4 Bedroom Apartments for Sale in Dubai

What is a 4 Bedroom Apartment?

A four bedroom apartment is a unit composed of four separate bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen and in some units, with special rooms like a study or a laundry room. Because of its large size, these homes are commonly located on higher floors of the apartment building. The units also feature better views, not just because of its upper floor position, but also because there are more viewing points because of the large square feet that it occupies. The units are usually composed of one master’s bedroom and three other regular bedrooms. The large unit gives enough space for a formal dining room which can seat up to 10 persons.

A four bedroom apartment for sale in Dubai also features en-suite bathrooms, as well as a spacious balcony or deck area. For those who love to spend time in the kitchen, a 4 bedroom apartment can be the best option for you as it usually features a huge gourmet kitchen.

Layouts of a 4 bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai may vary on the apartment’s overall design or the type of units that the residential tower offers. Furnished 4 bedroom apartments give you to convenience of a ready home, with furniture and decor carefully chosen to fit the hues and interiors of the home. If you are the type who likes to design your home from scratch, you can go for unfurnished 4 bedroom flats for sale in Dubai. There are also serviced 4 bedroom apartments in Dubai where you can enjoy hotel-like services such as housekeeping , laundry and other premium services.

Sizes of 4 Bedroom Apartments for Sale in Dubai

The sizes of 4 bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai range from 2300 to 6000 square feet (on the average), This size estimate, however, still differs depending on the design and the location of the apartments.

Residents of 4 Bedroom Apartments Dubai

The typical residents of a 4 bedroom apartment for sale Dubai are large or extended families typically with maids or servants. The ample number of bedrooms in the home allows a large number occupants to live comfortably within the unit. People who are always expecting guests may also opt to invest in this kind of apartment as the large living room and dining area would be perfect for gatherings with family and friends.

Best Locations: Find Four Bedroom Apartment for Sale in Dubai

Four-bedroom apartments in Dubai are commonly located in luxury apartment towers in high-end master developments. Among the most popular locations for these bigger apartment units is Dubai Marina. Known for its outstanding waterfront living and access to luxury amenities, 4 BR apartments for sale in Dubai Marina sets you at center of a luxurious lifestyle. Access the best restaurants, cafes and bars where you can unwind after a long day. Surrounding the area are a long strip of shops, spas and salons providing residents all the great options for leisure and relaxation.

Aside from 4 bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai Marina, another popular location for 4 bedroom flats for sale Dubai is Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) which sits on the waters of the Gulf. The beachfront location is close to Dubai Marina, and is popular for The Walk, a shopping destination, beach area and cocktail bar which is active during the night. Owning a 4 bedroom apartment in JBR is perfect if you love shopping, dining and the nightlife.

Downtown Dubai still counts among the popular choices for luxury apartments. Owning a 4 bedroom apartment for sale in Downtown Dubai allows you to enjoy Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain views and makes you easily access all the iconic destinations within the development. The apartments are also located near the Dubai World Trade Center and the Dubai International Airport.

Other locations for this type of apartments include 4 bedroom apartment for sale in Greens and 4 bedroom apartment for sale in Sheikh Zayed Road.

Benefits of Buying Four Bedroom Apartments Dubai

  1. Perfect for Large Families

Living alone may be practical, but there is nothing better than living with the people you close to your heart, your family. Four bedroom apartments in Dubai provide the ample room for large families to live together in one space. Enjoy good times over good food in its premium dining areas that accommodate up to 10 people. The spacious rooms in the flat can be designated as a leisure place where you can bond over indoor games like billiards or table tennis, or even enjoy a movie in a customized home theater.

  1. Maximized views

Relax at the comfort of your own home by admiring breathtaking views of the community from your balcony or wide windows. With its large floor plan size, living in a 4 bedroom apartment in Dubai allows you to see wider views of your location in various parts of your home. With floor-to-ceiling windows commonly surrounding your living space, you are ensured that your home have an abundance of sunlight, making you save much energy at daytime. Aside from being energy-efficient, sunlight is also healthy for body and can also create an appearance of more spacious living.

  1. Enjoy Privacy and Convenience

Own a large space you can call your own which allows you to feel comfort and privacy, while you stay connected to the modern community. Four bedroom apartments are spacious enough to ensure that the stresses and noise of the outside world are filtered out once you enter your home. Yet as you step out of your serene haven, you have all the perks and benefits of a modern community right at your doorstep.

Find the Best Four Bedroom Apartments for Sale in Dubai

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