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Project NameProperty TypeDevelopment NameMin. PriceCompletion Date
Nameer Villas Villas Muscat Muscat Bay - Ready To Move
Zaha Apartments Apartments Muscat Muscat Bay - Ready To Move
Zaha Villas Villas Muscat Muscat Bay - Ready To Move
Wajd Hilltop Villas Villas Muscat Muscat Bay - Ready To Move

Muscat Bay, as quite self-explanatory by the name, is sustainability and ecology driven master developer in Oman. Embedding nature’s well-being and preservation as its core motto, the developer has been able to create quite a niche for itself within a short span of time. Being a relatively established property development in Muscat Bay, it comes with a unique sense of newness and a distinctive freshness to it. The master developer is all set and girded up to mark its unique niche within this highly competitive market full of cut-throat competition of the already established giant groups within the region.  Muscat Bay positions and markets itself as the perfect amalgamation of fine luxurious living with comfort and social responsibility. Attention to detail, precision in the framework and fine end crafting in the infrastructure are some of Muscat Bay’s finest and bespoke attributes.

Offering an array of amenities plus features, Muscat Bay encapsulates resort village living and gives you a 5-star lifestyle that is also perfect for the family.

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