Discover the Best 13 Cricket Academies in Dubai

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With excellent living and amenities, Dubai is always trying to keep its residents happy with the amazing training and facilities it offers. Cricket is one of the most popular sports in Dubai, and there are many cricket academies all over the city.

There are currently over a dozen cricket clubs located throughout the best areas in Dubai to buy property, ranging from small amateur clubs to professional clubs. These clubs are located in all areas of Dubai, from Downtown to the Marina and from Palm Jumeirah to Jumeirah Beach. Each club has its own facilities and coaches, so you can find the perfect club for you and your family.

These academies provide world-class coaching, facilities, and resources to aspiring cricket players. They offer a range of programs for all ages and abilities. The following are some of the best cricket academies in Dubai for you to check out. Stay tuned.

Top 13 Cricket Academies in Dubai

Top Cricket Academies in Dubai

There are a lot of excellent living and investment opportunities in Dubai, so it’s not surprising to see exceptional cricket academies. The majority of cricket academies in Dubai have indoor and outdoor facilities as part of their equipment. In most of these centers, students are taught with high-speed and speed-blowing machines, a video camera for in-depth analysis, and more. The importance of enhancing students’ experiences with games cannot be overstated. There are a few indoor cricket facilities that you can find in Dubai as well. It could be a great way to avoid the scorching summer sun and still enjoy the sport you love. That’s what it means when we say that Dubai offers all the facilities you might need.

So, if you or your children are interested in the sport, Dubai is the ideal place to learn and continue the sport. With the help of a tourist visa, you can also enjoy cricket in Dubai during your vacation. To live in Dubai and the UAE, you also need a residence visa. You can check out how to get a Dubai residency visa for more information on how to get a residence permit in Dubai. Listed below are the best cricket academies Dubai has to offer:

The ICC Academy: One of the Best Cricket Academies in Dubai

The ICC Academy is located next to the International Cricket Council, a purpose-built facility. The center provides excellent facilities tailored to the player’s age and ability. Their Player Development Program is their best option. The following is a review of this program:

Cricket Cubes: fundamental movement and gameplay training for young children aged 4 to 6

ADIB Warriors: a comprehensive coaching program for boys and girls aged 6 to 18.

The Senior Warriors: specially designed coaching and gameplay program for people aged 18+.

ICC Academy is famous for its indoor and outdoor facilities as well as its functional training space. Below we will examine the benefits of joining:

  • Multi-purpose, air-conditioned training space
  • Six practice pitches and nets (indoor)
  • Dedicated batting simulator lane and integrated video analysis cameras
  • Changing rooms
  • ICC Academy Power Base Gym
  • Floodlit practice area
  • Two floodlit full-size ovals with turf wickets and electronic scoreboards

You can contact or visit the academy to learn more about their coaching programs for under 11. Under 15, under 18, and one-to-one training.

Top 13 Cricket Academies in Dubai

G Force Cricket Academy: One of Dubai’s Finest Cricket Academies

In 2001, the center was staffed by a group of professionals. The academy is one of the best and oldest cricket academies with experienced and trained coaches. You might not know, but G Force Academy is in Al Karama, so it would be a good option for families with kids in this area who don’t know what to do with their free time. If you are looking for an apartment for sale in Dubai, ideally in an area with good accessibility and lots of options, consider properties in Al Karama. As you are aware, it’s challenging raising a kid in a neighborhood where there are no centers where kids can burn off their energy and get trained.

Gopal Jaspara is the head coach at G Force Academy. He is a former first-class cricketer and level 3 coach. Ramakant Achrekar provides excellent technical and mental support to learners. As a mentor to Sachin Tendulkar, he is a legendary coach. Gopal and Ramakant have a combined experience of over 50 years in the sport of cricket. They are committed to imparting their knowledge and expertise to the next generation of cricketers.

There are standard cricket facilities and multiple cricket grounds in the G Force Cricket Academy houses. Also, indoor training facilities are abundant.

