Top 17 Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

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Known for its cultural diversity and modern, advanced lifestyle, Dubai is a great place for families to live. Dubai is an ideal place for families with small children to live. This is also due to family-friendly amenities such as parks, beaches, schools, and nurseries. There are many modern kindergartens and preschools in Dubai that are great for raising and educating young children. The large number of kindergartens makes it difficult to choose one for your child. Dxboffplan provides you with a brief list of the best nurseries in Dubai with their features so you can make informed decisions.

Top 17 Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

The Best Nurseries in Dubai

A child’s first kindergarten placement can be the first professional decision parents make for their child. We ensure children’s future education by putting them on the right track. The good news is that Dubai has many kindergartens with different features and conditions. As a result, you will have a wide selection circle that you can choose from based on the points you wish to teach the child. As mentioned above, Dubai is a multicultural city with family-friendly amenities. So if you have children, Dubai can be a good place to raise and grow them. If you do not know how to get a residence permit in Dubai, check out how to get a Dubai residency visa.

You can also work in Dubai and make money if you are active and do not want to waste time at home. You may also need more money for living expenses to cover the major costs of living in Dubai. In case you don’t know how to get a job in Dubai, don’t worry.

We compiled all the necessary information on how to find a job in Dubai. Finding a job in Dubai and educating your child in nurseries and other children’s education centers in Dubai will allow you to live a peaceful life. Below we list the best nurseries in Dubai.

Top 17 Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

Kangaroo Kids Nursery, The Great Nursery in Dubai

On our list, kangaroo kindergarten is the best and first kindergarten. The nursery keeps and raises children from 4 months to 4 years of age and has been in operation since 2005. Using qualified teachers has ensured parents that their children are being trained in a safe and happy environment. The curriculum of the nursery is special needs and UK EYFS.

The Arabic and French language classes at the nursery are intended for children to prepare them for further education. Recycling and environmental awareness are two very important options that teach children here. The other classes provided for kids include gardening, ballet, music, and dance classes. If you live in gardening, ballet, music, and dance classes. If you live in Al Safa properties, Kangaroo Kids’ Nurseries would be a great choice for your kids in terms of access. In the end, the average fee is AED 20000 to AED 40000.

Top 17 Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

Smart Children’s Nursery, One of the Oldest Nurseries in Dubai

With more than 20 years of experience and excellence, the kindergarten transforms children into caring and self-confident people through the platform on which they present themselves. Smart Children Nursery follows the British curriculum and is one of the cheapest nurseries in Dubai. This nursery works on the physical, emotional, mental, and academic development of children and makes them able to identify and pursue their interests. The daycare facility is provided for working parents who have young children. The average fee is AED 15500 to AED 21500. Pay attention. The Smart Children Nursery is closed and expected to reopen soon.

Top 17 Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

Yellow Brick Road Nursery, A Place to Learn Creatively in Dubai

This series aims to create creative and confident children. Starting in 2001, kindergarten is a place for children to learn creatively in Dubai. They follow the special needs and UK EYFS curriculum. For indulging kids in several fun physical activities, they provide a large outdoor play area. Children in the organic vegetable garden learn environmental awareness by playing. To expand children’s imaginations, teachers help them to indulge in artistic activities and creative play. It can’t be said that this is a cheap nursery in Dubai, but it costs a good price compared to kindergartens with the same educational conditions. The average fee is around AED 25000.

Top 17 Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

Maple Bear Early Learning Center, One of the Best Nurseries in Dubai

Maple Bear Early Learning Center is one of the newest nurseries in Dubai. It follows the Canadian curriculum. This nursery education is focusing on the development of a child’s mental, physical, and interpersonal skills, which is done through creative learning techniques. They also are fostering environmental and civic awareness in them. The Canadian curriculum pays attention to mathematics, science, technology, communication skills, and creative activities, which include art, music, dance, and drama. The average fee is AED 20000 to AED 45000.

Top 17 Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

Great Minds Nursery, a New but Excellent Nursery in Dubai

It has been operating since 2014, so it is relatively new. This kindergarten teaches kids with a Montessori approach. In this approach, diverse activities and creative play have been done to enrich the child’s learning experience. The other schedule they provided included indoor and outdoor activities for physical development and storytelling and language learning for cultural awareness. This nursery in Dubai increases creativity through music, drama, art, crafts, and dance, among other artistic activities. The kindergarten has excellent access for parents who live in apartments in Al Wasl. This nursery has an educated and dedicated team of teachers who teach your children. The average fee is AED 22000 to AED 30000.

