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Last Update: 2024-06-19

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    Real estate development, amenities, and investment possibilities are the areas of expertise for ORO24, a top real estate firm. The developer believes that a footprint can only be left when each project is approached in its entirety. As a result, they create communities and a way of life. The business views reality from a unique vantage point and focuses on five verticals: co-habitation, business parks, affordable housing, hotel, and premium luxury. Showcasing its projects as well as neighborhoods is part of the premium standard.

    ORO24, a Luxurious Real Estate Developer in the UAE

    ORO24 is a real estate developer that was established in 2021 and is well-known for its golf-standard developments around the United Arab Emirates, where it presents luxury-class residential and commercial buildings that appeal to the heart as its fundamental value. Over the years, the integrated advanced firm that specializes in real estate projects, facilities, and investments has expanded concurrently. The five vertical principles are used in the work of the seasoned team of committed experts. Atif Rahman, the company’s chairman, has faith in the enterprise. The developer does its best to provide its clients with satisfaction in developing a variety of projects with the aid of crucial components like governance, transparency, integrity, devotion and equality ingrained in the organization’s DNA.

    The name ORO24 is derived from the Italian word for gold, and the number 24 denotes gold in its purest form, the highest possible standard. Each stage of their process, from the homes and communities they build to the luxuriant experiences they provide for their customers, reflects their commitment to luxury. They are a forward-integrated firm with a focus on facilities, investments, and real estate development. Their philosophy is that they can only leave a lasting impression on any project they undertake by approaching it holistically. As a result, they create communities and develop lives. Through a distinct lens, they perceive reality. one who anticipates both the potential and the reality.

    Their constant drive to innovate is evident in every action they do, and they use the most recent technologies.

    List of Projects by ORO24

    We will now talk about the best properties for sale by ORO24:

    Levanto Residences

    Levanto Residences by ORO24 Developments offers opulent design studios, apartments with 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms, and duplexes located in District 13 in JVC, Dubai. The unusual duplexes featuring personal Jacuzzis and balcony gardens provide spectacular views of the area thanks to their opulent architectural façade. There are luxurious amenities all throughout it. The town’s most extraordinary development has ever undertaken has been made with extraordinarily high expectations. Its main objective is to give people a very easy and highly delightful way of living so that they may spend every second of their existence there blissfully. Homes in the lovely neighborhood offer residents the chance to live a life that is to the fullest extent pleasant and opulent. Verdant panoramas may be observed from every angle of the neighborhood since it is surrounded by a beautiful environment. There is a natural space where residents can relax and enjoy the scenery.

    Residents of these JVC apartments for sale have access to some of the greatest amenities, and they may take advantage of these benefits on their own as well as with their loved ones, children, and other neighbors. The building’s residents may employ the simple convenience feature due to its advantageous location.

    Key Highlights

    • Duplexes, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments
    • Excellent location in JVC, Dubai
    • Excellent features and amenities
    • Enjoyable lifestyle with a lot of leisure attraction Enjoyable lifestyle with a lot of leisure attraction
    • There are tempting payment plan choices

    Features & Amenities

    Experience the joy that is distributed throughout the whole Levanto thanks to its magnificent facilities and unique facilities, all of which are created to benefit you and those whom you love most in a number of different ways. The best lifestyle amenities are available to you, featuring sky gardens, a private lounge, an outdoor rooftop theater, a business center and a number of others.

    Key Amenities
    • A great rooftop open-air theater
    • Sky garden
    • Kiddie swimming pool
    • Cinema for kids
    • A family hot tub
    • Children’s Play Area
    • A fascinating swimming pool
    • Running paths
    • A fabulous bowling area


    Levanto by ORO24 can be found in Dubai’s Jumeirah Village Circle. It’s a great area of the city to live in if you want to have some free time, and it provides quick access to the city’s most popular attractions.

    The address of the project is close to daily attractions including several international schools, colleges, universities, world-class shopping complexes, renowned healthcare facilities, retail shops, etc.

    Master Plan

    The primary objective of the Levanto master plan is to construct lavish, comfortable residences for Dubai residents to live in for the remainder of their days. As a result of the neighborhood’s vastly different ecosystems, homeowners have been capable to lead a wonderfully nice and laid-back existence.

    The neighborhood’s large open green spaces provide the locals with a sense of freedom that enables them to completely appreciate the beautiful surroundings and various sorts of beauty. The inhabitants will get access to top-notch features and services that will enable them to live opulently.

    levanto residences

    Torino Apartments

    Apartments with studios, one, and two-bedroom layouts are available at Torino at Arjan, an ORO24 residential development in Dubai. The Torino apartments are presented with the usual perfection from the developer’s portfolio, while the rest of the facilities are created to provide you with a comfortable and simple way of life. As a result of the building’s advantageous location in Arjan, easy transit is guaranteed, enabling residents to swiftly reach their chosen well-known location. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Sheikh Zayed Road are both easily accessible from this prime location. Check out Sheikh Zayed Road apartments if you are interested to purchase property in this area as well. Outside your door, everything is available. The building’s distinctive mix of sustainable and enjoyable interior and outdoor living spaces is housed in modern architecture. The idea behind it is to provide homes with as much outside space as possible through the use of gardens, parks, and other similar extensive facilities.

    These high-end, high-quality apartments for sale in Dubai are expertly planned to provide maximum living space, so you may have more storage space and utility than ever before. Additionally, these luxurious residential living spaces are offered with appealing payment plan choices, allowing potential customers to reserve one of the units without experiencing any significant difficulties.