G Force Cricket Academy has had many successful international tours, alongside taking part in local tournaments. A number of cricketers are peddled for the Emirates, and some urban teams have acquired their skills in the academy.

Rajasthan Royals’ UAE Academy: One of the Top Cricket Academies in Dubai

The club’s mission is to promote cricket in the Emirates. As part of its efforts to boost UAE cricket, the academy started clubs in Dubai and Ajman. Since the Rajasthan Royals’ Academy opened in India and the UK, these efforts have been in the UAE. The academy director was Graeme Cremer, the former Zimbabwe captain. Earlier this year, he handed over the reins to Dougie Brown, a former UAE coach and England cricketer.

The late Shane Warne, Kumar Sangakkara, and Lisa Sthaleker, global stars, have made appearances to share tricks of the trade with the students at the venue. Your children’s skills are improved by the first-class facilities available at the academy. Educators also focus on students’ natural skills and their progress.

Royals are working in partnership with UAE-based sports consulting firm Red Bear Personal Sports Coaching LLC. Their goal is to focus on discovering, harnessing talent, and championing dreams.

The academy gained a lot of fame in its field of expertise in a very short period. For boys and girls aged 5 to 19, very professional programs are intended to grow them in the game of cricket.

Top 13 Cricket Academies in Dubai

Bespartan: Dubai’s most Competitive Cricket Academy

Bespartan’s goal is to foster a sense of competitiveness, hard work, sportsman spirit, and discipline. The academy’s coaches’ training programs push students to make full use of their learning potential so they can become professional athletes.

Indika Batuwitaarachchi, the head coach of the Bespartan, is a former UAE international who has extensive first-class experience in Sri Lanka. Also, all other instructors are trained at different levels. You can request one-on-one sessions or group training at the facility.

Top 13 Cricket Academies in Dubai

Young Talents Academy: One of Dubai’s Finest Cricket Academies

The academy offers you all the equipment needed to play cricket at once. The training of this complex focuses on increasing competition and hand skills. Young Talent Academy teams participate in local tournaments and come out on top under the guidance of Senior Coach and Director Shahzad Altaf. The academy provides international tours to the United Kingdom and Australia for its students. They also host tours from other nations.

Kooh Dubai: One of the Best Multisport Training Cricket Academies in Dubai

The next cricket academy on the list of the best cricket academies in Dubai is Kooh Dubai Academy. This institute provides multisport training. John Gloster, as the Chief Performance Officer, and the former physiotherapist of the Indian and Bangladesh National teams, raises the profile of their cricketing education.

The instructor’s focus is on physical fitness, whereas their programs are designed to make training fun and enjoyable. Coaches pay special attention to young children to develop their skills while keeping things competitive and exciting. So if your children are interested in cricket, we suggest you visit this academy; also, if you live in one of the TECOM apartments, you have no bother getting there.

Desert Cubs Cricket Academy: Leading Cricket Academy in Dubai

Turning young children into future heroes is the academy’s greatest goal. Educators are focused on students’ confidence to meet challenges on and off the field.

The cricket infrastructure of this complex includes:

  • Three grass grounds with Astro, cement& clay turf center wickets
  • Turf, Astro, and cement wickets on the side nets
  • Auditorium facilities for video analysis and psychological sessions
  • Gym for fitness, cardio, and strengthening sessions with trainers
  • Blowing machines
  • Equipment for fielding drills
  • High-speed and slow-mo cameras for analysis

Desert Cubs has another branch in Australia under the guidance of legendary Sri Lankan Rangana Hertha.

Little Masters Cricket Academy: Dubai’s state-of-the-art cricket academy

The academy has trained and experienced coaches. State-of-the-art infrastructure and nurturing learning culture that puts an individual’s needs first are the things available in the academy. The goal is to increase each person’s skill with high-performance training camps or overseas tours. All tips are taught to your children, from a power-hitting pose to a forward defensive. Ramakrishnan is the certificated coach from the ICC global academy who is the academy headmaster. The exciting thing about this is booking a free meeting for your child. In this way, you can see how to train and test your child’s interest in the sport.

