10 Best Trampoline Parks in Dubai

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The trampoline is an enjoyable activity for children and elders. And as you know, Dubai is one of the most famous UAE cities, where you can experience all exciting activities, such as trying the best trampolines. Whether you have tried it before or it is the first time you want to test it, read the text below, and find out a list of the 10 best trampoline parks in Dubai.

10 Best Trampoline Parks in Dubai

What are the best Dubai trampoline parks?

If you are a resident of Dubai and have children, this article will be useful for you because children love playing with trampolines very much. Would you like to immigrate to Dubai, but are you worried about which nurseries to leave your children when you go to work? We have listed the 10 best nurseries in Dubai for you. Also, if you and your child live alone in Dubai, don’t worry about their leisure time, as you can completely fill their time with different parks and classes. For example, there are top martial art classes in Dubai that you can enjoy. If your child is interested in excitement, laughter, and dancing, there are top dance classes in Dubai which we review their features and the types of dances they teach. Also, if you are interested in going to the gym yourself and do not do so because of the expensive cost of the club in Dubai, be sure to read about the top gyms in Dubai . Also, you can visit the best Dubai trampoline parks and enjoy spending time with or without your children using a wide variety of exciting activities. To help you have the best experience, we have gathered a list of the 10 best trampoline parks in Dubai, such as:

10 Best Trampoline Parks in Dubai

●    Bounce Dubai, the best trampoline park in Dubai:

Bounce Dubai is located in Al Qouz. If you are interested in buying property in Al Qouz, your children will have good options in the evening. The park has provided a variety of activities alongside trampolines for children, such as running vertically on the wall or doing a flip or two in the air on a trampoline, slam dunks, dodgeball, a free jump arena, X Park, The Wall, Zipline, and freestyle jumping at Bounce Dubai.

If you are looking for a freestyle academy to level up freestyle moves, we suggest you visit the academy in Bounce park. In the end, the general admission fee in this trampoline park is AED 85, and different activities are charged separately.

10 Best Trampoline Parks in Dubai

●    Gravity Dubai, a popular indoor Dubai trampoline park:

The gravity park is one of Dubai’s most widely popular indoor trampoline parks. It is located in the Mall of the Emirates. Are you ready to avoid gravity in the Gravity? So try out this park. You can do several movements at this remarkable place on the affordable coast, such as leap, fly, jump, and bounce. About the environment in the Gravity, a 24-interconnected trampoline covers the 1200 sq. ft. At Gravity trampoline, you can learn to be an acrobat, be a ninja, and jump in a crazy way.

Other activities provided for you include basketball, slides, flipping rings, and more. The entry fee is about AED 45 for half an hour per player.

10 Best Trampoline Parks in Dubai

●    Jump Boxx Dubai offers an inflatable and colorful trampoline in Dubai:

Imagine being locked in a room with inflatable and colorful walls. It can be exciting jumping and playing in this room. Of course, we have to say that this room is very large and has an area of 25,000 sq. ft. Jump box Dubai provides this for you. This large and amazing facility features 120 trampolines. There are several rooms to bounce, dunk hoops, dribble, and more.

Children are interested in Jump Boxx in Dubai, the most popular trampoline park in Dubai.

The good news is that you can celebrate your children’s birthdays here and make a great memory for them. In addition, several schools visit Jump Boxx for their outdoor activities. On Thursdays, you will have a great weekend here because the DJ is in the park and the atmosphere is happy.

10 Best Trampoline Parks in Dubai

●    Sky Zone Dubai, the best trampoline park for adults in Dubai:

You may not believe it, but this is a trampoline park for adults. Other activities, including dodgeball, sky slam, tug of war, and freestyle trampoline jumping, are also done at this site. Those who have a high sense of competition can invite their friends to have fun in the park and spend happy hours together. Sky Zone Park also provides fitness classes and birthday parties for you. Do you live near the Ibn Battuta Mall? It is easy for you to go to Sky Zone Park.

