Mirdif Hills

List Of Projects In Mirdif Hills

# Project Name Property Type Min. Price Completion
1 Mushrif Village Villas villas AED 2,699,999 Ready To Move
2 Nasayem Avenue Apartments apartments AED 1,480,390 Ready To Move
3 Al Multaqa Avenue apartments AED 762,567 Ready To Move
4 Janayen Avenue apartments AED 2,350,536 Ready To Move

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Mirdif Hills
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Mushrif Village Villas

Mushrif Village Villas at Mirdif provide you with the perfect setting for serene family living. Click for 100% FREE consultation...

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Mirdif Hills
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Nasayem Avenue Apartments

Providing an excellent level of cosmopolitan life, Nasayem Avenue Apartments are homes in Dubai that add value to your life. Click for 100% free advice...

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Mirdif Hills
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Al Multaqa Avenue

Al Multaqa Avenue, the business hub of Mirdif Hills, has a vast property portfolio and offers numerous investment opportunities. Read this article to learn about Al Multaqa avenue prices.

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Mirdif Hills
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Janayen Avenue

Janayen avenue at Mirdif Hills is a prestigious residential community with a diverse property portfolio. Check out this article to learn more about Janayen avenue and its gorgeous apartments along with their price list.

Mirdif Hills

A multi-purpose sub-community located in the heart of Mirdif, Mirdif Hills by Dubai Investments packs a diverse range of top-notch properties including more than a thousand high-end apartments and is enriched with all the necessary facilities required for a convenient life. If you want to invest in real estate in Dubai, Mirdif Hills has many exceptional features that turn it into a collection of lucrative investment opportunities. Read on to learn more about Mirdif Hills and its sought-after apartments.

Janayen Avenue | Luxury Apartments in Mirdif Hills

Mirdif Hills, the Glittering Jewel of Mirdif, Dubai

Masterfully developed by Dubai Investments Real Estate (one of the renowned real estate developers of the UAE) in the most serene area of Mirdif, Mirdif Hills is a mixed-use development spanning 1 million square feet of land surrounded by lush green landscaped parks and a vast array of top-notch facilities.

Mirdif Hills is more than just a residential community. In addition to offering an exquisite portfolio of modern apartments, this awe-inspiring mixed-use development is equipped with its own world-class hospital and also encompasses a 4-star international hotel as well as a wide range of retail spaces. All these unique features alongside many more perks, allow Mirdif Hills to upgrade the daily lives of its residents to a resort-like experience.

In terms of amenities, Mirdif Hills does not hold back! Residents of this exceptional community have access to a plethora of amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, and leisure areas, and can rest assured knowing that they can enjoy their unparalleled living experience to the fullest with the community featuring 24/7 security.

If you are looking for residential properties for sale in Dubai, make sure you consider Mirdif Hills. Properties for sale in Mirdif Hills are not only lucrative investment opportunities but also convenient homes catering to you with unparalleled quality of life.

Al Mutaqa Avenue Residential Units in Mirdif Hills
Mirdif Hills – Location Map

Mirdif Hills Unique Properties for Sale

Mirdif Hills is one of the largest residential developments in the district of Mirdif and offers a plethora of lucrative investment opportunities. The development contains a total of 1,054 high-end apartments in addition to 128 luxury flats serviced by a renowned 4-star hotel. Mirdif Hills also features a fully-equipped 230-bed hospital close to the neighboring Mushrif Park.

The residential community of Mirdif Hills is built across three avenues, with each avenue serving as a sub-community offering a distinguished set of properties for sale. Below is an overview of Mirdif Hills’ avenues:

  • Janayen Avenue: Introducing the concept of vertical villas in Mirdif Hills, Janayen Avenue offers a unique collection of properties for sale. Mirdif Hills villas in Janayen Avenue are constructed on top of each other in a single building, featuring a unique style of architecture and design. Flats available for sale in Janayen Avenue Mirdif Hills comprise 1- to 3-bedroom units in addition to 3- and 4-bedroom duplex apartments.

Janayen Avenue - Apartments (Vertical Villas)

  • Al Multaqa Avenue: Home to a luxury 4-star hotel with 116 exquisite suites, Al Multaqa Avenue at Mirdif Hills offers 128 luxury, serviced apartments in addition to 300 studio and 1-bedroom flats. Al Multaqa features a central location in Mirdif Hills and is packed with restaurants, cafes, and retail spaces. If you are looking for affordable flats for sale in Dubai, Al Multaqa Avenue apartments in Mirdif Hills are great options for you.

Al Mutaqa Avenue Residential Units in Mirdif Hills

  • Nasayem Avenue: Surrounded by a lush green community garden at the center of Mirdif Hills, Nasayem Avenue apartments at Mirdif Hills comprise 2- and 3-bedroom flats as well as 3- and 4-bedroom duplex units.

Nasayem Avenue Apartments at Mirdif

What Is Special About Mirdif Hills?

Mirdif Hills is considered one of the most peaceful neighborhoods in Dubai. This sought-after residential community is located in proximity to and overlooks the gorgeous Mushrif Park; a vast family-oriented park with myriad attractions. The community also features:

  • A luxury 4-star hotel
  • A fully-equipped hospital
  • Wide range of retail spaces
  • Wide range of cafes and restaurants
  • Gated community park
  • Swimming pools and spas
  • Gyms
  • Mosques
  • Leisure facilities
  • Multi-purpose community center
  • 24/7 security and maintenance for all sub-communities
Al Mutaqa Avenue Residential Units in Mirdif Hills
Mirdif Hills – Amenities

Connectivity of Mirdif Hills

Mirdif Hills is a well-connected neighborhood and features a prime location at the intersection of Al Musalla 27th Street and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. From Mirdif Hills, you can get in a short time to many popular destinations in Dubai including:

  • Dubai Mall, 23 minutes
  • Palm Jumeirah, 35 minutes
  • Burj Al Arab, 33 minutes
  • Dubai International Airport, 11 minutes

Mirdif Hills’ location also allows its residents to have access to metro stations and Dubai’s major traffic routes.

Properties for sale in Mirdif Hills | List of Off Plan projects in Mirdif Hills

A Convenient Life Awaits You at Mirdif Hills

One of the most sought-after developments of Dubai constructed by Dubai Investments, Mirdif Hills is one of Dubai’s most peaceful neighborhoods located near the gorgeous Mushrif Park, offering a diverse portfolio of properties. If you want to buy a house in Dubai, Mirdif Hills apartments are among our top suggestions for you. This residential development is packed with a plethora of world-class amenities and caters to its residents with unparalleled quality of life.

If you are interested in buying property in Mirdif Hills or require more information about the development, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time and receive our exclusive client services such as:

  • Direct purchase from the developer
  • 100% free consultation
  • Zero commission fees
  • In-person and online consultation (through WhatsApp)
  • Immediate securing of the property (in 1 minute)
  • Citizenship services

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