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Luxury Waterfront Residences in Istanbul

Marina 24

Marina 24 at Büyükçekmece

Marina 24 is one of the most prestigious properties with a prime waterfront position in Istanbul. The incredible property is set to give you ultimate in luxury living and the best of waterfront style. Marina 24 offers amenities and activities of the best kind to turn your life into a lovely party. 24 Marina in Mimaroba is the statement of “luxury on the beach” at one of the most livable cities in the world, Istanbul.

Marina 24 Overview

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Type Apartments
Bedrooms 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5 Room 6 Room
Location Büyükçekmece
Developer Turkey
Developer Projects 224
Est. Completion Ready To Move
Views 1.8k
Views Istanbul

Stunning waterfront residences in Istanbul!

Living in Marina 24, you will be so close to everything. Owing to its unique location, Marina 24 offers proximity to the public transportation points, E-5 and TEM connections, the education, the new airport, the shopping centers, the health services, the event centers and all you need to live a great life. In addition, The 3rd Airport, Channel Istanbul projects, as well as The Kıyı İstanbul project with it’s 1.000 yatchs capacity makes Mimaroba one of the most sought-after areas in the real estate world to stand out as an investment opportunity of high value.

Marina 24 In Mimaroba Istanbul
Marina 24 – Amazing Location


  • Terrace with fireplace
  • Water-Show ground
  • Mini Gym & Fitness, Sunbathing Terrace
  • Tranquility Pool
  • Botanical Garden
  • Children’s playground
  • Amphitheater
  • Outdoor Chess
  • Pet Park
  • Acrobatic Skateboard & Skating Track
  • Viewing Platform
  • The Pier
  • Floating Steps
  • The Performance Square
  • 13 Km Running & Bicycle Trails
Marina 24 In Mimaroba Istanbul
Marina 24 – World-class Amenities

Marina 24 architecture

Marina 24 has been designed in a way to be a perfect place to call “home”. It is amazingly integrated with the public spaces to give the residents “home lifestyle” at its best. Different life experiences in Marina 24 will transform the way you live forever!

Marina 24 In Mimaroba Istanbul
Marina 24 – Bedroom with Stunning Views

Waterfront Tranquility & purity

The amazing houses of Marina 24 are inspired by the Tranquility and Purity of the Coast Life. Marina24 is aiming to bring the best of costal living to the lives of residents.

Minimalism Which Always Stays Modern and New

Marina 24 offers a simple yet functional interior design in which you can deeply feel comfort, serenity and beauty. The simple modern design of 24 Marina turn it into a perfect property that you will never want to leave!

Marina 24 In Mimaroba Istanbul
Marina 24 – Stunning Community

Gross Ceiling Height of 3.5 Meter

In Marina 24, space, height and width are in harmony to make a highly livable place with highest comfort and functionality. Here, the horizontal comfort was reinforced by the vertical convenience; so Marina 24 offers a ceiling height at 3.50 meters.

Diversity of Selections

Marina 24 is comprised of a variety of apartment types with different sizes and items to suit any taste and needs of the residents.

Be Neighbor With Sun and Sea

High wide windows were designed to invite the natural light and the sea view into the house for a bright spacious place to live.

Terraces Are Integrating With the Sea

Balconies and terraces are masterfully designed in a way to remove the boundaries between inside of the house and the stunning views of the sea. As a result, the sensation of spaciousness is reinforced!

Marina 24 In Mimaroba Istanbul
Marina 24 – Open Spaces

Spoilt For Choice & Amenity

With an abundance of world-class amenities, the best of resort-style living is epitomized throughout the incredible project of Marina 24. Here are some of them:

Performance square

It is an ideal place for those who are interested in literature, music, and dancing at the heart of an endless beachfront area.


Enjoy a concert or a stand-up show under the stars. Colorful social activities are within a few minutes.

Marina 24 In Mimaroba Istanbul
Marina 24 – Pool Area

The Pier & the Marina

The pier in front of your house is the best place to enjoy the stunning sunsets of Marmara Sea.

Skateboard Tracks

Skateboard track and the public parks on the beach are provided for children.

Bicycle & Running Trails

This is Mimaroba Beach. You can either choose to listen to music, or take an evening stroll beside to the sea in front of your house. Also, if you are interested in sports, all are available right in front of your home.

Marina 24 In Mimaroba Istanbul
Marina 24 – Large Community Area

Babalu Active Amusement Park

In addition, Marina 24 offers one of the biggest playhouses in Istanbul-‘BABALU’-where your children can be entertained in front of you. Marina 24 is a real paradise for children to grow up here and be emotionally rich.

Endless Swimming Pool

Marina 24 has provided endless swimming pools for both adults and children to spend memorable times together. You can take a swim or simply relax on the sun-bed that will let you steam off and unwind…

Healthy Life Complex

There is also a branded professional wellness complex offering fitness, a spa, squash, steam rooms, massage rooms, sauna and hammam, where you can experience a high-quality healthy time.

The Zen Garden

The zen garden is a place in which you can hear the sound of the sand under your toes, or you may hear the breeze passing over the garden, the sea, the gravel, the tones of the stones that touch each other. Also, you will feel the tranquility of this dreamlike home blend with your life…

Marina 24 In Mimaroba Istanbul
Marina 24 – Exterior View

Perfumed Terrace

At the terrace, the iodine smell of the sea is uniquely combined with the idyllic scent of exotic floral aromas making the moment of sunset with your neighbors a unique experience.

Fireplace Terrace

The fireplace terrace is a perfect place to feel the breeze while enjoying your conversations with your loved ones.

Quiet Places for Your New Life

Marina 24 is set to bring you a life that is filled with serenity. This is why Marina 24 looks like a lovely urban haven for you and your family.

Marina’s Gourmet & Bazaar

Marina 24 is surrounded by the most exclusive brands of Istanbul that enrich and facilitate your everyday lifestyle. Some of them include cafe shops, gourmet restaurants, organic market, organic market as well as hairdressing salon.

Marina 24 In Mimaroba Istanbul
Marina 24 – Pool & Beach Views

At The End

According to the above, Marina 24 offers everything you need to live a healthy, happy, convenient and enjoyable life. In Marina 24, you will enjoy the best that the amazing neighborhood of Mimaroba and the city of Istanbul have to offer!

Marina 24 Price Range

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  • 3 Room Apartments For sale in Marina 24 by Turkey at Büyükçekmece
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  • 4 Room Apartments For sale in Marina 24 by Turkey at Büyükçekmece
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  • 5 Room Apartments For sale in Marina 24 by Turkey at Büyükçekmece
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  • 6 Room Apartments For sale in Marina 24 by Turkey at Büyükçekmece
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