How To Invest Money In Dubai 2022?

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Today many investors choose Dubai as a good place to invest their money. Stable currency, excellent money-related laws as well as the low rate of inflation turn Dubai into a highly desirable destination for any kind of investment.

But you might not know what is the best way to invest money in Dubai in 2022. Read the below text to find your answer.

How to double your money in Dubai 2022?

Pay attention that the process of doubling money is related to what you do with your money, not your job payment. Be careful that not all the available ways to invest your money will be beneficial for you. Here read about more details.

Also, the process of investing to double your money might happen quickly, but you have to wait to see the results. But, there’s always the risk of losing your money if you are impatient. Now, what to do?

Many believe that the best Dubai investment is to put your money in the stock market. But there are other beneficial ways to double your money’s spendable value. Two important factors will affect achieving your goal. First, how much your risk appetite is and how much time you want to spend on your investment in Dubai.

Be sure that if you spend enough time, Dubai investment opportunities are the best. If you wait in this situation, even a low growth rate of investment can cause you great benefits. But, some investors who can not be patient want to double their money in a short period.

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What is the Rule of 72 in finance?

While all of us know that a year is so short to expect to double your money, there is a law named “Rule of 72”, which indicates your money will double in the end. You can use this rule as a tool to calculate the time you need to spend to double your investment. The action is as simple as dividing the number 72 by your desired annual rate. The result is the  time (years) you need to wait.

Dividing 72 by that expected return rate is proof that this portfolio should double every 9 years.

How To Invest Money In Dubai 2021?

How many years will it take for a Dubai investment to double?

In the stock market, the time needed for your money to double is a function of your average growth rate per year. First you have to find the growth rate, then do this task easily. As I mentioned above, divide the rate into 72, and find the estimated time.

For example, if the growth rate is 4 percent for a year, and 15 for the next year. You should not take care of one year of growth, but calculate the average in a certain period.

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Double your money with Dubai real estate in 2022

As you might know, one important way to double your money is to choose the best real estate investment opportunity. While most real estate investments double, there are five well-known ways to double your money with real estate:

  1. Rent By Room
  2. Fix and Flip
  3. Short-Term Rentals
  4. Buy and Hold
  5. Use Property Investment Data


If you are searching for a lucrative investment opportunity to double your money as a quicker result, Dubai could be the best investment destination. Here, in dxboffplan, we find the best investment options to double your money only in 4 years.

While you can double your value in four years with off-plan properties, it is important to choose the right location and amenities of the property. Contact our team to find the best investment opportunities.

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