10 Best Trampoline Parks in Dubai

●    Street Maniax, another famous indoor trampoline park in Dubai:

Street Maniax is one of the much-loved indoor trampoline parks in Dubai. Come here and join some of the fun they provide including a jump tower, dodgeball, meltdown, cableway, warped wall, trampoline parkour, and more. Birthday parties and corporate events are held here too. There is a flip academy that takes your jumping skills to the next level, and it is an on-site training center. The fee for general access at Street Manyax is AED 85 for an hour.

10 Best Trampoline Parks in Dubai

●    Trampo Extreme, a trampoline park for adults and kids in Dubai:

Be sure to visit this park for great recreation. Trampo Extreme has two branches in Dubai. There are 36 different trampoline activities in Trampo Extreme. It is important to note that both adults and children can play in the park at the same time. When children can engage in role-play areas or colorful foam pits, blow off steam at dodge attack, basketball, or Battle Beam, are provided for adults.

Holiday camps and corporate trips are other services that Trampo Extreme provides. Location is the main factor in determining the cost of these activities. The fee of one hour jump for a three-year-old one, in Nakheel Mall, is AED 85, while the price of these activities in Dubai Mall starts at AED 100.

10 Best Trampoline Parks in Dubai

●    Air Maniax, the largest wind park in Dubai is famous for its trampolines:

If we want to name the largest wind park in Dubai, it should be Air Maniax. More than 15 interconnected trampolines, covering an area of over 2000 sq ft. Here offers a very high-excitement experience for both children and adults. There are various activities, such as Warrior Assault Interactive Obstacle Course, Zip Zag Zipline, and laser tag.

10 Best Trampoline Parks in Dubai

●    Try the best Dubai trampolines in Play Adventure Park:

Just play Sports Complex is an indoor adventure park in Dubai. It is spread over 5400 sq ft. beside the trampoline, it is famous for football pitches. In addition, it provides activities that are fun for everyone.

10 Best Trampoline Parks in Dubai

●    Velo City, a kids and adults trampoline park in Dubai:

The other state-of-the-art recreational destination in Dubai is VeloCity. Kids’ trampoline, and adults’ trampoline, with a ninja obstacle course, are provided in VeloCity. Besides these two activities, a multi-level soft play area, VR arcade, and indoor cricket courts are offered by Velo City. If you want to celebrate your big day and have a lot of fun, Velo City has a dedicated place for it.

10 Best Trampoline Parks in Dubai

●    Flipout Dubai, the biggest trampoline park in Dubai:

With more than 200 interconnecting trampolines, Flipout Dubai is one of the biggest trampoline parks in Dubai. If you are tired of working in this place and need to relax and eat something, an excellent café is ready to welcome you. Adults love this park for draining energy or finding new friends. Flipo park is open every day and depending on the package you avail, it can cost you AED 70 to AED 90.

10 Best Trampoline Parks in Dubai

Round up on the best Trampoline Parks in Dubai

Thank you for accompanying us until the end of this article. This article reviewed the list of the 10 best trampoline parks for children and adults in Dubai. Be sure you can’t spend any weekends unemployed at home by living in Dubai. There are a variety of hobbies and parks in Dubai, which you can choose from according to your interests. For example, free parks with outdoor play areas for kids in Dubai, are enjoyable places in winter. Also, don’t worry about where you live in Dubai, as these facilities are scattered throughout the city. You can easily choose your favorite house by checking properties for sale in Dubai. Our experts are also ready to serve you. You can contact us via WhatsApp. Dxboffplan is ready to help you find your dream home among the best UAE off-plan projects.

10 Best Trampoline Parks in Dubai

frequently asked questions

Adults who want to try trampoline in Dubai should know that Sky Zone is one of the best parks they can visit.

The fee you should pay for a Dubai trampoline park would differ based on the park, your age, and your chosen activity, but generally speaking, it can be something around AED 85 for general access.

This place is the best option for those who want to jump on trampolines, join the flippers and learn fantastic tricks in a safe place.

If you are looking for an extremely minimal entry fee theme park to enjoy spending time with kids, you can try Al Nasr Leisureland 12 at Dubai Creek Park.

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