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Top 5 Benefits of Buying Property in Dubai

One of the most coveted investment locations in the world is Dubai, with the plethora of amazing properties and property developments made especially for convenient and connected lifestyle. But aside from the architectural wonder and the prime location, there are a whole lot of factors why a lot of people would decide to engage in renting or buying property in Dubai. If you are planning to invest in real estate, consider the following benefits of buying property in Dubai.

1. Economic Stability

The country’s economy is one of the most overlooked factors when making a property investment. New investors most especially expats are attracted to invest in merely low-priced properties thinking they can get a run for their money. However, the reality is that investing in any property is investing in the country’s economy.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has gone through various economic hurdles over the past decades and has remained stable and robust since then. Abu Dhabi may have suffered the blow of the oil crises, but Dubai emerged to stay strong economically in the whole MENA region. Therefore, buying property in Dubai is a good investment choice as its market is resilient enough the withstand economic challenges.

Dubai being hailed as one of the fastest growing economies in the world is one of the primary reasons why you should greatly consider buying property in Dubai.


2. Advanced Technology & Innovation

Living in a modern & smart city translates to utmost convenience; and this is what Dubai wants its residents to experience. With improved public transportation system, advanced facilities and interesting entertainment destinations, more and more people find the emirate as the perfect place to own properties.

Buying property in Dubai allows you to enjoy the best and finest amenities at par with global standards. You can travel to your workplace with ease through its smart transportation networks. Enjoy the night away with leisure destinations continuously being developed in the city year after year.

The Dubai government has been actively involved in developing innovative ideas and smart solutions. This makes the location and ideal place to reside and thrive.


3. Security & Safety

Crime is one of the things almost unheard in the emirate, making it one of the benefits of buying property in Dubai. An ideal property investment requires a safe community where parents can allow their children to play freely and where they can sleep soundly at night without worrying about thieves in the night. While other countries have been trying resolve their increasing crime rates, Dubai has been one of the consistent areas in the MENA Region when it comes to security and safety.

Aside from being equipped with the latest gadgets that can bust any criminal, Dubai has strict and stern policies against any crime. Robbery cases are close to none and even petty road fights are resolved peacefully in the city. Being able to walk at peace alone in the night is one of the priceless benefits of buying property in Dubai.


 4. UAE Residency

Among the best benefits of investing in a property in Dubai is getting a chance to be eligible to acquire a residence visa in UAE. There are criteria for residency through property acquisition which includes a purchase from AED 1 million-worth of property, no mortgage or financial assistance for property purchase and the choice of property must be conducive for occupancy.

Residency in UAE entitles you to a lot of benefits, as opposed to being just a foreign investor.

Any interested investor must inquire with the Dubai Land Department (DLD) to get investor visa when you buy property in Dubai.


5. Low Costs

Real estate properties in Dubai is one of the cheapest in the world. Compared to acquisition costs in other countries, the emirate will give you value for money. The average price per square foot in Dubai is a lot lower compared to  properties in Europe or the USA.

Plots in Dubai for example have rates that range from AED 60 to AED 100 per square feet in secondary locations like Dubai Sports City or Dubai Silicon Oasis. For prime locations like Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina, it can cost from AED 250 to AED 350. These rates, however, are still relatively cheaper compared to properties in prime locations in other countries.


Online Guide for Buying Property in Dubai

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