Discover the Best 12 Places for Horse Riding Lessons in Dubai

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Whatever the length of time you have spent in Dubai, you will discover how much horse riding is a part of the culture of the people of the Emirates. Horseback riding is a passion and excitement in Dubai, and you can see that passion both at the Dubai world cup at Meydan Racecourse and at the pony rides offered at beaches and parks. If you are interested in horse riding and would like to gain skills in it, DX has compiled a list of the best horse riding classes in Dubai. These classes are suitable for both beginners and people with horse riding experience. In addition to providing hours of riding classes for kids, these classes are also available for adults. Prices are also listed for you, although they vary depending on your level. Horse riding lessons can be a major cost of living in Dubai, but it is also an opportunity to enjoy a unique experience that only Dubai can offer.

Top 12 Places for Horse Riding lessons in Dubai

Best Horse Riding Classes in Dubai

Horse riding is an amazing activity that offers a wide range of benefits, both physical and mental. It is a great way to get some exercise, clear your mind, and explore the outdoors.

If you are looking to be active in other ways, take a look at the best karate classes in Dubai or the best cricket academies in Dubai. Below are the best horse riding classes in Dubai:

Emirates Equestrian Center in Dubai, Approved by the Equestrian Association the in the UK

We begin our list of horse riding classes with Emirates Equestrian Center. The Equestrian Centre in Dubai is the only center approved by the Equestrian Association in the UK. The center provides excellent facilities as well as experienced and qualified trainers, which will enable you to become proficient in horse riding very quickly. It is noted that the center in Dubai holds horse riding classes at all levels. The fee for classes for kids is AED 126 for one lesson and AED 550 for five lessons. Also, the fee for adult classes is AED 165 for one lesson and AED 775 for five lessons.

Top 12 Places for Horse Riding lessons in Dubai

Al Jiyad Stables, an Old Riding School in Dubai

For those who enjoy horseback riding and horseback riding, the EMIRATE has stables available for those who are interested in them. The center has a long history in the profession and is approved by Emirates Equestrian Federation. Have you ever seen the desert sand of Al Siah Al Salam Nature Reserve? The Al Jiyad Stables are located there. It is a beautiful place and near to the gorgeous Al Quadra. Learning to ride super horse riding in the wilderness can be very exciting. Al Jiyad Stables has riding equipment for sale. The fee for classes is AED 200 per hour per session on weekends and AED 160 per hour per session on weekdays.

Top 12 Places for Horse Riding lessons in Dubai

Al Habtoor Riding School, with an Andalusian Stable in Dubai

Al Habtoor Riding School is located in the stunning Al Habtoor Polo Club and Resort. This riding school has beautiful ground and Andalusian-style stables. The school provides two flood-lit arenas that create plenty of spaces for students to learn with trained horses and patient coaches. There are group and private classes for learning horse riding for adults and children. If you have some experience in horse riding, there are special classes for you, including riding track and cross-country courses. An interesting point is they have a stable tour, which shows you how the horses are taken care of. This show is a delightful session for kids as well. About prices for kids’ lessons, AED 200 per session for group lessons and AED 430 per session for private lessons. Regarding prices for adults’ lessons, AED 240 per session for group lessons and AED 475 per session for private lessons.

Top 12 Places for Horse Riding lessons in Dubai

Desert Palm Equestrian Center, One of the Most Popular Riding Schools in Dubai

Desert Palm Equestrian Center is one of the most popular riding schools in Dubai. It is the ideal choice for riders of all skill levels. This center has lush green paddocks and 45 horses that were specially selected and brought over to the UK. The complex is managed by a team of professional trainers approved by the British Equestrian Association. There is also an in-house coffee shop to refuel and relax. Like other schools, they have private and group classes. The prices are mentioned below:

  • AED 700 for five classes, AED 1300 for ten classes (lead-rein)
  • AED 1095 for five classes, AED 2080 for ten classes (kids-group lesson)
  • AED 1250 for five classes, AED 2370 for ten classes (adult-group lesson)
  • AED 1750for five classes, AED 3310 for ten classes (adult-private lesson)

Top 12 Places for Horse Riding lessons in Dubai

Al Dhabi Horses and Camel Rentals, a Particular Riding School in Dubai

Located in the heart of Al Safa 2, this quaint little school is a great place to learn horseback riding. This is one of the horse riding centers in Dubai that is suitable for beginners because it operates out of Umm Suqeim Model School. To go up from beginners to intermediate levels, the facility offers lessons in walking and trotting your horse. About prices for kids, AED 160 per session for group lessons and AED 300 per session for private lessons. About prices for adults, AED 180 per session for group lessons and AED 350 per session for private lessons.

