fe 5 reasons to buy property in Dubai NOW!

5 reasons to buy property in Dubai NOW!

Properties for sale in Dubai have been among the most lucrative and popular investments for both expats and foreigners in the past few years. But, is this good time to invest in properties for sale in Dubai?

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The answer to this question is YES, and here are 5 reasons to buy property in Dubai NOW. Read on to the end…

1. Pandemic-related property flux ease

After the development of Covid-19 vaccine, recovery of the economy is in sight. This is excellent news for real estate investors in the UAE because the real estate segment will experience a 40-percent growth, according to the experts.

In other words, it is the best time to buy properties in Dubai owing to the fact that the valuations are attractive, and prices are at the lowest!

2. UAE property now more attractive

According to JLL’s 2020 Global Real Estate Transparency Index, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the most attractive global investment hubs in the Middle East.

Affordability in Dubai in comparison to other main cities is valued by some of experts as ‘excellent’. Besides, it should be noted that the UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index marked Dubai as ‘fair valued’ compared to cities like London, New York, and Paris.

Properties for sale in Dubai Marina | List of Off Plan projects in Dubai Marina

3. UAE is globally famous and trusted now

Dubai is a destination for every investor now. For example, Indians ranked 1st in the list of investors in Dubai real estate market last year, according to official figures released last week. A total of 5,246 Indians (some of them are expat in Dubai) have invested in properties for sale in Dubai as per the Dubai Land Department (DLD) records.

As many as 2,198 Saudi investors have invested in properties in Dubai. Chinese investors in Dubai real estate are around 2,096 followed by the UK with 2,088. In addition to this, Pakistani investors came sixth with 1,913 followed by Egypt (955), Jordan (855), the US (682) and Canada (678).

The Residences Dorchester Collection in Downtown Dubai | Omniyat

4. All things in buyer’s favour now

If you are interested in buying property in Dubai, all things are going in your favour now. Higher LTVs (loan to value), low mortgage interest rates, attractive valuations as well as reduced service charges have caused a win-win situation.

Following a period of uncertainty about job prospects, job losses, salary cuts, and tightening of credit standards – which adversely influenced on demand for properties in Dubai, market is witnessing buyer appetite as economic conditions ease. So, with improving clarity on cash flow for the near to mid-term future, a rebound is expected in the market, according to analysts.

Burj Vista Apartments in Downtown Dubai | Emaar Properties

5. It is a buyer’s market now

Here are the factors that are currently making UAE real estate sector a buyer-friendly market:

  • Low mortgage interest rates
  • Higher loan to value ratio
  • Affordable property sales prices
  • Reduced service charges
  • Attractive price valuations
  • Developer incentives including service free appliances, fee waivers, and a lot more…

So, if you are also interested in properties in Dubai, NOW is the best time. Don’t forget to check out apartment, villa, land and townhouse for sale in Dubai on dxboffplan.com

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