    Key Highlights

    • Modern housing construction at Arjan
    • Options include studio, one, and two-bedroom apartments
    • Sheikh Zayed Road is easily accessible
    • Convenient connectivity at a central location
    • Various appealing and adaptable payment alternatives
    • Sustainability at the heart of contemporary architecture

    Features & Amenities

    The Torino Apartments is a posh residential complex located in Arjan, Dubailand, and its name is synonymous with the world of leisure. You may choose the lifestyle that you have always desired because these luxury apartments in Arjan are surrounded by innovative living concepts set amid beautiful green spaces. All the required amenities, including outside parks and green spaces, party rooms, gazebos, health clubs, a swimming pool and a variety of other services that enhance the quality of life, are present in the tranquil areas close to the apartments.

    Key Facilities
    • Squash Court
    • Health Club
    • A Unique Room for Yoga
    • Paddle Tennis
    • Cinema Located Outside
    • A Special Place for Pets
    • Children’s Play Area
    • Badminton
    • Running path
    • Plunge Slide
    • BBQ Area
    • A Great Swimming Pool
    • Gazebo
    • Lazy River


    The residential area of Torino is located in Arjan, Dubailand, which offers convenient access to everything in a central place. It is strategically situated between two main thoroughfares and has good accessibility thanks to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Sheikh Zayed Road. The property is within a short drive from a number of well-known places, including JVC, Arabian Ranches, Barsha South, the Mall of the Emirates and many others. Check out Arabian Ranches houses for more information if you are seeking property in this area too. If you are also living in Al Barsha and want to enlist your children to a great school, then make sure to take a peek at the 10 Best Schools in Al Barsha Dubai.

    Master Plan

    A new way of life is available to you in Torino by ORO24, a prestigious master-planned community with first-rate facilities. While the neighborhood offers a wealth of services, unending entertainment, and an integrated natural serenity. Arjan, a lively neighborhood, provides residents with an all-encompassing approach to living, allowing for easy access to a variety of amenities in a calm setting that surprises them with an active lifestyle.

    torino apartments

    Elano Residences

    In Dubailand’s renowned Arjan, the newest residential development, Elano by ORO24, provides opulent studio, one, and two-bedroom apartments. Join this exclusive neighborhood that offers a clean setting rich in natural characteristics, as well as unique benefits of the area and community. You may take in breathtaking views from the convenience of your luxury house in Dubai thanks to a marriage of modern technology and natural features. Experience the top-notch perspectives of the skylines, characteristics, architectural splendor, infrastructure, and beautiful green surroundings that improve the quality of your life while having a range of modern living conveniences and instruments at your disposal. A site that has the potential to be your ideal location in such a fantastic neighborhood that offers renowned landmarks and enterprises close by, giving unrestricted access to premier destinations and projects. In the center of the Arjan neighborhood of Dubai, a strong space and development have been created that are in keeping with the grace and splendor of this natural environment.

    The impressive green areas, communal spaces, gardens and parks, sports fields and courts, amusement parks and pathways, game rooms and swimming pools, etc., together with a few unexpected features, steal the show. Come and take in the truly fantastic development that is provided by Dubai’s strategic location. All of the gorgeous architecture and distinctive designs are yours to explore.

    Key Highlights
    • ORO24 has built a new home development
    • Luxurious apartment complex with studios, one- and two-bedroom units
    • A luxurious and prestigious location in Arjan, Dubailand
    • Simple and inexpensive payment choices
    • Having access to modern services and facilities
    • Surrounded by parks that are ethereally green and lush

    Features & Amenities

    The top-notch construction of regular amenities and entertainment choices offered by ORO24 Elano is pleasing. From outdoor gardens to fitness clubs that promote an active lifestyle, it is bordered by a wide variety of interesting places.

    Key Facilities
    • Paddle Tennis
    • State-of-the-art gym
    • A unique place for doing yoga
    • A great cinema located outside
    • A special area for pets
    • Badminton
    • Children’s Play Area
    • Squash Court
    • Running Path


    Elano Residences may be easily accessed from and connected to the remaining areas of the city because of its position in Dubailand’s popular Arjan neighborhood. The neighborhood promotes a traditional way of life with a ton of first-rate conveniences and services. Residents, on the other hand, enjoy a convenient lifestyle while residing close to well-known main hotspots and high-rise skyscrapers.

    When residing in this lovely neighborhood, you may find practically whatever you would need. The lifestyle is close to everything you would need for your lifestyle, including stores, malls, restaurants, and other businesses.

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    All of ORO24’s projects have been covered. Make the best off-plan home in the United Arab Emirates using the information provided. By completing outstanding projects in some of the most sought-after districts, one of Dubai’s leading real estate developers, ORO24, has created some of the city’s most identifiable and distinctive residential buildings.

    If you’re interested in making an investment in ORO24 and are looking for off-plan homes for sale in Dubai, Dxboffplan can put you in touch with them. Contact us right away to take advantage of the best deals and our vast selection of first-rate services, which include:

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    • Citizenship services

    If you’re looking for further developers and developments beyond those mentioned on the Dxboffplan website, have a look at the best properties by Azizi Developments, a prominent real estate developer in Dubai.

    ORO24 Developments Projects List

    Project Name Property Type Development Name Min. Price Completion
    Albero Apartments Apartments Liwan 776,150 Completion
    Kyoto Apartments Apartments Arjan 1,432,600 Completion
    Elano Apartments Apartments Arjan Completion
    Torino Apartments Apartments Arjan Completion

    ORO24 Developments Most Popular Projects

    ORO24 Developments

    ORO24 Developments

    ORO24 Developments

    ORO24 Developments

    ORO24 Developments

    frequently asked questions

    ORO24 was first established in 2021.

    The organization has five verticals that it uses to imagine reality from a new angle: co-living, business parks, affordable housing, hospitality, and premium luxury.

    The name ORO24 is derived from the Italian word for gold, and the number 24 denotes gold in its purest form, the highest possible standard.

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