Property for sale in Jebel Ali Village

Property for sale in Jebel Ali Village

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Jebel Ali is a major commercial port and business center on the southern edge of Dubai. You can rest assured that there are several reasons why this property stands out among all the other properties in Dubai. Water sports and golf are popular in the area, as are submerged shipwrecks and marine life. The new Al Maktoum International Airport is also located in Jebel Ali, which covers a huge 35 kilometres towards the southwestern end of Dubai.

Jebel Ali Village is a new upscale residential community in Jebel Ali, gaining popularity and value day by day. The popularity of Jebel Ali Village properties for sale is attributed to its location in the heart of rolling hills and stunning green spaces. A luxurious lifestyle is also what this amazing community offers the residents.

What Makes Jebel Ali Village Properties So Appealing?

The Jebel Ali Village residential project launched on 17 March 2022, which consists of luxury townhouses and upscale apartments. In spite of being located a considerable distance from the center of the city, the area occupies a prime location along Sheikh Zayed Road (E11).

Four sub-communities make up the 800,000-square-meter family-friendly area of Jebel Ali Village. A number of sports and recreational facilities will be available in each community once it has been completed, including leisure pools, open parks, vegetable farms, and green spaces. One of Dubai’s main highways and some prominent landmarks are close to Jebel Ali Village residences.

Three-bedroom units in Jebel Ali village have an ROI of 6.8%, followed by one- and two-bedroom units at 5.4% and 5.1%, respectively.

Jebel Ali Village Development

Properties for Sale in Jebel Ali Village

There are various residential options available in Jebel Ali Village, including villas, and townhouses for sale, all easily accessible through the E11 and E311 freeways. Although nvestors looking to buy an apartment in Dubai will not find Jebel Ali Village their best choice.

Jebel Ali villas are mostly three- and four-bedroom houses with living areas ranging from 2,426 square feet to 5,000 square feet.

The location, facilities, and types of units available at Jebel Ali Village are expected to guarantee lucrative returns on your investment. Buyers can choose from a variety of luxury houses starting at AED 2.2M in Jebel Ali Village.

Townhouses for Sale in Jebel Ali Village

Jebel Ali Village comprises a large portion of the residential section of its parent district. Most of the townhouses are located here, and other districts house luxury villas.

It is foreseeable that more properties will be added to the development as it matures if you are interested in townhouses for sale in Dubai. The Jebel Ali Village townhouses offer community pools, football fields, basketball arenas, and tennis courts. There is also a leisure club with restaurants and recreational activities in this family-centric development. Jebel Ali Village offers flexible payment plans for investors looking for a flexible investment opportunity. For a 3-bed Jebel Ali Village townhouse for sale, the maximum asking price is AED 2.6M.

Villas for Sale in Jebel Ali Village

If you’re considering buying a villa in Dubai, the Jebel Ali district has a range of luxury villas for sale. As a result of Jebel Ali Village’s strategic location, villas in this area are highly sought after. All of the villas in Jebel Ali Village are equipped with state-of-the-art bathrooms and well-equipped kitchens. A wide range of villas are currently available for sale in Jebel Ali Village, including three-bedroom, four-bedroom, and five-bedroom models. Typical Jebel Ali Village three-bedroom homes are approximately 1,500 square feet, and prices start at 14,400,000 AED and go up to 55,000,000 AED for 5-bedrooms in Downtown Jebel Ali.

Jebel Ali Village Villas At Jebel Ali Village

Lifestyle in Jebel Ali Village

Located in Dubai, Jebel Ali Village offers residents world-class amenities to ensure their prosperity and quality of life. As Jebel Ali Village develops into a thriving economic and urban hub, it offers a level of living that has never been available before. Swimming pools, saunas, a luxury spa, state-of-the-art gyms, kid areas, and private parking areas are available in Jebel Ali Village properties for sale.

Jebel Ali Village Villas At Jebel Ali Village

Best Projects for Sale in Jebel Ali Village

Located in the center of Dubai, Jebel Ali Village is close to supermarkets, institutions of higher education, cafes, and healthcare options, making it an ideal investment. There is a mix of retail outlets, offices, and residential units in the area, so residents of all types of households can live and work there. Discover great investment opportunities in downtown Jebel Ali by reading on:

  • Jebel Ali Village at Jebel Ali Village

Located in the upscale community of Jebel Ali Village, the Jebel Ali Village project by Nakheel development company offers a collection of brand-new townhouses. You can choose between two stunning color plans: light or dark, to turn these remarkable townhouses into your dream home. Apart from offering excellent amenities, they also offer a myriad of benefits that make them desirable properties in Dubai. Townhouses here offer easy access to the area’s major landmarks. Also, within 2 minutes, you’ll find restaurants, cafes, entertainment venues, churches, temples, and everything you need for your urban lifestyle.

Jebel Ali Village Villas At Jebel Ali Village

Popular Areas of Jebel Ali

Even though Jebel Ali remains an in-progress long-term development, Palm Jebel Ali is famous and a major allure in Dubai. Despite the fact that this project, which is approximately half the size of Palm Jumeirah, has not been completed yet, it still has some of the most coveted amenities in the entire city. There is a waterfront hotel featuring a golf club and a salon, and there are also a number of world-class restaurants to choose from.

The Jebel Ali Beach Hotel and the Jebel Ali Palm Tree Court are also two of the most famous resorts in the area.

