Property for sale in Damac Lagoons

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Last Update: 2024-06-01

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    Property for Sale in Damac Lagoons

    Ideally situated close to Damac Hills yet away from the hustle of the city, Damac Lagoons is a new master community that is influenced by the Mediterranean. This massive development is by the legendary Damac Properties, surrounded by stunning man-made beaches.

    Inspired by the elegance and luxury of Venice, Santorini, and Costa Brava, DAMAC Lagoons’ eight sub-districts are expected to be complete by the end of 2024. Property for Sale in Damac Lagoons now features one of the most stunning landscaped gardens, lush greenery, and breathtaking views between the renowned portfolio of Dubai homes.

    Damac Lagoons

    Why are Damac Lagoons properties so popular?

    There will be a mall, healthcare facilities, restaurants, and three-to-six-bedroom homes constructed as part of the project. As part of the development, kayaking, lagoon ziplines, and wave riding will be offered all year round. Due to its ideal location, buyers and end-users will find Damac lagoons an ideal choice.

    In Damac Lagoons, residents can also enjoy gondola rides, water cinemas and snorkeling. With its waterfront location, DAMAC Lagoons is tucked away from the city while still being connected to primary areas and major landmarks.

    Damac Lagoons

    Buying a Property in Damac Lagoons

    Damac Properties’ project covers an area of 45 million square feet featuring eight sub-communities. Damac lagoons villa communities in this Mediterranean-inspired style feature elegant, unique designs and amenities. There is also a range of amenities in DAMAC Lagoons’ Venice district, including waterside cafes and gondola rides. While Portofino district villas serve as a hub for work and play, the tranquility hub – Morocco cluster villas feature playgrounds and family cabanas.

    There are several adrenaline-pumping activities also available in Santorini and Costa Brava. In Andalusia, there are salons, spas, gyms, and meditation lounges for ladies, while Malta and Nice cater to children and teenagers. A DAMAC Lagoons experience brings these eight wonders of the Mediterranean to life. Luckily, in DAMAC Lagoons Dubai, properties are available in a wide range of price ranges for investors to enjoy all the amenities mentioned above. End-users and investors can choose between villas and townhouses with 3 to 6 bedrooms.

    Damac Lagoons

    Villa for Sale in Damac Lagoons

    There has been substantial growth in the market in Dubai over the last two decades. You will enjoy Dubai’s beach and exclusive amenities so much that you will want to stay there forever. As well as mosaic floors, arched doorways, carved doors, and patterned walls, Damac lagoons villas also feature mosaic floors and patterned walls. For the smallest 3-bedroom villa in DAMAC Lagoons, buyers can expect to pay between AED 1.3M and AED 2.7M. DAMAC Lagoons offers 4-bedroom villas that can cost up to AED 16.9M, but they come with gardens, terraces, and private parking.

    In most Damac Lagoons units, the ground floor has an open living area, a maid’s room, a kitchen, and a storeroom. Several Damac Lagoons residences also have rooftop terraces and connecting rooms. Parking and a private garden are also included. DAMAC Lagoons offers residential units starting at AED 3.1M and rising up to AED 7M.

    Damac Lagoons

    Townhouse for Sale in Damac Lagoons

    There are expansive outdoor spaces and spacious living spaces in each townhouse at DAMAC Lagoons. Investors & homebuyers can choose from a range of townhouses for sale, including 3, 4 and 5 bedrooms, as well as a second bedroom on the terrace. As a result of the concept and design of Lagoons townhouses, residents have more space and are provided with increased privacy and security. Kitchens and bathrooms are fully equipped in each Damac Lagoons townhouse. Over 45 million square feet of enchanting experiences await Damac Lagoons residents. In front of azure blue lagoons, white sand beaches and tropical island vibes, you’ll find the most elegant villas and townhouses. ‌

    Every Damac Lagoon has a view of a sparkling lagoon with clear, soothing water. It is ideal for young couples and families with children to stay at Damac Lagoons in Dubai. With many parks, hiking and biking trails, and other amenities, DAMAC Properties says the development will be pet-friendly.

