Top 12 Karate Classes in Dubai (2024 review)

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Karate classes are a popular sport among children and adults in Dubai. This sport aims to protect you and keep you in shape. The advent of this martial art in the 20th century attracted a lot of fans. Karate classes are widely available throughout Dubai and the UAE, making it an accessible and popular activity for those wishing to learn this martial art. Karate teaches discipline, respect, and self-defense, making it an ideal sport for both children and adults. Students learn to be aware of their bodies, to have better coordination, and to improve their focus. The physical and mental benefits of karate make it a great activity for all ages.

And that’s why we’ve prepared a list of the best karate classes in Dubai for you.

Top Karate Classes in Dubai

Top Karate Classes in Dubai

Coaches attending Dubai’s institutes are certified and highly experienced, so you should feel comfortable working with them. It is the responsibility of these coaches to supervise the training of children and adults in the art of karate. You can find different gyms in Dubai, but check out our article on the cheapest gyms in Dubai article if you are interested in saving money. There are some major costs of living in Dubai, so you better save up when you have the chance.

Without further ado, go ahead and check out the list of karate classes in Dubai below.

Fit Republik in Dubai sports city

There is a place for your children to achieve flexibility, agility, self-confidence, and discipline at this state-of-the-art sports center in Dubai sports city. Punching, kicking, grappling, and throwing are the basic techniques that are trained for kids in Fit Republik Karate Classes. We must say that there aren’t karate classes for adults in this center, but there is training in other martial arts for adults. The Fit Republic gym is one of the best in Dubai and is a good choice for residents of apartments in Dubai Sports City.

Fees: Starting at AED 583(depending on the number of classes and disciplines you register for)

Shotokan Karate Center in Dubai

A branch of the Japan Karate Association is the Shotokan Karate Club in Dubai. Karate is amusement in a disciplined manner; this is the manager’s opinion about karate. Classes are for people ages 4 and up. You can say your kid is learning martial arts in a peaceful environment.

The focus is on developing self-confidence and positive attitudes in children alongside karate training and fighting. Undoubtedly, this complex is one of the best karate training institutes in Dubai, with 11 certified coaches and more than 2,000 trained karate.

Fees: AED 100

Renshi’s Fitness in Greens, Dubai

This family fitness studio is the best place to start learning martial arts in Dubai; it is led by fitness guru Renshi Renjith. As you know, Renshi Renjith is famous for his motivational speeches and participation in international events. Renshi Fitness offers Karate and Kung fu to Yuga and dance; this club is convenient for those who live in properties in The Greens. People aged 4 and over are accepted to attend these classes.

Top Karate Classes in Dubai

Golden Fist Karate Center in Dubai

The center started in 1992. And it is an experienced martial arts training center in Dubai. Golden Fist Karate Center has 15 branches in the UAE, and some classes are even conducted outdoors. They are led by Renshi Ranjith, who is a famous fitness figure in the country, and the team of coaches trains both children and adults. If you are looking for a private karate class for women, you can book a female instructor and a private class at the center. These classes are for people over 5.

Dubai Karate Center in Dubai

One of the oldest karate centers in Dubai, it offers the highest standards of education. The center’s instructors are certified by renowned associations in Japan and the United States. You can be in shape by attending their individual and group classes. The senior instructor of this complex, Ashraf Hussien, is certified by reputable associations in Britain, the United States, and Japan. These classes are available to individuals aged 5 and older.

Top Karate Classes in Dubai

Group Fitness Experience (GFX) in Business Bay

This center is a convenient place for those who live in apartments in Business Bay. Allow your children to become active by attending these classes and obtaining different belts in the karate learning process. In addition to learning karate, they also learn essential skills such as self-confidence and leadership. Please note that your child attends classes and trains with other children of the same age group.

Fees: Starting AED 200

Team Nogueira Fighting Club in Dubai

Team Nogueira in Dubai is one of the best classes because it has excellent facilities and a team of dedicated instructors. When you attend classes in this complex, be sure that sugar is removed from your meals, and this is the best option for more health and being in shape. The famous Nogueira brothers, who are members of the UFC fighters, have launched the series. The facilities the Team Nogueira provides include Muay Thai, boxing, judo, and more. While karate classes are held only for children. These classes are open to individuals aged 4 and older.

Top Karate Classes in Dubai

Oceans Kids Academy in Al Karama

It is the ideal place for your children to learn and have fun simultaneously. Ocean Kids Academy has easy access for people who are living in Al Karama. Karate classes are offered in a healthy and positive environment, and children can interact with their peers. It is remarkable that your children will receive a Japan Government Certificate (JKS) after passing each belt examination. Classes are open to individuals aged 4 and older.

Top Karate Classes in Dubai

Golden Falcon Karate Center in Dubai

One of the renowned karate centers in Dubai is the Golden Falcons. Certified educators teach children and adults. Life skills like self-discipline, courage, and self-defense are trained alongside karate techniques. It may be of interest to you to know that coach Pradeep is the chief examiner for the GCC countries, so you will be receiving training from the best. These classes are open to individuals aged 4 and older. Classes are conducted in a safe and friendly environment, and all safety measures are taken to ensure the safety of all participants.

Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club in Arabian Ranches

Among the best karate classes in Dubai is the Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club, which is a great option for people living in Arabian Ranches properties. This luxury complex teaches karate to children in a very beautiful and relaxing environment. Of course, it is a suitable class for those who are living in Motor City and apartments in Dubai Sports City. Located in a very beautiful and relaxing environment, this luxury complex teaches karate to children. The instructors at the club are highly qualified, and the classes provide a safe and enjoyable learning experience.

Ninja Academy in Dubai

In Ninja Academy classes, children and adults are taught karate. Ninja training at the Academy is heavily influenced by Japanese martial arts culture, and many traditional Japanese celebrations are held there. Moreover, they are willing to teach karate in the most practical and effective manner possible. Students learn karate principles such as respect, discipline, and good sportsmanship. They also learn to focus their minds and bodies in order to become the best martial artists they can be.

Fees: Starting from AED 200

Golden Eagle Martial Arts in Dubai

The slogan that follows at the Golden Eagle Martial Arts is One Goal, One Team, One Family. While all students are expected to strive to achieve their goals, they are taught with love and respect. You can choose your classes from Tai Chi, Qigong, and Kung Fu, different forms of martial arts taught in Golden Eagle Martial Arts.

Master John Duval and Master Frank Rao established the club. Both of them have a relation to Shaolin Temple Abbot Shi Yong Xin. That’s why you should expect hard but excellent training from them. Golden Eagle Martial Arts is an accessible place for those who live in properties for sale in Motor City. Those who are three years old or older are welcome to attend these classes.

Interested in Learning Karate?

It has been a pleasure having you with us throughout this article. This was a list of the best karate classes in Dubai. Even though karate is a sport, learning it brings more than just a sense of discipline and confidence to your daily life. Historically, this sport has been regarded as an art form in society, and people who learn it are proud of their own country and their own culture. Of course, in addition to these classes, there are some other physical activities available to you. Top cricket academies in Dubai provide you with exciting sports lessons as well. Dance classes in Dubai provide a lighter and more comfortable alternative to other sports. UAE off-plan projects are an ideal choice for those who want to invest in a sport-oriented lifestyle. The good news is you can get a residency visa by buying property in Dubai.

With fantastic facilities for cricket, football, and other sports, you can join the growing number of sports enthusiasts who are looking to make a name for themselves in this vibrant city.

frequently asked questions

Students aged three years old and above are welcome to attend Karate classes in Dubai.

The fees for karate classes in Dubai start from AED 200.

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