Starting from:

AED 1,561,000
Panoramic Sea-view and a hint of Marina Lifestyle

La Rive Building 3

La Rive Building 3 at Port De La Mer

Wake up in one of the luxury residences in Port De La Mer perfect for families or groups of friends with vivid and energizing views of the sea-view and a hint of Marina Lifestyle. La Rive Building 3 by Meraas is a recent luxurious residential development comprising of 1BR, 2BR, & 3BR apartments with upscale amenities. Offering 40/60 payment plan from AED 1.341M only!

La Rive Building 3 Overview

Starting Price AED 1,561,000
Price Per Sqft from AED 1,756
Area from 889 Sqft
Type Apartments
Bedrooms 1BR 2BR 3BR
Location Port De La Mer
Developer Meraas Holding
Developer Projects 53
Est. Completion Ready To Move off plan projects
Views 4.3k
Views for
Direct Sales & 0% Commission
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    La Rive Building 3 by Meraas Holding

    Among the most luxurious and well-designed properties in Dubai, La Rive is absolutely one of the most sought-after properties due to its special features that barely can be seen in any other properties. In this case, any factors needed for a property to be perfect have been taken into account including a hoped-for location, premium amenities, stunning surroundings and the unique style of interior and exterior design.

    La Rive Residences at Port De La Mer | Meraas Holding
    Port De La Mer Stunning Location

    A Desirable Location

    As anyone knows, the location of a property is a defining factor turning a typical property into a dreamy and fantastic one. About this case, it should be said that La Rive is located at one of the best spots in the ever-expanding city of Dubai – Port De La Mer – suggesting rapid and quick access to major landmarks of the city. Actually, on account of its central location, quick access to any required things has become possible. For instance, apart from close proximity to an array of entertainment and shopping facilities, there is only 10-minute distance from the well-known city walk, 15-minute drive to Dubai International Airport and merely 45-minute distance to Al Maktoum International Airport. In addition to these, this location offers breathtaking coastal views making this place even more desirable, and a place that you will never be bored of.

    High-Quality Amenities

    As in a dream, property amenities are of paramount importance, in these magnificent apartments a variety of high-quality facilities have been provided in order for residents to experience a high-standard life. For example, amenities such as health center providing yoga, gym, and exercise as well as the amazing facilities like a separate swimming pool for men and women, children’s playroom and parking spaces make the property even more pleasant.

    La Rive Residences at Port De La Mer | Meraas Holding
    La Rive Residences 3 – Elegant Swimming Pool

    Wonderful Appearance

    In terms of the exterior design of these gorgeous apartments, it should be said that only pure art can be seen by looking at these artfully designed building making it like an artistic masterpiece. In fact, for the exterior design, special and unique colors have been considered in order for the wonderful building to be extraordinary and have no equal in the whole town. Besides, the appearance of the building is quite simple and modern in an effort to suit a modern style of living. However, you should bear in mind that alongside the modernity and western style, the convenience and comfort of the residents have not been forgotten, and they can experience high levels of peace of mind and calm, as nothing bothers you.

    Also, the interior design suggests a highly unique and chic way of bringing colors together in a way to appear modern and at the same time soothing and relaxing. To be exact, even any small detail has been considered in order for these apartments to be perfect.

    La Rive Residences at Port De La Mer | Meraas Holding
    La Rive Residences 3 – Amazing Community

    The Stunning Surrounding

    Above all of the advantages put forward above, something drawing attention is the eye-catching surrounding of these eyeful apartments. Although the surrounding of the building is quite indescribable and beyond imagination, the only word to describe the stunning place should be “Paradise “. In fact, the place outside of these apartments offers the most eye-catching views of port de la Mer somewhere between reality and fancy.

    La Rive Residences at Port De La Mer | Meraas Holding
    Port De La Mer – Location Map

    Meraas Holding

    When it comes to dream homes, Meraas Holding comes as a shining model in developing the most luxurious and perfect homes in Dubai . over years, its developments have gained increased popularity among people who prefer to live in extraordinary properties or invest in them. In fact, the exquisite class seen in these magnificent properties is of a special kind which has been set for extraordinary people who desire a special and different style of living.

    Why Dubai?

    Dubai has been recently known as one of the most popular destinations to live, work and travel. However, most people consider it as the most suitable place to invest in real estate. Maybe the reason why this middle- eastern city has gained such popularity is the distinguishing advantages that differentiate it from other parts of the world. For instance, tax-free income is the most prominent benefit making this city among the most lucrative ones. As well as this, it has ranked as one of the safest places in the world, and according to Khaleej Times website, one of the happiest cities. Therefore, UAE and especially Dubai gives you a high- quality life and absolutely high levels of satisfaction for business.

    La Rive Residences at Port De La Mer | Meraas Holding
    La Rive Residences 3 – Prime Location

    Easy Payment Plan

    As well as those benefits discussed above, an easy payment plan has been considered in order for you to own your desired home in addition to wanted lifestyle as easy as possible, and make it more affordable for you. The installments have been set in a way in an effort to make the buying process highly flexible for you.

    Last Talk

    Given to what has been suggested earlier , La Rive apartments by Meraas Holding are of great importance owing to the fact that firstly, the developer is one of the most well-known ones that has placed your comfort, calm and peace of mind at the first place, and secondly because this project offers the most excellent amenities besides the most hoped –for location in the heart of Dubai. Apart from these, an easy payment plan makes the buying process easier, and the city where these fantastic apartments located in –Dubai – offers numerous benefits that can not be found in any other places literally.

    * The distance between you and your dream property is just letting us know. keep us abreast and we will assist you.

    La Rive Residences at Port De La Mer | Meraas Holding
    La Rive Residences 3 – Offer Panoramic Views


    Inspired by the allure of the Mediterranean, Port de La Mer offers panoramic views of the open sea and Dubai skyline, it is truly a one-of-a-kind island retreat within the city. The residential community comprises of spectacular facilities and amenities, located at the tip of the north peninsula at La Mer.

    • Seaside promenades overlooking Pearl Jumeira
    • +190 berth marina and yacht club
    • Beach access
    • Dining, shopping, and leisure experiences
    • Hotels and resorts in the vicinity
    • Outdoor park and play area
    • Landscaped terraces
    • Swimming pools

    Payment Plan

    Installment Milestone Payment (%)
    1st Installment Purchased Date 10%
    2nd Installment 3 Months from Purchased Date 10%
    3rd Installment 6 Months from Purchased Date 10%
    4th Installment 9 Months from Purchased Date 10%
    5th Installment On Handover 60%

    La Rive Building 3 Price Range

    • 1BR Apartments For sale in La Rive Building 3 by Meraas Holding at Port De La Mer
    • 1BR
    • Size from - to (Sqft.)
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    • Price from - to
    • 2BR Apartments For sale in La Rive Building 3 by Meraas Holding at Port De La Mer
    • 2BR
    • Size from - to (Sqft.)
      1211 Sqft
    • Price from - to
    • 3BR Apartments For sale in La Rive Building 3 by Meraas Holding at Port De La Mer
    • 3BR
    • Size from - to (Sqft.)
      1966 Sqft
    • Price from - to
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    La Rive Building 3 Location Map

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