TEBYAN Real Estate Development is one of the most famous and trusted private developers in United Arab Emirates. TEBYAN Real Estate Development creates innovative projects, which satisfy the needs and exceed the expectations of every customer. TEBYAN Group has developed stunning properties such as Sparkle Towers, Grand Belle Vue, Clarity Tower and Europa Greens. TEBYAN provides comfortable and safe residences which deliver unique real estate opportunity, ensuring satisfaction of the customer as they always aspired. TEBYAN Real Estate Development has a background in luxury watches trading, real estate, hospitality, entertainment, retail and shopping malls with significant real estate experience and investments. Through partnerships based on mutual trust and common values, TEBYAN Real Estate Development has ensured total commitment in nurturing excellence in every sphere of its operation.

Vision of TEBYAN Real Estate Development:

“To make the company eager to break barriers of doubt and develop unprecedented projects of glamour, safety and comfort”

Mission of TEBYAN Real Estate Development:

“To deliver unique real estate opportunities evident in the works of their projects, as they take the steps to become one of the most renowned and trusted private developers in the region.”

History of TEBYAN Real Estate Development:

Dubai-based company TEBYAN Real Estate Development is an affiliated company that has utilized in the past years to plan for the launch of landmark projects to reaffirm its status as a pioneer in the real estate development market in Dubai and the region. The launch of Sparkle Towers at Dubai Marina is the result of careful planning which takes into consideration every minute detail to ensure  quality and high standards of project. TEBYAN Real Estate Development has hired some of the best personnel to create a masterpiece, and become the benchmark for luxury, style, premium amenities and superior quality.

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