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حقایقی جالب درباره ی دبی

Amazing Facts to Know about Dubai: Before or After Travelling

Dubai is a beautiful Middle Eastern city with extraordinary features. This is why it has turned into the number one destination for business, travel, investment, and living. This amazing city is highly famous as a sought-after tourist destination offering unexpected experiences. So, here are amazing facts that you should know before traveling to Dubai. Interesting […]
ورزش ‌های سنتی امارات کدامند

What are the top UAE Traditional Sports and Games?

Traditional sports of the UAE reflect this city’s culture and old-school lifestyle. As you might know, due to the UAE’s dry climate, this country has vast stretches of sand or rugged terrain. So that this place residents have special skills to thrive in such a harsh environment, which over time changes into an inseparable part […]
معرفی خانواده‌ های سلطنتی ۷ ‌امیرنشین امارات

UAE Royal Family full biography

It’s hard to imagine that in 1971 the UAE was once nothing but dunes rolling in the sand. Today, the UAE boasts skyscrapers and architectural marvels that are a sight to behold. The UAE owes all of its success to its remarkable ruling families! Known for their grace and dignity, hard work, and charity, the […]
Ready to Hail a Driverless Taxi in Dubai?

Ready to Hail a Driverless Taxi in Dubai?

For years, the UAE has been presenting the newest out-of-the-box and head-turning inventions globally. They tried to expand the region in all technical aspects and make sure that travelers and residents have no problem. One of the ways that the UAE government tries to provide maximum ease and feasibility for residents and travelers is by […]
جاهای دیدنی دبی 2024

What Are Five Best Places to Visit in Dubai

While many people know Dubai as a world-class center of trade and business, it is becoming a great destination for tourists and visitors. There you can find many attractions, perfect places to relax, or properties for sale. If you want to find out some of the best places to visit in Dubai, do not miss […]
What Are Highest And Lowest Paying Jobs In Dubai?

What Are Highest And Lowest Paying Jobs In Dubai?

Dubai is a fascinating place full of charming skyscrapers and out-of-the-box architecture. Many professionals, mostly young ones, moved to this amazing Middle Eastern city to find a high employment security option with great career growth. There are many job opportunities with different varieties of pay. Continue reading to find the top highest-paid and lowest-paid jobs […]
Best Places To Travel In 2022

Best Places To Travel In 2024

After the Covid-19 pandemic that started in 2019, traveling became more challenging. Now, in 2022 some countries decide to reopen their borders tentatively. But the situation is harder than before; for example, instead of a simple visa to enter any country, you have to make piles of paperwork. During this darkness, travelers understand that exploring […]
How to travel to Dubai on a budget 2020

How to travel to Dubai on a budget 2024

Most of us do not like to think about the money that we have to spend when planning our travels. While considering a travel cost is not an exciting part, you need to do it before going on any trip. Based on the destination you choose, you might need to spend a different amount of […]
Top richest People in the UAE and the World

UAE’s and the World’s Richest People in 2024

Being a business owner is no joke. There are many factors involved when conducting business operations, so it requires effort and strategy. In addition, becoming rich and succeeding in business is even more challenging. There is a high concentration of wealthy people in UAE, a country that attracts wealthy businessmen like moths to a flame. […]
Things To Do In Dubai In Winter 2023

Things To Do In Dubai In Winter 2024

When it comes to things to do in Dubai, residents, as well as tourists, are spoilt for choice as there are a wide variety of enjoyable activities in this beautiful Middle Eastern city. In winter season, with Christmas round the corner and a cooler weather, residents can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities in […]
19 دلیل برای سفر به دبی

21 Reasons to Visit Dubai in 2024

Today, many people choose international travel, and Dubai has become a popular tourist destination. The most important feature is that Dubai puts the traveler’s well-being and safety on the top. Also, revised airport procedures and strict SOPs at hotels and waterparks are other advantages of this destination. To attract more tourists Dubai works hard to […]

What are cheapest properties in Dubai?

When it comes to buying property in Dubai, many people may think that the real estate market of Dubai is expensive. It should be said that the real estate market in Dubai offers low prices in comparison to other capital cities in the world. However, it was expensive in the past. But, if you think […]
ویزای دبی

Several Types of UAE Visa That You Must Know About

As you probably know, the UAE visa is one of the most valuable visas in the world. There are different kinds of UAE visa. However, you should decide which one is right for you. Here are specifics about the most common visas. UAE Permanent Residency: Non-UAE residents who want to invest, live, work and study […]
Finally a New Bus Route b/w Sharjah and Dubai!

Finally a New Bus Route b/w Sharjah and Dubai!

RTA- the Roads and Transport Authority in the UAE is the only operating transportation office in the region responsible for everything commotion within the state. To people’s much-expected elatedness, RTA recently announced the opening of a new bus route between Dubai and Sharjah to ease up the lives of hundreds of people traveling between the […]
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