Company Name: Aqua Properties

COO: Paul Christodoulou

Founded: Year 2005

About Aqua Properties:

Aqua Properties was founded in the year 2005, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. led by its Chief Operating Officer Mr. Paul Christodoulou. The developer delivers the highest standard of services with specific focus on reliability and integrity. Aqua Properties believes that through knowledge, experience and professionalism the company will continue to achieve success. The company now brought to the market its services on project management, development, investment advisory services, real estate supervision management and international consulting services. Aqua Properties Development Management Services works with investor’s directly, giving new opportunities from initial concept to completion. Aqua Properties provides the most comprehensive services, available in the region including regular quality checks to ensure consistent performance and results.

Vision of Aqua Properties:

“To be the leader in the real estate market by delivering excellent customer service through our reliable and exceptional certified team.”

Mission of Aqua Properties:

“To be a regulated property organization in the emerging real estate industry of Dubai. Focus is to be the best breed in customer service, having absolute market knowledge and staying ahead of trends by offering property solutions that are simple yet effective to investors and end users alike and by encouraging innovation in all areas of business.”

History of Aqua Properties:

Aqua Properties was established in 2005, led by its CEO Mr. Paul Christodoulou. Aqua Properties has completed sales (to date) in excess of over AED 1.1 Billion in Marketing Projects. The development of new concepts and media platforms allows Aqua Properties to continually meet its client’s objectives.

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