    Damac Lagoons

    Damac Lagoons’ Top Investment projects

    There are nearly four million square feet of parkland in the community, which is the home of Trump International Golf Club Dubai. There are various themed areas for leisure and sports, including stables, fishing lakes, skate parks, football fields, cricket pitches, tennis courts and more. There is a world-class international curriculum school, a Spinneys and Carrefour supermarket, a salon and a shuttle service to The Mall of the Emirates to serve the Damac Lagoons community. There is a theme associated with each cluster, which indicates the amenities it offers. These communities include:

    • Nice district in Damac Lagoons

    Villas and townhouses in the Nice district are reminiscent of the French Riviera, with olive trees, picturesque beaches and swimming pools. Surrounded by waterfalls and lagoons, you can find properties like Nice Villas project furnished to your high standard.

    • Costa Brava in Damac Lagoons

    Located in the most adventurous area, Costa Bbrava premium homes like Costa Brava Villas project are perfect for extreme sports enthusiasts. Hessa Street will be the main entrance gate for the district, which will have four gates. There are a variety of amenities nearby the Costa Brava residences.

    • Portofino in Damac Lagoons

    Portofino has a collection of exclusive properties like Portofino Villas project close to the community’s working hub, with unforgettable Ligurian vibes. Waters here can be converted into swimmable water for residents through the use of the latest technology developed by the master developer.

    • Santorini in Damac Lagoons

    Santorini has a luxury residence close to the Floating Cinema, Clubhouse, and white sand beaches. Swimming and kayaking are among the water activities Santorini Damac Lagoons residents can enjoy at man-made lagoons. Exciting leisure and recreational facilities are available for the lucky Santorini townhouses residents.

    • Venice in Damac Lagoons

    There are picturesque canals and waterside cafes in Venice in Damac Lagoons community’s most romantic neighborhood, which is home to many luxury properties lik Venice Standalone Villas. Venice Damac Lagoons residences will feature a Mediterranean design, and fortunately, DAMAC Hills, Dubai Studio City, and Tilal Al Ghaf are nearby.

    • Malta in Damac Lagoons

    Malta DAMAC Lagoons offers cozy townhouses and villas that resemble Valletta’s learning and playing center. Within 30 minutes of the complex, Malta residents can reach Dubai International Airport, and other parts of the city are easily accessible by car. If you are interested, an unparalleled opportunity for prospective investors lies in Malta Townhouses for sale at DAMAC Lagoons.

    Damac Lagoons

    Damac Lagoons lifestyle

    The master plan of Damac lagoons includes a large number of nurseries, schools, and mosques for families with children. Furthermore, the development will include a two-million-square-foot regional mall similar to the Mall of Emirates. The DAMAC Lagoons will feature a giant lazy river shaped like a D in the middle of the residences, which will provide adults and children with hours of entertainment.

    In addition to the amenities found in every residence, property owners will have access to other complexes’ offerings. Depending on the cluster, women can access ladies-only gyms, spas, and meditation lounges. An Augmented Reality (AR) trail and sensory plaza will draw children to the Play & Learn Hub district, where they can play and learn new things.

    Damac Lagoons

    Reason to Buy Property in Damac Lagoons

    A private residence or a self-sustaining investment, DAMAC Lagoons is bordered by pristine beaches, turquoise lagoons, white-sand beaches and unspoiled pastures. Family cabanas, infinity pools, lagoon-facing lawns, and many other amenities will make Damac Lagoons a favorite among families with children. A 6% return on Damac Lagoons investment is projected. The following are some other reasons why investing in Damac Lagoons makes sense:

    Damac Lagoons’ prime location:

    The DAMAC Lagoons are very close to the DAMAC Hills mega-community, which is home to the renowned Trump International Golf Club. The resistance is also conveniently located near Emirates Road (E611) and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311), two major Dubai highways that make UAE properties very profitable.

    Family-friendly community:

    In addition to offering unique learning-based amenities, DAMAC Lagoons offers sensory plazas, discovery mazes, a camping island, a virtual reality park, and a building blocks pavilion.

