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Last Update: 2024-06-01

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    Zaya, a boutique developer located in the UAE and specializing in upscale, private real estate, was established in February 2008. The Company, a partnership involving Assas LLC and Tasameem Real Estate, has over 15 years of experience creating excellent real estate. The joint venture partners’ total portfolio exceeds US$9 billion. The development firm specializes in providing its clients with premium real estate and places a strong emphasis on the creative process while building residences.

    The company operates in a variety of industries, from education to luxury residences and hotels, with Zaya Early Learning being one of its educational ventures. The project developer aspires to build its projects in harmony with the environment, life, and people.

    Zaya Development, a High-End Real Estate Developer in the UAE

    Zaya is a relative newcomer to the Dubai real estate market and has focused on exclusive, high-end real estate. The $2 billion Al Barari Project is the brainchild of this organization, which has already helped it become one of the most cutting-edge businesses in the world. It is responsible for the first private mixed-use development with a base in Dubai that targets the fiercely competitive luxury market in the United Arab Emirates. In order to create a lifestyle that is far more mutually beneficial, Zaya concentrates on upscale, exclusive residences. The developer focuses on projects that showcase both affluent and secluded living, all while adhering to the concept of serenade and tranquility.

    The business is run by Nadia Zalaal, an Emirati woman who has worked on a number of top-tier projects and maintains relationships with some of the industry’s top architects, engineers, and designers.  The development’s past accomplishments support this claim.

    The first Nurai project by Zaya is a private Arab Gulf Island that combines tranquility and retreats with oceanfront residences, water villas, and a luxury hotel, all within a short drive of Abu Dhabi. A number of the most well-known architects, designers, developers, and businesses in the world are connected to the organization.

    List of Projects by Zaya Development

    We will now talk about the best properties for sale by Zaya Development:

    Zuha Villas

    At The World Island in Dubai, Zaya Developer created the immaculate collection of limited edition 1 and 2-bedroom homes known as Zuha Island villas. The most desired private Islands in the U.A.E. are home to these Treehouse & Resort villas because of their wonderful combination of modernism and nature.

    This term, which has Arabic roots, simply means “Morning Light.” Zuha is a sought-after location for wealthy individuals who want to spend the rest of their lives surrounded by beautiful landscapes, rich greenery, water features in the Arabian Gulf, and envisioned situations where they may have fun and excitement every day.

    One of the most beautiful houses in Dubai, providing quality without comparison and awe-inspiring consumers with a way of life. A place where you may lose all sense of reality and get lost in the glistening sea, breathtaking views of the skylines, the Arabian Gulf, the vegetation, the resorts, the enormous hotels, and the activities tailored to the vacation lifestyle.

    The most unique limited edition of 30 magnificent villas has been given to you with meticulous consideration and smart planning. With an extremely high level of solitude and top-notch construction inspired by a boutique hideaway. Come and enjoy the moment while strolling down the 2.5 kilometers of shoreline that are surrounded by beautiful vegetation. These luxury Villas for sale in Dubai offer the most alluring payment schedule in an easy approach to reserve your residence and take pleasure in luxury at its finest.

    Key Highlights

    • 30 luxuriously designed villas are available
    • 5 KM of beachfront areas to roam around
    • Mesmerizing view of the Arabian Gulf and water bodies
    • Treehouse and resort villas design available
    • Flexible payment plan options at ease
    • Just minutes away from Mainland and Sea

    Features & Amenities

    Having the privilege to consider Zuha Island Villas home is already a charm. Live comfortably with all the modern comforts and one-of-a-kind, expensive pleasures at your disposal. Hotels, resorts, upscale sites, and surprisingly numerous facilities.

    Key Amenities
    • Kids club
    • Beach club
    • Beach club pool
    • Football field
    • Tennis court
    • Healing center
    • Watersports
    • Fitness zones
    • Gymnasium
    • Parking space
    • Leisure areas


    Zuha Island is located among Dubai’s World Islands, which are also not far from the beautiful Jumeirah Beach. Experience a luxurious lifestyle that is highlighted and enhanced to its best features and activities. Take advantage of the many benefits of living in JBR properties at the hub of business, enterprises, housing, and other factors that might fundamentally alter the way you live life.

