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Khorfakkan Beach Sharjah, a Hidden Gem

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Khorfakkan, situated on the UAE’s east coast along the Gulf of Oman, is a popular tourist destination. Sharjah is best known for Khorfakkan Beach. The vibrant coral reef at Khorfakkan Beach, which is located north of the town center, is evidence of the government’s conservation efforts. Naturally, marine life aficionados have started to frequent this location.

Although this town is a part of Sharjah, Fujairah is physically around it. The only naturally occurring deep-sea port in the area is the Khorfakkan Container Terminal. As a result, if you are living in fairly priced Fujairah properties, you will grow accustomed to seeing huge ships arrive and depart. So, without further ado, we will proceed with our guide to Khorfakkan Beach Sharjah.

khorfakkan Beach Sharjah

Traveling to Khorfakkan Beach

The Sharjah government created a brand-new road that is simply stunning, providing a great commute for those living in reasonably priced properties in Sharjah. Tourists can also take advantage of this road to visit the beach and enjoy the beauty of Khorfakkan. In addition, the government recently announced a UAE golden visa program that provides residency permits for investors and entrepreneurs. This makes it easier for people to visit and explore the country.

Since there are no large trucks or trailers, the trip time from Dubai is reduced by half (from an astounding 90 minutes to 40 minutes), but it is also safer. The E311 or Bypass route, which begins at the Emirates Road segment in Sharjah, is 89 kilometers long and features five tunnels. Every tunnel that passes through the rocky Hajar Mountains shortens your drive and improves your driving experience. The longest tunnel in the Middle East is 2.5 kilometers long and is located on land.

khorfakkan Beach Sharjah

How to Get to Khorfakkan from Dubai?

If you are one of the proud owners of highly-priced Dubai homes, you have the opportunity to drive directly into Khor Fakkan from Dubai on the sand-covered road that leads there. If you’re driving to Khor Fakkan, close your eyes and take in the silence as the two lanes on each side of the road are smooth as tarmac. The Hajar Mountain Range is regarded by many as being among the world’s oldest mountain ranges. Despite being short, they are rough and crusty. The cost of living in Dubai is high due to its luxurious lifestyle and facilities. However, with the introduction of the new E311 and Bypass routes, people living in Dubai can visit Khorfakkan and enjoy its beautiful beaches and scenery without having to spend too much money.

KhorfakKan Ar Rufasah Dam

A stunning dam is tucked away from typical tourist destinations. You won’t want to leave this dam since it is so alluring, peaceful, and tranquil. The Ar Rufasah dam is filled with blue water during the active monsoon season in winter, and this enormous dam satisfies your heart and soul. It’s unusual to see a dam in the middle of a desert. Not many people visit this place. So it would be beneficial if you spent some time by yourself here. Take pictures, enjoy the lovely surroundings, and spend some time by yourself. The dam, the water, the sky, and the light all come together to form a visual orchestra at sunset and sunrise.

khorfakkan Beach Sharjah

A Man-made Wonder, not to be Missed

A concrete structure overlooking Khorfakkan Beach, the Khorfakkan waterfall, was constructed from the city’s rocky terrain as part of the city’s ongoing tourist and development initiatives. It’s a lovely location to visit with friends and family.

It is 45 meters long, 11 meters wide, and 43 meters above sea level. It also has a number of windows through which one can watch the waterfall’s waters cascading from the top of the cave above to the mountain’s base. Additionally, at its highest point, it provides a panoramic view of Khorfakkan Beach. A restaurant and café with a capacity for more than 80 patrons are located close by. It also has an outdoor area with a capacity for more than 30 patrons. It also has a service room and other amenities to provide flawless service to patrons. Artificial waterfalls are lit up at night to let tourists enjoy a magnificent environment. Khorfakkan Beach is located nearby this place.

khorfakkan Beach Sharjah

Khor Fakkan Beach a Great Beach in Sharjah for You to Visit

The most stunning beach in the UAE is, without a doubt, Khor Fakkan Beach. It is a stunning hamlet encircled by mountains, coral reefs, and water that is immaculately clear. Life is abundant in this stunning combination of blue seawater and sand warmed by the sun. The beach is beneath fluffy clouds, which generate a variety of organic patterns. The sky is nature’s painting, and they are both breathtaking and enchanting.

Khorfakkan Beach and its native residents are home to a wide range of activities. Khorfakkan beach is a very enriching experience, with everything from seeing marine life to lying down and listening to the gentle rumbling of the waves pounding the sand to reading a book and sipping a virgin mojito. The following are activities:

khorfakkan Beach Sharjah

Have a Thrilling Parasailing Experience

One of the most entertaining activities at Khorfakkan Beach is parasailing. Choose to parasail here for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. In addition, a life jacket will be given to you, and parasailing lasts roughly 10 minutes. On Sunday through Thursday, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM, parasailing is offered. On Fridays and Saturdays, it is offered from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

khorfakkan Beach Sharjah

Oceanic Resort and Spa Khorfakkan

It seems perfect, doesn’t it, to have a little picnic with your family on a remote beach as the sun sets in the distance behind the Hajjar mountains? This and more are available at Oceanic Resort and Spa. The Oceanic Hotel Khorfakkan is a 4-star hotel with 177 guest rooms and opulent suites, making it the ideal escape for you and your family.