    Damac Lagoons’ top-notch amenities:

    DAMAC Lagoons features a lazy river, floating cinema, upscale retail, beaches, an amphitheatre built on water, luxury restaurants, a clubhouse, and health and fitness hubs. The area is also home to plenty of lifestyle facilities, including schools, nurseries, mosques, and a regional mall with nearly 2 million square feet.

    Damac Lagoons

    Damac Lagoons Transport Availability:

    DAMAC Lagoons’ location at the intersection of Hessa Street and Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street guarantees smooth commutes throughout Dubai. In terms of public transport, the infrastructure has not yet been developed, so for the time being, it is recommended that you use a private vehicle to get around.

    Nearest School and Nursery in Damac Lagoons:

    A number of renowned schools are close to DAMAC Lagoons, including Jebel Ali School, Fairgreen International School, Safa Community School and Kings’ School. There are also nurseries and schools at Damac Lagoons:

    • Arcadia Preparatory School
    • Sunmarke School – SMS, Dubai
    • Jumeirah International Nursery (JINS 4)

    Nearest Mall in Damac Lagoons:

    Local amenities such as shops and restaurants are available to residents of the Damac Lagoons community. First Avenue Mall – Motor City is about 11 minutes away from DAMAC Lagoons, while City Centre Me’aisem is about 14 minutes away. Shopping malls near Damac Lagoons include:

    • City Centre Me’aisem
    • Circle Mall
    • Al Khail Avenue Mall and Hotel

    Nearest Hospital in Damac Lagoons:

    Keeping yourself secure and regularly checked is also important. Nearby healthcare centers include Aster Medical Center (9 minutes), Mediclinic Parkview Hospital (12 minutes), and NMC Royal Hospital (19 minutes). The following world-class medical facilities are located in the Damac Lagoons community:

    • Alcon Dubai
    • Karama Medical Centre
    • Health bay Motor City

    Damac Lagoons

    Damac Lagoons

    What makes Dxboffplan an ideal choice for Buying Properties in Damac Lagoons?

    The Damac Lagoons residential development offers families interested in prime investment opportunities a variety of exclusive lifestyle amenities. At Dxboffplan real estate, you will find Damac Lagoons homes available for sale, as well as the latest promotions. If you are interested in properties for sale in Damac Lagoons, please know that we are happy to provide you with more detailed information about the specific property you have chosen to call home.

    Damac Lagoons

    Damac Lagoons Projects price table

    Project Name Property Type Min. Price Completion
    Riverside Townhouses & Villas villas 2,389,000 2027Q4
    Lagoon Views Apartments Apartments 979,000 2027Q1
    Morocco Townhouses Townhouses 2,850,000 2026Q1
    Mykonos Townhouses Townhouses 2,470,000 2026Q4
    Damac Ibiza Townhouses Townhouses 2,110,000 2025Q4
    Monte Carlo Townhouses Townhouses 1,900,000 2026Q1
    Marbella Townhouses Townhouses 1,900,000 2026Q2
    Malta Townhouses Townhouses 1,748,000 2026Q1
    Venice Standalone Villas Villas 4,900,000 2026Q1
    Portofino Villas Villas 1,569,000 2025Q3
    Nice Villas Villas 1,706,000 2025Q2
    Costa Brava Villas 1,530,000 2024Q3

    Damac Lagoons Projects

    2027 Q4

    Damac Properties

    2027 Q1

    Damac Properties

    2026 Q1

    Damac Properties

    2026 Q4

    Damac Properties

    2025 Q4

    Damac Properties

    2026 Q1

    Damac Properties

    2026 Q2

    Damac Properties

    2026 Q1

    Damac Properties

    2026 Q1

    Damac Properties

    2025 Q3

    Damac Properties

    2025 Q2

    Damac Properties

    2024 Q3

    Damac Properties

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    There are many unique facilities in this project, and we can mention the presence of the waterfall, cinema, Lagoon, water park, and clubhouse.

    Damac Lagoon villas1 and Damac Lagoon villas 2 are the best selling properties in Damac Lagoon project in Damac Hills.

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