    You can go to upscale locations like the 4 Seasons, Dubai, in a short amount of time. There are two boat docks around as well. Explore the friendly people, progressive lifestyle, and shopping places. Take advantage of the world-class living and international transit infrastructure at a short distance from the houses.

    zuha villas at zuha island

    Hameni Homes

    Hameni Homes, a cluster of opulent residences in the center of Jumeirah Village Circle, offers distinctive apartments for sale in Dubai that give its tenants comfort and leisure. There are studios, apartments with one to four bedrooms, and lavish duplexes. The entire building is cooled by the central A/C system. The complex’s round-the-clock security and smart home technology provide comfort and safety. Storage spaces are carefully designed so that the things of homeowners won’t take up even one additional square foot in terms of living space. There will be built-in wardrobes, useful bathroom shelves, lovely kitchen furniture, and separate storage places to help with that. The entire wall is covered with magnificent windows that allow in a ton of light and offer spectacular vistas of Dubai Marina. There is plenty of space for big family feasts on the spacious patios and balconies.


    The most sought-after suburb in Dubai, Jumeirah Village Circle, has the tower immediately next to Samer Park. The most sumptuous real estate with the greatest facilities has been built here. The whole infrastructure is designed to promote happy family life, including a number of destinations for family holidays and a selection of educational institutions for children and individuals of all ages. If you are an Indian ex-pat looking for a great school for your beloved children, then refer to our list of the Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi.

    Locals may also go to the city’s financial sector in 15 minutes and enter the business world right away thanks to the excellent infrastructure. Check out other flats for sale in JVC if you are interested in this area’s real estate.


    The apartment building is a single residence with 31 stories. Unusual ledges in the shape of an open book are situated on either side of a huge white rectangle. The front is coupled with a tall podium. All of the cascade elements’ roofs are fitted so that the inhabitants may make use of complementary advantages. Additionally, there are beautiful gardens made of different plants on all horizontal surfaces. Such a profusion of vegetation provides the structure with a distinctive appearance, comforts you, and makes you feel at one with nature.

    Indoor infrastructure

    For kids of all ages, there are gaming rooms, playgrounds, and interest clubs in these apartments for sale in Dubai. Adults may maintain their health by exercising in the gym, or the pool, practicing yoga, or meditating in designated parts of the garden. The spa, Jacuzzi, steam room, and sauna all promote relaxation and keep attractiveness. The pub close to the lovely circular swimming pool is the perfect area to catch up with friends. You may also enjoy the rooftop movie theater, a meal in the restaurant, or a snack in the café as leisure activities. Additionally, there are stores for residents to use on the property, and animals may also find a home here.

    hameni homes by zaya

    Nurai Island Resort Villas

    The Nurai Island Resort Villas is a brand-new, cutting-edge addition to the UAE’s already excellent property portfolio. They are located on the breathtaking Nurai Island, one of Abu Dhabi’s best real estate locales. Anyone interested in purchasing these luxury villas in Abu Dhabi is bound to be prepared to find something that speaks to them in this contemporary, daring development, which was only finished in the fourth quarter of 2018 and is therefore about as fresh and intriguing a real estate chance as you can get. It boasts an outstanding variety of benefits through an adaptable, diverse floor plan.


    The architectural design that went into creating the outside of the Nurai Island villas’ property is the first thing that draws attention to it. The big, two-story residences were planned with the foreseeable future in consideration. They feature tiled accents, a full-sized porch, and a terraced area perfect for relaxing in a chair and whiling away the hours while taking in the expansive ocean view.

    The majority of the building has simple, powerful lines, with traditional timber finishes giving the glass and stone a cozy touch. The stunning floor-to-ceiling windows that cover the bulk of the bottom floor that faces the front ensure that even from within, inhabitants can take in the beauty of their surroundings at any time of year.


    An astonishing 10011–18730 square feet are used in the design of the two-story Nurai Island luxury flats, yielding a value cost of just $560 per square foot. With a sizable lawn in the back encircling the majority of the house with views of the city and ocean from various angles, the design is as symmetrical as it is simple.

    Between the main area and the front gate, there are four additional spaces, each of which has a roomy bed. In contrast, the open-concept living area appears to have a colossal interior, with an ongoing flow across areas that successfully emphasizes just what this residence is capable of providing as far as living quality as well as convenience.

    Living Area

    The open-plan living area’s interior design, a contemporary take on traditional stylings that combines whites, blacks, and stylish greys, extends throughout. Here, residents can easily move between opulent couches and a massive dining table, while the greatly-equipped chef’s kitchen is never far away. The enormous French Doors, which function to flood the room with natural light throughout the day, provide easy access to the water in front of the house at all times.