You may prepare for an ocean swim in a temperature-controlled swimming pool. Or, if you’ve had your fill of beach-related activities, a game of tennis or volleyball would be a nice change of pace. Go to the spa and sauna right before you want to call it a night. You will certainly get a good night’s sleep as a result of this.

khorfakkan Beach Sharjah

Spend some Time in the Playground

You should check out the playground if you’re taking kids to Khorfakkan Beach. The grounds are nicely encircled by palm trees, and there are lots of young Messis and Ronaldos attempting to show off their prowess. So, yes, your kids will surely adore this beach.

khorfakkan Beach Sharjah

Spend some Quality Time with your Loved Ones

Not a fan of recreational activities or water sports? You might always choose to relax here with your significant other and spend some quality time together. In the meantime, you can take in the splendor of nature and take some Instagram-worthy photos with your better half.

khorfakkan Beach Sharjah

Famous Spots for Diving and Snorkeling near Khorfakkan Beach

In Khorfakkan, there are many locations where you may snorkel and dive. Choose only reputable businesses because all those providing these trips and activities must be registered and certified. Here are some of the top locations in Khorfakkan to try these water activities:

Shark Island

Although the name could give some people the willies, it would be foolish to flee because there have been no shark attacks at Khorfakkan Beach. Generally, from November through April, you can see some sharks, especially black-tip reef sharks. You might spot the occasional fish or turtle if you decide to go snorkeling in this area, which is a very popular pastime at Khorfakkan Beach. You are sensible to keep your distance.

khorfakkan Beach Sharjah

Dibba Island

Dibba Island is typically visited by enthusiastic snorkelers and marine aficionados due to its incredible variety of marine fauna. It is the conventional poster boy for the spectacular and frequently aesthetically pleasing aquatic life found on Khorfakkan Beach. Your eyes and mind can soar to new heights with a simple plunge. Turtles, jawfish, batfish, clownfish, and a variety of soft and boulder corals are just a few of the aquatic creatures that call this island, in particular, home.

khorfakkan Beach Sharjah

Coral Gardens

We need to understand that marine life does not just consist of swift sailfish, ferocious sharks, eye-catching clownfish, enormous whales, devoted sardines, perceptive dolphins, and eight-limbed octopuses. Khorfakkan Beach is familiar with the idea that its stunning coral reefs that give the sea its attractiveness. In the waters close to reefs, guitar sharks and crocodile fish may be present. You may find guitarfish and crocodile fish in Khorfakkan Coral Garden.

khorfakkan Beach Sharjah

Anemone Gardens

Anemone Garden is located in the northeast part of Shark Island. In this well-liked snorkeling location close to Khorfakkan Beach, the sea is just about 20 meters deep. You will be greeted by shy seahorses, jacks, and young barracudas. Don’t spend too much time submerged. You might scare away these lovely creatures because they are often timid.

khorfakkan Beach Sharjah

Car Cemetery

A vehicle cemetery is a parking lot beneath the water. On the algae-covered seabed lie more than 200 destroyed automobiles, trucks, and auto parts. Make sure to explore this subterranean cemetery by paying attention to the Car Cemetery.

Check Out the Friday Market in Khorfakkan Beach Sharjah

While having fun in this area, check out the Friday Market. It’s imperative to haggle for your carpet, and store owners enjoy chatting with you as you sip a cup of tea afterward. Almost every car stops here to purchase local seasonal fruit.

You can get a variety of sandwiches from some places, along with tea. You can get egg wraps in Indian pan-fried bread at several of these establishments, which are extremely delicious. The Friday market break is excellent. While the cost of living in Dubai is higher in terms of housing expenses, Sharjah is significantly cheaper. Food and clothing in Sharjah are also generally cheaper than in Dubai, meaning those on a budget can still enjoy a good quality of life. Additionally, public transport in Sharjah is much cheaper than in Dubai, so it is a great option for those who want to explore the area on a tight budget.

khorfakkan Beach Sharjah

Raynor Hotel Apartments, Situated in Khorfakkan Beach Sharjah

The distance to the beach from Raynor Hotel Apartments is roughly 15 minutes by car. The administration of the hotel is committed to giving visitors a pleasant experience thanks to its customer-oriented culture. During lunch and supper, a buffet is served onsite. The hotel staff also offers a shuttle service from the hotel to the beach and back. Furthermore, the hotel offers free parking for its guests.

khorfakkan Beach Sharjah

Khorfakkan Beach, an Unforgettable Experience

This was the full guide to Khorfakkan Beach Sharjah. Take advantage of beach activities and the best coral viewing. For adventure enthusiasts, Khor Fakkan Beach is a gift. Binge the local Emirati food/ Indian food etc., from the restaurants, nothing short of the best restaurants in Dubai. You can also return to read a little under the laid-back beach umbrella.

Everybody may find something special on this beach. Prepare your luggage and see what surprises are in store for you. If you want more information about Sharjah properties, check out Dxboffplan, an excellent platform for finding the best property to reside in. Whether you are looking for a place to stay for a short time or a long-term investment, Dxboffplan can help you find the perfect UAE off-plan properties. With our team of experienced professionals, we can provide the best advice to help you make the right choice.

khorfakkan Beach Sharjah

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