Top 17 Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

Step by Step Nursery, One of the Oldest Nurseries in Dubai

Step by Step Nursery is one of the oldest nurseries in Dubai, founded in 1999. The school was previously known as Learning Land Nursery. It is focused on encouraging children to take part in several activities to enrich their learning experience. To deliver high-quality education to children, the nursery follows Reggio Emilia and the British curriculum. Step by Step Nursery is one of the best nurseries in Dubai, as it has an outdoor play area and gym, and colorful rooms. A point that gives this kindergarten a special privilege is the presence of a nurse and a clinic to ensure children’s health. The average fee is AED 20000 to AED 30000. It has good accessibility for those who live in villas in Dubailand.

Top 17 Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

Children’s Oasis Nursery, One of the Best Nurseries in Dubai

Children’s Oasis Nursery is one of the finest nurseries in Dubai. This nursery management believes in promoting kids in a safe and nurturing environment where they can explore, indulge, observe and learn. The series develops a child’s overall mental, physical, cognitive, sensory, and motor skills by focusing on structural and happy learning. The kindergarten has a very happy atmosphere and trained trainers and has provided all the essentials needed to encourage curiosity, imagination, and creativity in your children. It has an ideal location for the residents of Jumeira properties. Children’s Oasis Nursery takes kids from 3 months old to 4 years old. The average fee is AED 32000 to AED 58000.

Top 17 Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

Little Land Nursery and Montessori Center, One of the Oldest in Dubai

The Little Land Nursery and Montessori Center has a good reputation in the community. The top school was awarded for Best Early Childhood Center in UAE 2021-2022. The kindergarten, which has a long history, has been in place since 1994. With a team of educators trained to raise young children it has created a warm and intimate atmosphere for children. The energetic owner of this kindergarten is known to all parents and children; his name is Siog Moore. This nursery has a lot of fans because of its pedagogical excellence and superb facilities. It’s hard not to be interested in Little Land, with its spacious, natural, well- lit classroom and very large, charmingly designed outdoor space.

Top 17 Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

Chubby Cheeks, One of the Best Nurseries in Dubai

Chubby Cheeks Nursery follows the British curriculum. It has several branches across the UAE and has been awarded for excellence in childcare. The nursery cares for children for 45 days up to the age of 4 years. They teach children several subjects like math and language. Children can simulate the real world in the role-play corner. In addition, there is an indoor play area, a mini gym, an outdoor playground, and more. The nursery also offers extracurricular activities such as music, art, and sports. The staff are qualified and experienced professionals who are passionate about nurturing the development of children. The nursery provides a safe and nurturing environment to ensure the children’s physical, emotional, and cognitive growth.

Top 17 Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

Green Grass Nursery, The most Concentrated Kindergarten in Environmental Protection in Dubai

With the slogan “home away from home,” has prepared a space for children that they can call their own. The nursery cares for children aged four months to four years, where they can grow and learn in their own space. The name of the kindergarten gives special education to children. The curriculum they follow is British, and the main part of their education is to protect nature in different ways. One of their training programs includes some trash being recycled into functional objects. The children are encouraged to be creative and come up with their own models. All of the materials used in the activities are eco-friendly and safe for the children. The kindergarten also organizes trips to encourage understanding and appreciation for nature.

Top 17 Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

British Orchard Nursery, the Most Branched Kindergarten in Dubai

This is one of the great kindergartens in Dubai. The kindergarten has more than two dozen branches in the UAE and has won national, international, and regional awards. In their curriculum, they focus on 7 contents: communication, mathematics, physical development, and understanding of the world. In addition, there is music, art, martial arts, and yoga to enjoy outside the classroom. The kindergarten adopts a child-centric approach, allowing children to learn through play, exploration, and experimentation. The staff is trained to help children reach their full potential and develop essential skills and qualities. Parents can expect to see their children grow in an environment of respect and joy.

Top 17 Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

Masterminds, one of the Oldest Nurseries in Dubai

It is one of the oldest kindergartens in Dubai. Masterminds have 60 years of experience in children’s education from 15 months to 6 years. Masterminds follow the US Connecticut curriculum. The US Connecticut Curriculum is one of the world’s best-performing curriculums and is enhanced by the Pathway to Excellence program, which further enhances individual development. With classes of 3 to 6 people, they have time to build character for students. The curriculum which they follow consists of usual language, mathematics classes, physical activities, gymnastics, and music. In addition, they have a social program which teaches students to be responsible members of their community.

