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Spectacular views of the stunning sea

Büyükyalı Lofts

Büyükyalı Lofts at Zeytinburnu

Experience pure luxury in Büyükyalı Lofts located in Kazlıçeşme Coast where greens, blues, eye-catching views plus a touch of historical pleasure are in harmony to add appeal to your life. Read on to find out more about Büyükyalı Lofts in Kazlıçeşme Coast…

Büyükyalı Lofts Overview

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Price Per Sqft from TL 0
Area from 3767.37 Sqft
Type Villas
Bedrooms Loft
Location Zeytinburnu
Developer Turkey
Developer Projects 251
Est. Completion Ready To Move
Views 1.6k
Views Istanbul

Project Highlights

  • Located in the heart of Istanbul
  • Redesigned building with the same historical characteristic
  • Within walking distance to chic boutiques & restaurants
  • Timeless architecture and meticulous design
  • Spectacular views of the stunning sea
  • Spacious, bright, functional living and working areas
  • Modest and rational architecture, high ceilings, wood and stone composition
  • Drenched in natural light
  • Attractive price

Büyükyalı Lofts In Kazlıçeşme Coast

The lofts that have a very special structure in terms of architecture and design offer you living areas redesigned based on the needs of modern life that carry all the magic of history to the present. Büyükyalı also offers you a number of social facilities that allow you to live the day in a flawless manner.

Büyükyalı Lofts uniquely present the true meaning of “LOFT” owing to the historical buildings that are transformed into the modern world by preserving their esthetical understanding. Choose the lofts of Büyükyalı for real loft experience in Istanbul. However, Büyükyalı Lofts have much more to offer…

Büyükyalı Lofts In Kazlıçeşme Coast

A Highly Regarded Location!

Located at Kazlıçeşme Coast, Büyükyalı Lofts boast a special location where the historical walls of Istanbul open to the Bosphorus. This is an amazing location where modern life is perfectly blended with the beauty of seeing as well as a touch of history in the background. A privileged life is waiting for you in Büyükyalı lofts, at a dream location, and with a historical texture. But, this isn’t all that Büyükyalı lofts have to offer…

The property offers you the advantage of taking a comfortable journey wherever you wish, without losing time in traffic. The incredible location also allows you to travel by your own private sea shuttle. Yes, this uniquely reflects the distinction between Büyükyalı and your lifestyle!

Büyükyalı Lofts In Kazlıçeşme Coast

What you’ll enjoy in the neighborhood

The neighborhood is filled with a large number of amenities and services. It means that you’ll experience the highest levels of comfort in Büyükyalı Lofts In Kazlıçeşme Coast. Here are some of them:

  • refreshing squares
  • distinguished global restaurants
  • cafes offering boundless delicacies
  • a bazaar hosting the most prestigious brands
  • culture-arts and performance centers full of activities
  • alternative sports areas
  • an organic bazaar which is the address of natural life
  • comfortable and higher technology cinema halls
  • fascinating pool
  • green parks
  • a matchless cinema
  • tennis & fitness

Büyükyalı Lofts In Kazlıçeşme Coast

Stunning Serenity With Amazing View!

At Büyükyalı, all lofts open to a green garden. The rich garden concept and specially designed brick walls of the lofts offer a spacious and natural living area. The long courtyard in between the neighboring lofts offers its residents the pleasure of peace, reliability, and a warm neighborhood ambiance that is on the brink of oblivion.

With their unique design, high functionality, and inspiring historical atmosphere; the lofts offer an ideal living area for the designers, artists, architects, and all that enjoy adding creativity to their profession.

High ceilings of the loft apartments offer a spacious and refreshing atmosphere, while broad windows and glass roofs invite the sunshine into your home with all its colors and joy. Basement floors are also drenched in natural light supported by. Superior quality materials were used in the wet grounds of the loft apartments in order for customizable design options for different tastes.

Büyükyalı Lofts In Kazlıçeşme Coast

A Style Of Living Like No Other!

Büyükyalı offers you “an all-inclusive life” and a rich social life where all your needs will be instantly satisfied. This is a place where a joyful shopping experience is waiting for you at the stores. The organic bazaar makes sure that you have the best and the freshest of everything within a walking distance. Experience superior quality in Büyükyalı!

Excellent Amenities Are Awaiting!

Offering a variety of amenities and services, Büyükyalı Lofts make sure of your comfort and convenience. This is set to be your home in which your happiness is on top priority!

Services you’ll enjoy in Büyükyalı Lofts:

  • Dry cleaning
  • Reservations at the most exclusive restaurants in different countries
  • plane, yacht, helicopter, classic car, and limousine rentals
  • concert tickets
  • private parties
  • business meeting facilities
  • delivery of flowers and presents
  • nannies and childminders
  • personal education services
  • temporary office rentals

Büyükyalı Lofts In Kazlıçeşme Coast

Why Istanbul?

A desirable city where the past meets the present, and also offering a perfect package of natural beauty, the best of urban life, as well as endless possibilities, Istanbul is one of the most beautiful and desirable cities not only in the region but also in the world…

Although this incredible Middle Eastern city means different things for everyone, its uniqueness is something that appeals to everyone. Besides, its unique location between 2 continents makes it a suitable place for business and investment…

So, Istanbul is a city with unique features. It is a perfect place for you to start the life you have always dreamed of. Now, this incredible city has a place for you. Do not miss the opportunity!

Istanbul is famous for:

  • Strategic location
  • Natural beauty
  • Modern life
  • World-class amenities
  • Beautiful properties
  • High levels of safety
  • Great for investment

Büyükyalı Lofts In Kazlıçeşme Coast

Fantastic Investment Opportunity – Hesitate & Miss

Offering a prime position, a world of excellent amenities, stunning views as well as incredible connectivity to main landmarks, Büyükyalı Lofts are perfect places to call HOME. They are also perfect properties for investment purposes. The choice is yours; do not hesitate!

**Just let us know, and your unit in Büyükyalı Lofts will be secured…!

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