Reasons for Investing in Jebel Ali

The Jebel Ali Village community is located far from the mainland. The area is well-connected with a network of major roads and transportation links. A wide range of communal facilities are included in the project plan. There will also be private recreational spaces in family homes. In addition, these properties will be located near a number of community gardens, parks and sports facilities. Let’s check out other reasons why investing your money in Jebel Ali Village is a great idea:

Prime Location of Jebel Ali Village

The location of this hoped-for community is one of the reasons for its appeal and value. Jebel Ali Village boasts an unbeatable location off Sheikh Zayed Road. It also offers close proximity to Ibn Battuta Mall as well as Jebel Ali Festival Plaza. Besides, the unique location of Jebel Ali Village makes it easier for the residents to commute to the prime locations of the city.

Malls near Jebel Ali Village

Within 13 minutes of Jebel Ali Village are several malls, including The Outlet Village by Meraas. An Italian-style mall with dozens of outlet stores featuring well-known international brands.

Within 10 minutes of the neighborhood are also Ibn Battuta Mall and Dubai Marina Mall, providing everything one expects from a world-class mall.

Beaches near Jebel Ali Village

Jebel Ali Village is near two pristine beaches. Banan Beach is an exciting beach resort offering water sports, chalets overlooking the ocean, and a campsite with tents. A fee is charged for admission to the beach, which is located 12 minutes from Downtown Jebel Ali. Jebel Ali Beach is a free beach nearby, but it doesn’t offer exclusive amenities like Banan Beach. Approximately 30 minutes away, Jumeirah Beach is a public beach with better amenities. A fitness center, a bathroom, a restaurant, and lifeguards are also available there.

Hotels in Downtown Jebel Ali

A few renowned high-end hotels can also be found in this business and industrial hub of Dubai. Jebel Ali’s best hotels include:

  • JA Palm Tree Court
  • The Manor by JA
  • Rove at The Park
  • EasyHotel Dubai

The prestigious 5-star JA Palm Tree Court is located on the shimmering Gulf shores. Spanning 208 spacious suites and steps from the sea, it is one of the best resorts in the UAE. There are plenty of entertainment options at the resort, including water sports, golf clubs, pools, spas, fitness centers, and swim-up bars.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in Jebel Ali Village

You won’t have any problems parking in Jebel Ali Village. Parking spaces are plentiful in Jebel Ali Dubai. Parking spaces are provided for residents in most Jebel Ali Village residential buildings, while villas also come with private porches.

Public Transportation in Jebel Ali Village

There are few areas in Dubai with better public transportation links than Jebel Ali Village. The Dubai Metro has a station at Jebel Ali on its red line. As well as being the first stop on the Route 2020 Extension, this station also serves as the beginning of the route to Al Furjan Station. In addition to Ibn Battuta Metro Station, Energy Metro Station, and UAE Exchange Metro Station, other metro stations are located along Sheikh Zayed Road (E11). In terms of public transportation, Al Karama, Lulu Village, Gold Souq Bus Station, Al Ghubaiba Bus Station, and more are good options. In addition, it is easy to hail a taxi cab in Jebel Ali Village.

Sacred Places near Jebel Ali Village Properties 

There are a handful of mosques scattered across the district near Downtown Jebel Ali Properties. In the Jebel Ali Industrial Area, there are several mosques, including Masjid Ruqaya and Masjid Handalath bin Abi Umar. Additionally, there are several beautiful mosques outside the area, including the Jebel Ali Beach Masjid and the New East Accommodation Mosque. There is also a Sikh Gurudwara, Guru Nanak Darbar, in the Jebel Ali Village for those of other faiths.

Schools near Jebel Ali Village Properties 

The options for schooling are endless for Jebel Ali Village residents. Jebel Ali Dubai offers a variety of nurseries and primary schools for preschoolers, including:

  • Little Woods
  • Bubbles
  • Giggles Nursery
  • Jebel Ali Village Nursery

The Harmony Ballet & Music Centre also offers ballet classes in Jebel Ali Village. Furthermore, there is a wide range of other options when it comes to higher education, both inside and outside the community.

Hospitals near Jebel Ali Village Properties

Several clinics and hospitals are nearby Jebel Ali Village when it comes to healthcare facilities. In the immediate vicinity are:

  • Cedars Jebel Ali International Hospital
  • LiveCare Clinic
  • Aster Clinic

Jebel Ali Village Villas At Jebel Ali Village

Why should you choose Dxboffplan for buying properties in Jebel Ali Village?

Life is made simple at Jebel Ali Village Residences, where luxury amenities are further enhanced and fine-tuned. Properties for sale in Jebel Ali Village are immaculately designed to the last detail, offering luxury-class homes surrounded by greenery.

This self-contained community offers easy access to all of Dubai and a dynamic urban experience like no other. Here’s your chance to get your hands on this profitable plot of land and own your UAE off plan project. Let us know your tastes and requirements, and we’ll make it happen. We are happy to assist you with any questions you may have about Jebel Ali Village properties.

Jebel Ali Village Villas At Jebel Ali Village

# Project Name Property Type Min. Price Completion
1 Jebel Ali Village townhouse - Q4 2025

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Jebel Ali Village Q4 2025
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Jebel Ali Village

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frequently asked questions

Investments in townhouses in Jebel Ali Village start at AED 1.9M (for 3-bedroom) and AED 2.5M (for 4-bedroom units).

Because Jebel Ali Village is a freehold development, ex-pats and foreign investors can buy property there.

One of Dubai's oldest developments, Jebel Ali Village, is being redeveloped by Nakheel Properties. The area was mainly populated by expatriate families in the 1970s.

The project is expected to be done by the end of 2025