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Last Update: 2024-06-22

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    In the year 2013, Sheikh Khalid Sultan Al Qasimi founded the Alef Group. The primary headquarters has been placed in Sharjah UAE. Alef Group is an effort in constructing premium lifestyle communities that offer first-class projects that lead the way in commercial and recreational development supplemented by the design of high-quality residential communities.

    Alef Group invests in reputable companies that have multi-divisional business focuses that are part of strategic joint partnerships. They adhere to global quality standards while working with a global perspective.

    We’ll now get into the details of the list of projects by Alef Group for sale.

    Alef Group, a Master Developer in UAE’s Real Estate Industry

    Alef Group, one of Sharjah’s premier real estate development companies, was founded in 2013 by the late Sheikh Khalid Bin Sultan Al Qasimi. The Alef Group is renowned for developing not only upscale residential communities but also commercial and recreational endeavors that support the emirate’s the retail and tourism industries. The renowned Zero 6 Mall, which debuted in 2018 with never-before-seen brands and has proven to be very popular with Sharjah locals and tourists, was the first development in particular. Alef Darb 3 and Al Mamsha are two of the prominent company’s other well-known undertakings.

    The late Sheikh Khalid Bin Sultan Al Qasimi, the second son of Sultan bin Muhammed Al Qasimi, who has controlled the Emirate of Sharjah since 1972, is credited with launching Alef Group. Sheikh Khalid Bin Sultan Al Qasimi made the decision to broaden his commercial activities after establishing the Qasimi fashion brand in London and becoming the head of the Sharjah Urban Planning Council. Due to these initiatives, the Alef Group firm had a highly respectable platform in 2014, with assets totaling AED 4 billion and a land bank of AED 1 billion. According to the master developer’s announcement on its official website, as of Q2 2022, its real estate portfolio would contain projects valued at AED 7 billion.

    The Al Mamzar Beach Park is quite close to their headquarters which is relaxing and beautiful. Check our Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park guide for more information.

    Alef Group Properties for Sale

    List of Some of the Projects by Alef Group for Sale

    We will now talk about some of the best properties for sale by Alef Group:

    Alef Darb 3, a Masterpiece Project by Alef Group

    Introducing Darb 3 by Alef Group, the newest building at Al Mamsha Raseel in Sharjah that offers opulent 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments that have been carefully designed to bring out the best in life. A brand-new area of Sharjah, where the atmosphere is so highly sophisticated as to provide residents with the maximum amount of delight.

    A location that is a masterpiece in terms of its positioning and strategic design, allowing one to carry out all elements of their existence with a fair amount of ease, while also offering opportunities for fun activities and giving its users a greater appreciation for life. In general, a magnificent convenience at many sites that adds to the overall construction of shining beauty as a part of living.

    You can check out other apartments in Sharjah for sale if you are interested in buying an apartment in this city.

    Other Information About Alef Darb 3

    A significant community that is walkable, with contemporary housing, retail and shop space, amenities, recreational space, and an environment that is friendly to pedestrians, are all features of the development that have been carefully planned to satisfy all of a person’s living needs. The most significant facets of life are wholly yours to possess as a result of all that has happened.

    Enjoy a higher standard of living that combines luxury with a variety of services to help the locals find better ways to live in the dynamic, as well as to help them develop and rejoice thanks to a number of facilities crammed in here. To give consumers high-quality lifestyle components, this is being done.

    Project Highlights

    • Iconic 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartment layouts
    • Freestyle community lifestyle that is pleasant to pedestrians
    • Modern housing with businesses and retail
    • Luxurious residences for investors and end users in a tech-savvy setting

    Alef Darb 3

    Hayyan Villas, a Luxurious Project by Alef Group

    The completion date for the house and villa project Hayyan Villas in Barashi, which is situated in Hoshi, Sharjah, is October 2024. It was created by Alef Group, which also created Sama Residence and Al Mamsha, and has apartments.

    A villa for sale in Sharjah, Hayyan Villas in Barashi, offers the pleasure of quiet family living. The home is positioned a long way from the busy daily life of downtown Dubai. The Sharjah villa has a unique style, a fantastic location for peace and quiet, and excellent features.

    Located in Sharjah’s expansive green heart, which has some of the top amenities in its class and is bordered with surprises from nature. A prestigious address community with its own flair is marked by the convenient placement right off Emirates Road. You can check top Hayyan villas for sale if you are interested in buying a villa here. Check out other Sharjah villas for sale if you are interested in purchasing fascinating villas.

    Other Information About Hayyan Villas

    Alef Properties created the Hayyan Villas at Barashi. The project includes 2 to 5-bedroom villas and mansions with an area ranging from 1,765 Sq.ft. There are multiple layout possibilities and European toilets in every apartment. A private garden in a residential area will provide the residents with fresh air. Because the villa is a freehold property with a starting price of 1,1M AED, it is appropriate for ex-pats. The fourth quarter of 2024 will see the completion of the Sharjah mansion. A play area, open-air gym, cricket practice net, BBQ counter, tennis court, football field, kids’ play area, and swimming pool are just a few of the luxurious amenities offered by the villa.