    The four opulent bedrooms provide more than enough space to host any number of visitors. The master suite’s large double bed is the focal point of a room that may be both a resting place and a work of art. The guest bedrooms also have ocean views from their expansive windows. Once more, the elegant color palette is consistent throughout the domestic spaces, and there are many subtle but striking details, including the subdued use of stones in several of the bedrooms, which honors the building’s beachside position.

    Garden Area

    There is no shortage of facilities available, which together with the property’s bold façade and thorough design give everything a potential buyer needs to move into it as pleasantly and smoothly as possible. The secluded garden at the back of the home is perfect for spending leisurely evenings with family and friends; in fact, there is a separate kid’s play area so that the younger ones have no reason to miss enjoying every moment of the fun.

    Pools and Spa

    The mansion is close to the renowned beaches of Nurai Island, but if you prefer fresh water, the house has an infinity pool from which you can admire the ocean in all its splendor. The Nurai Villas all include a jacuzzi for those moments when you don’t feel like going swimming and would want to sit someplace comfortable and daydream. In addition to beach access, guests also have entry to the luxurious Nurai Spa, which further increases the level of luxury on offer. This ensures that everyone will find something to love, despite their claims that they don’t like spa days.

    Resident Services

    The 24-hour concierge service in these Abu Dhabi homes for sale helps to make sure that residents never feel abandoned. This sentiment extends to the reality that pets are permitted and even supported in these large homes, which have plenty of space for play in the backyard, in addition to ongoing accessibility to the warm and inviting surrounding neighborhood, which is considered to be one of the most prestigious in all of Abu Dhabi. Even though the neighborhood is one of the friendliest in the nation and crime has just reached all-time lows, 24-hour security is offered as standard to each and every household.

    You may take care of the folks who take care of you by providing covered parking and a separate room for the cleaner. The interior of the home is brimming with first-rate comfort features, including a wide variety of wardrobes with cabinets, a central air conditioning system (which operates all through the house and keeps things cool and fresh even on the hottest summer days), and the newest kitchen appliances, which give the custom chef’s kitchen every advantage you could ask for.


    Nurai Island is well known for its brilliant beach, first-rate cuisine, and tastefully opulent nightlife, but anybody planning to live here for more than just the summer will find the neighborhood to be even friendlier than they would have anticipated. With good cause, it’s one of Abu Dhabi’s most sought-after locales. The top restaurants in the city are easily accessible, and the cultural calendar of concerts and performances never disappoints, so we won’t be disappointed as culture vultures. Check out the top Nightclubs in Abu Dhabi and the top seafood restaurants in Abu Dhabi if you are considering the city’s great restaurants.

    nurai island resort villas

    Use Dxboffplan to Make a Profitable Investment in Zaya Development Projects

    We have completed our review of Zaya Development’s available projects. You should use this advice to choose the greatest off-plan home in the United Arab Emirates.

    One of Dubai’s top real estate developers, Zaya Development, has finished outstanding projects in some of the city’s most sought-after neighborhoods, resulting in some of the most recognizable and distinctive residential buildings. Dxboffplan can bring you in contact with the developer if you’re looking for off-the-plan homes for sale in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and wish to invest in Zaya Development. Reach out to us for the greatest offers and to take advantage of our extensive selection of excellent services, which include:

    • Direct purchase from the developer (as mentioned above)
    • 100% free consultation
    • Zero commission fees
    • In-person and online consultation (via WhatsApp)
    • Immediate securing of the property (in 1 minute)
    • Citizenship services

    Take a look at the most notable projects by Greenyard Properties, another renowned real estate developer in Dubai, if you’re seeking alternative developers and developments that aren’t included on the Dxboffplan website.

    Zaya Developer Properties Projects List

    Project Name Property Type Development Name Min. Price Completion

    Zaya Developer Properties Most Popular Projects

    Zaya Developer Properties

    Ready To Move off plan projects

    Hameni Homes

    Zaya Developer Properties

    Ready To Move off plan projects

    Nurai Island Resort Villas

    Zaya Developer Properties

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    Zaya, a boutique developer located in the UAE and specializing in upscale, private real estate, was established in February 2008.

    The company operates in a variety of industries, from education to luxury residences and hotels

    The project developer aspires to build its projects in harmony with the environment, life, and people.

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