you are looking for a two bedroom apartment for sale in Dubai, the emirate will offer you a wide range of master developments that are not only good for residential living but also offers you significant investment returns.

Popularity-wise, a two bedroom apartment in Downtown Dubai is among the most popular choices. The modern metropolis location which is famous for its record-breaking infrastructure feats like the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall, make it a global community and residential destination most sought-after by investors. The average price of two bedroom apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai is AED 2 million on the average. Among the perks that residents of Downtown Dubai apartments can enjoy are the exclusive selection of dining options within the community, entertainment areas and several leisure destinations. Emaar Properties is among the popular developers that have designed major residential projects in the area. The Emaar apartments for sale in Dubai has been a popular choice not only for its quality, but also because of its flexible payment plan options.

Among the famous locations for two bedroom apartments for sale in Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT), primarily for its proven track record of high rental yields based on the recent year.  Rental yields for residences in the area have been consistently good, which is why two bedroom apartment for sale in JVT would make an ideal choice for your next investment. The self-contained community is designed to provide a holistic lifestyle to its residents.

Dubai Sports City (DSC) also provides a selection of apartments with relatively high rental returns. The mid-priced two bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai Sports City has been proven to bring back good return of investment like other low-priced locations including Discovery Gardens and International City.

Benefits of Buying 2 Bedroom Apartments in Dubai

There are several benefits of buying 2 BHK apartments for sale in Dubai. Here are just some of them.

  1. More Living and Storage Space

One of the obvious reasons why a 2 BHK flat is better than a studio and one bedroom is its plenty of living and storage space. Maximize the use of each part of the home without having to share its function with another. The living room need not to function as a guest room and will solely be dedicated as a place where the family can gather for quality time, even until the wee hours of the night. Avoid the hassle of transforming one home space to another by buying a two-bedroom apartment in Dubai.

Aside from wide living spaces, storage space is not a problem in two bedroom apartments. Some couples buy a two bedroom apartment, and  use the other room as storage space, a walk-in closet or a hobby room (like a small music studio). This second room can also function as a place to store prized possessions.

  1. Accommodate Guests in the Home

If you are the type of occupant who regularly expects guests, a two bedroom apartment in Dubai could be the best option for you. If you have visiting friends and family, there is no better way to entertain them than accommodating them into your own home. Instead of letting them spend money for hotel bookings, welcoming them into your own living space would not only save a lot of money but also ensure that the time you spend with your guests is a time well-spent.

  1. More Space for Yourself

Living in a two-bedroom apartment allows you to have more space for yourself. If you’re the type who juggles different tasks within the day (work, leisure, relaxation), you need separate spaces for each of these activities. If you buy a two bedroom apartment for sale in Dubai, you can divide your large living space according to your activities, so you can make sure that your office space, bedroom, and leisure room are not constrained within one space. This will make sure there will be less stress on your part and you can even allow your mind to be compartmentalize, resulting to less stress and clutter.

Find the best 2 bedroom apartment for sale in Dubai

Interested to invest in a two bedroom apartment in Dubai? With dxboffplan.com, we provide a list of the best 2 bedroom apartments in Dubai complete with price, payment plan, brochure, floor plan and full project information from different top developers in Dubai. Find your next two bedroom apartment investment by choosing one that fits your size, budget and preferred amenities.

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