Max Talent Global Sports: One of the Best and Oldest Cricket Academies in Dubai

It is one of the best and oldest cricket academies in Dubai, starting in 2006. Their team of professional coaches has special expertise in developing the skill set of budding cricketers. Also, holding meetings with guest coaches from international teams and using their opinions during player training will make students more advanced.

There are modern facilities at the academy, like ball machines and net practice arenas. They also increase their gaming experience by participating in international tours.

Top Cricket Indoor Academies in Dubai

Due to Dubai’s scorching summer sun, some people are fleeing outdoor sports, forcing them to give up sports in the summer. The same clubs were launched inside the cricket hall so that Dubai citizens can continue their sport all months of the year. Below we introduce some of these clubs.

Dubai Sports World: Dubai’s Premier Cricket Academy

As the name suggests, the club is the center of a variety of sports, including indoor cricket. With a land measuring 34m/ 13m, you can experience a very exciting game, and you need to swing the bat or come up with a fiery delivery. All the area is equipped with air-conditioning, and you don’t get tired of the heat very soon.

Cover Drive: Dubai’s Leading Cricket Academy

Another best place to play indoor cricket is Cover Drive; this name is the most elegant shot in cricket. The club covers almost 11000 sq, and it has unique facilities for cricket, football, table tennis, virtual golf, pool, and Zumba, as well as a gym.

The cricket area is as large as you can showcase your power game. Also, you can opt for blowing machine training at the venue.

Top 13 Cricket Academies in Dubai

United Pro Sports: Dubai’s Premier Cricket Academy for Professionals

Another of the most amazing indoor cricket academies in Dubai is here. United Pro Sports is 46000 sq. ft which has four indoor pitches. The pitches material was imported from Germany, three indoor practice areas, and one practice pitch with a blowing machine.

The center has hosted many tournaments due to its extraordinary area and quality facilities. Alongside indoor cricket, players will find well-maintained facilities for basketball, football, mini-tennis, and more.

Springs Cricket Academy: Dubai’s Top Professional Cricket Academy

This is one of the clubs registered under the Dubai Cricket Council. Spring Cricket Academy’s area is a fully covered net which means you are playing in a confined space like any other indoor cricket net in Dubai.

The club has very professional coaches and training, where budding cricketers can hone their skills with the help of expert coaches.

Top 13 Cricket Academies in Dubai

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Thank you for taking the time to read this article from beginning to end. In this article, we have prepared a list of the best cricket clubs in Dubai so that you can study their characteristics according to your child’s needs and the area where you live.

As we have mentioned in previous articles, such amenities are scattered in different areas of Dubai. So you don’t have to worry about accessing welfare or recreational facilities for you and your children. There are plenty of properties for sale in Dubai that are located close to these amenities, offering you and your family a secure and comfortable lifestyle. They are certainly one of the factors that contribute to the major cost of living in Dubai.

And If you are not a resident yet, you might find our detailed article on steps to get a UAE Golden visa incredibly useful.

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frequently asked questions

The age groups for cricket academies in Dubai vary depending on the academy. Generally, the academies are open to children and adults of all ages and abilities. Most academies have classes and training sessions designed specifically for children, as well as adult-only classes and sessions. In addition, some academies are designed to cater to specific age groups or skill levels, such as a junior academy for children ages 5-12 or a senior academy for adults 18 and up.

Many cricket academies in Dubai offer discounts on membership fees and other services. These discounts can range from a percentage off the regular price to free access to the cricket grounds and facilities. Some academies also offer discounts for bulk purchases or long-term memberships.

Yes, many of the cricket academies in Dubai host tournaments throughout the year. These tournaments are often open to members of the academy as well as to non-members. Most tournaments are on a first-come, first-served basis, but some may be by invitation only. Depending on the tournament, prizes may be awarded to the winner and runner-up.

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