Top 17 Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

Future International Nursery, Top of the Line Nursery in Dubai

Good old-fashioned muddy-fingered planting and gardening on offer, nursery pets, and some beautiful natural garden space to explore creates a beautiful and great atmosphere for the nature of friends. The interior design of the kindergarten and its facilities are aimed perfectly. There is an extraordinary discovery center in the interiors of the kindergarten. The discovery center is part of the setting’s approach to engaging children’s curiosity and facilitating exploration. Protecting each child’s individual interests is one of their biggest goals. Their support of individual goals has a significant impact on children’s emotional and social development. Also, they emphasize the bilingualization of children (English and Arabic) and try to get the experiences that children gain in both English and Arabic environments.

Top 17 Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

Creative Nest Nursery, an Exceptional Nursery in Dubai

With a beautiful design, spacious classroom, and engaging indoor play space that is sure to spark a child’s curiosity and interest, it is truly an exceptional nursery in Dubai. In addition, there is an expansive outdoor area with a range of activities on offer, such as a splash pad and mud kitchen. The kindergarten, which has a fully child-centered approach, has trained educators. The kindergarten has come a long way to ensure that a rich environment is provided for children’s education and is also working very hard to raise bilingual children.

Top 17 Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

Ladybird Nursery & Early Learning Center, a Much-loved Montessori Environment in Dubai

The kindergarten has provided a much-loved Montessori environment for children’s education since 1996 in Jumeira. It has other branches, too, an impressive purpose-built early learning center in JVC in 2016, and a third set is opening in Barsha soon. So the residents of JVC’s apartments and Barsha’s villas will have convenient access to this nursery. We have to say that the JVC setting is considerably more modern, but there are similar and consistent values in both sets. The kindergarten has more than 25 years of experience. Therefore, it can be said that he has provided special training that has been accepted by families for a long time.

The most beautiful thing that has happened is that the children who are trained in this kindergarten have now sent their children to this kindergarten too. The good news is that Ladybird kindergarten children are a priority to go to Arcadia School.

Top 17 Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

Home Grown Nursery, Parents’ Favorite Kindergarten in Dubai

This is the parents’ favorite kindergarten because it has two beautiful settings with a very distinct and much-loved ethos. Home Grown provides a unique learning environment for children with eco-principals at the center of their practice and green outdoor space. These are the standards in this kindergarten: green materials, non-toxic resources, recycling, planting, and much more. The children understand environmental issues while having fun and use the mascot, Pedro, the Puerto Rican parrot. In line with the high values of kindergarten, they support street children in India through the Harmony House charity. There is convenient access for residents of UMM Suqeim and Al Safa2.

Top 17 Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

Kids Island Nursery, one of the Finest Nurseries in Dubai

The kindergarten has more than 30 years of experience and has been able to maintain and continue its training style. The nursery’s professional team has been able to provide the best with what they called an inspired approach and EYFS framework. This has been done to accommodate parents and educate each child with the specific educational conditions that Moore needs. A passionate mother and daughter who care about children’s education run the kindergarten.

In order to create very special spaces for young children to play and explore, they pay attention to detail in the outdoor area. Furniture, resources, and interesting items are collected.

Top 17 Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

Join the Top-notch Nurseries in Dubai

Thank you for staying with us until the end of this article. Here are some of the best nurseries in Dubai, as compiled by Dxboffplan. So if you have children and are moving to Dubai, don’t worry about their education and kindergarten. You can make different choices depending on your interests or where you live. With these top-notch nurseries near you, why not consider buying a house in one of the best neighborhoods in Dubai to give your children the finest education and environment to grow? Furthermore, purchasing a property in Dubai could also be a great way to get a residency visa. If you are looking for the perfect property in Dubai for you and your family, contact Dxboffplan today and get the best advice from the experts. Our team of experts will help you to find the best property to suit your needs and budget.

Top 17 Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

frequently asked questions

Kindergartens in Dubai typically offer an integrated curriculum that combines the best elements of the English National Curriculum and the Montessori curriculum. This type of curriculum is designed to provide a balanced approach to learning, with an emphasis on fostering creativity, problem-solving, and self-expression.

Yes, most kindergartens in Dubai offer additional activities such as field trips, swimming lessons, art classes, music lessons, and other enrichment activities. These activities allow children to explore their interests and further develop their skills.

Yes, many kindergartens in Dubai offer discounts or special offers. These may include discounts on tuition fees, free or discounted swimming lessons, and discounts on special activities such as art classes or music lessons.

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