Finally a New Bus Route b/w Sharjah and Dubai!
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Finally a New Bus Route b/w Sharjah and Dubai!

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Finally a New Bus Route b/w Sharjah and Dubai!

RTA- the Roads and Transport Authority in the UAE is the only operating transportation office in the region responsible for everything commotion within the state. To people’s much-expected elatedness, RTA recently announced the opening of a new bus route between Dubai and Sharjah to ease up the lives of hundreds of people traveling between the two states on daily basis thus spending extended hours of time and huge sums of money for the same.

For all the people residing within the region, it is not a revelation that a huge chunk of Sharjah’s population travels to Dubai on daily basis either because of their jobs in the Emirate, their children’s schools or even for plain recreational purposes- all three basic facilitations being at a bit of a lag in Sharjah itself. Many of the people have opted to reside within Sharjah given the lower rents and larger living spaces dynamic and therefore, they have to take the toll this way by going back and forth between the two Emirates incessantly. This daily commotion certainly is quite exhaustive both mentally and physically and certainly not to miss monetarily. Upon that, metro and bus are most people’s preferred and only viable options of commotion, the presence of just one single, indirect and overcrowded metro and bus joining route to Sharjah was causing a mayhem in the commotion situation of the Emirate from the past few years.

Given this chaos inflicted upon the transportation situation in Dubai, RTA finally broke its silence on the situation and announced the opening of E311- a bus route that connects Rashidiya Metro Station in Dubai to Al Jubail Bus Station in Sharjah. The Public Transport Agency has deployed (6) standard buses, at a headway time of (30) minutes to serve this route between Rashidiya Metro Station in Dubai and Al Jubail Bus Station in Sharjah,” stated Mohammed Abu Bakr Al-Hashimi, Director of Planning & Business Development at RTA’s Public Transport Agency.

Finally a New Bus Route b/w Sharjah and Dubai!

This news has suddenly come across as a wave of happiness amongst hundreds and thousands of people traveling between the Emirates daily and has made their lives a bit easier finally sparing them some good family time and relaxed nerves after all this time of trial quite deservingly.

For those wondering about the exact route of E311, this is how it goes:

“Route E311 starts from Rashidiya MS and passes through Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road to enter Sharjah, serving the following bus stops:  Industrial Area’s National Paints (1), Maliha Road Industrial Area Intersection, Maliha Road Sabah Industries (1), Maliha Road GECO Minerwa (1) and Maliha Road Municipality Office (1), Maliha Road 2nd Industrial Junction (B1), Maliha Road 2nd Industrial Junction (A1), Maliha Road J&P Junction (1), Maliha Road Maza Signal Junction (1B), Maliha Road Maza  Signal Junction (A1), King Faisal Road Maza Signal Junction (1), King Faisal Road Bridge (1), King Faisal Road Jumbo (Sony) (1), King Faisal Road ADNOC Petrol Station (1) and King Faisal Road Gold Souq (Old), and Al Jubail Station. This Route will serve riders in both directions between the two stations in Dubai and Sharjah,” as illustrated by the Director of Public Transport Projects RTA, Mr. Al Ali.

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3 months ago

برای استفاده از مترو دبی به شارجه باید هر نفر کارت نول خودش را داشته باشد؟

3 months ago
Reply to  محمدی

سلام بله هر نفر باید برای خودش کارت شخصی داشته باشد و دو نفر همزمان نمی توانند از یک کارت استفاده کنند.

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