Top 12 Places for Horse Riding lessons in Dubai

Winners Equestrian Center, Best Riding School Located in Sprawling Mushrif Park in Dubai

The name of this center has been changed from Mushrif Equestrian Center to Winners Equestrian Center. The facility is located in sprawling Mushrif Park. Winners provide horse riding in Dubai, besides forest rides and private functions, with 30 ponies and horses. Be careful about the donkeys in the collection because they’re known as Ferraris. It is so fun to learn the sport of horse riding in the setting of a tranquil Ghaf forest, where you encounter a variety of wildlife. Several activities are provided to do in Mushrif Park after horse classes. About prices for a group class, AED 165 per session for kids and adults. There is a fee of AED 290 per session for private classes for both children and adults.

Top 12 Places for Horse Riding lessons in Dubai

Al Jumooh Stables, one of the Best Riding Schools in Dubai

Here is another of the best horse riding schools in Dubai. Al Jumooh stables are located in Al Aweer. There is a variety of horse riding Dubai classes for all experience levels, including endurance riding training, livery, farrier, horse carriage, and more. Their coaches are experienced and specialists. They offer private lessons and packages for multiple classes. The prices are mentioned below:

  • Group sessions of 3-10 riders for 45 minutes are AED 120
  • A single beginner session for 45 minutes with 2 riders is AED 200
  • Private session lasting 45 mins with club horse is AED 250
  • The group package of 10 sessions is AED 1000
  • A single beginner package for 10 sessions is AED 1600
  • Privet package for 10 sessions AED 2000

Top 12 Places for Horse Riding lessons in Dubai

Equestrian Association for People of Determination, One of the Best Riding Schools for Kids in Dubai

One of the best equestrian schools for children and young people in Dubai is here, where they are familiar with the special needs of children and young people, and depending on them, they teach horse riding. This will bring children flexibility, strength, and self-confidence, and moreover, they can have fun. The lessons and activities are provided depending on keeping each child in the group in mind, and children are grouped according to their age and ability. So there are no fixed lesson times, and they will vary each week. These classes are held for a full season, from the end of October till the end of April. About prices, AED 750 per season after two seasons, AED 150 per session.

Top 12 Places for Horse Riding lessons in Dubai

Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club, a Wonderful Riding School in Dubai

Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club offers a lifetime of experiences, whether you are looking to take a quiet ride or play polo. In this place with trained trainers, you are trained in the best possible and most complete way. You get the most suitable training whether you’re looking to learn horse riding from scratch or want to improve your horse riding skills. The club provides 357 horses who are well-fed, groomed, and trained by specialist trainers and stabling staff. Regarding prices, the packages start at AED 1800; for more information, you can visit

Top 12 Places for Horse Riding lessons in Dubai

European Equestrian Center Dubai, with European Style and Lessons

The European Equestrian Center provides riding tours in the desert for horse riding. It also offers ride classes for all age groups and skill levels, from beginner to advanced level. This very well-known equestrian school teaches dressage, show jumping, etc. to its students. The center gives you two options for classes, individual and group. In addition, they organize pony camps during special holidays, birthday parties, or other occasional events. The registration fee is AED 350 for adults and AED 250 for children. You will charge specifically for packages and visit for more information.

Top 12 Places for Horse Riding lessons in Dubai

Al Ali Stables, with Much Experience of Riding Horses in the Desert

You will have a stunning experience at Al Ali Stables by riding a horse in the desert with the sun setting on the horizon, giving the sky a slight hue of pink. Horse riding in the wilderness, which lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes, they also have great interiors for horseback riding. For birthday parties and other events, they provide a large playground. About prices, for a 1-hour riding session inside the stables is AED 120.

Top 12 Places for Horse Riding lessons in Dubai

Dubai City Stable, One of the Best Riding Schools in Dubai

Dubai City Stable is located in two places, Al Safa 2 and Dubai Bypass Road. The school has provided you with a different equestrian experience. They provide a horse and camel ride for 60 or 90 minutes in the desert, horseback riding for 180 minutes, and an overnight mountain horse riding journey. Alongside these 3 great offers, they also offer hippotherapy and take horse riding beyond being just a pleasurable sport, as well. These classes are provided for both kids and adults. It is bound to be worth your time with modern facilities.

Top 12 Places for Horse Riding lessons in Dubai

It’s Time to Ride!

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Top 12 Places for Horse Riding lessons in Dubai

frequently asked questions

Prices vary depending on the type of lesson and the length of the lesson. Generally, a 1-hour riding session inside the stables will cost AED 120.

Yes, some riding schools in Dubai offer discounts for advanced bookings or packages for multiple sessions. It is best to contact the school directly to inquire about any special offers.

Yes, there are horse riding classes available for both kids and adults. These classes are provided by experienced horse riding instructors and take place inside modern stables. The classes are designed to suit the level of experience of the student, and the instructors focus on safety and proper technique.

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