    Project Highlights

    • Premium Mansions, Townhouses, and Luxury Villas
    • The biggest community park in Sharjah
    • Massive 100,000 sq. ft. of Play Fields
    • Environments with Natural Ventilation and Adaptability
    • Sharjah’s largest swimming lagoon
    • Sharjah’s densest green project has 40,000 trees
    • Convenient Connection Near Emirates Road

    Hayyan Villas at Barashi

    Alef Suroor, One of Many Fascinating Projects by Alef Group

    Suroor by Alef Group is a residential development with four mid-rise buildings in the Al Mamsha Seerah District that provides studios to three-bedroom apartments in the heart of Sharjah. The upscale neighborhood includes services for shopping and entertainment.

    Living in the newest area of Sharjah gives residents a distinguished location inside the UAE. Due to its closeness to well-known road networks including Emirates Road, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, and Al Dhaid Road residents can reach the rest of the city with ease. Speaking of Sheikh Zayed Road, you can also check out Sheikh Zayed apartments.

    Other Information About Alef Suroor

    The project provides top-notch entertainment and the opportunity to reside in comfort inside a façade of urban architecture. The historic structure provides expansive floor plans with the best amenities, making it a popular pick for folks who value living an ultra-exclusive lifestyle.

    Experience a variety of leisure activities in a neighborhood like this that allows inhabitants to reach everything without any additional hassles. The neighborhood is interwoven with integrated modern living and is surrounded by shopping and entertainment in a real urban setting, where everything else is close by.

    Project Highlights

    • Four buildings make up this complex of mid-rise residences.
    • Offering contemporary studio to three-bedroom apartments
    • Excellent position with quick access to important landmarks
    • Exceptional position with quick access to major attractions
    • Expensive furnishings and meticulously designed interiors
    • Options for convenient and appealing payment schedules

    Alef Suroor

    Sama Al Mamsha, One of Alef Group’s Fantastic Projects

    Newly constructed by Alef Group, Sama Residences project at Al Mamsha provides a fantastic selection of furnished 1- and 2-bedroom apartments in Sharjah. The project is made accessible with a tempting payment schedule and is created to address the unique needs and worries of investors as well as end-users.

    While there are nine different designs available for one-bedroom flats, there are three different designs available for two-bedroom homes. The construction, which has 127 units in total and all the newest facilities, is designed to increase living standards all around.

    Residents will profit from the project’s strategic position, which will in some ways make it easier for them to go about.

    Other Information About Sama Al Mamsha

    The apartments were meticulously and precisely built. All of the units were built using high-quality materials and feature a contemporary and modern design. Additionally, the use of natural plants and the overall lighting decorations are charming touches. These apartments are perfect for single people, newlyweds, and small families since they provide the highest levels of security and privacy. Additionally, the excellent fit and finish are simply amazing.

    The apartments are furnished with a TV, refrigerator, washer, and dryer for added comfort and convenience, as well as fully functional kitchens with dishes and cups.

    There are several obvious benefits to residing in this premium residential complex, and for a change, you will appreciate it here.

    Project Highlights

    • A brand-new apartment complex with modern residences
    • There are nine different designs for one-bedroom units and three for two-bedroom ones.
    • Apartments with wonderful views of the surroundings and complete furnishings
    • Elegant interior design and superior fit and finish
    • Located in a good area and provides great connection options
    • Homes with the highest levels of security and privacy
    • Affordable pricing and payment alternatives
    • Profitable for investors and end users alike
    Sama Residences by Alef Group
    Sama Residences by Alef Group

    Al Mamsha, an Excellent Project by Alef Group

    The Al Mamsha development by Alef Group offers opulently constructed studios, and 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments in the exclusive Sharjah region of the United Arab Emirates. Al Mamsha projects offer convenient accessibility thanks to its integrated road networks and a prime position just off the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road in the center of New Sharjah.

    While is located in a mixed-use neighborhood that provides a lifestyle that combines contemporary living, shopping, and leisure entertainment with a bustling urban atmosphere. Enjoy the new location in the Emirates, which features pedestrian areas, bustling shopping, and entertainment areas, as well as distinctive architecture and a high standard of public space.

    Other Information About Al Mamsha

    Al Mamsha is a brand new location in the emirate that has bustling entertainment and shopping sections, walkable neighborhoods, well-known architecture, and a great public realm. It is connected by two dynamic goals: an energetic sports zone, and a family-friendly live entertainment area. It provides a way of life that mixes contemporary living, shopping, and leisure in a bustling metropolitan setting. This car-free mixed-use neighborhood will provide a way of life that combines contemporary living, shopping, and leisure with an energetic urban setting.

    Imagine yourself residing in a tranquil setting that provides you with everything you require as well as the best recreation, entertainment, and leisure amenities, such as a state-of-the-art gym and a swimming pool. Engage in local leisure activities that let you experience the warmth of the area while dining al fresco at its cafés and restaurants.

    Project Highlights:

    • Modernly built studios, one, two, and three-bedroom apartments
    • The Emirates’ first pedestrian-friendly neighborhood
    • An appealing and flexible payment schedule
    • Ideally situated in the center of the new Sharjah
    • Safe haven for children in a hygienic setting

    Al Mamsha Apartments

    Invest in the Projects of Alef Group Through Dxboffplan

    So that’s it! This was our list of great projects by Alef Group for sale for you. Alef Group is one of the top real estate development and investment firms in Sharjah, having completed a number of landmark residential and commercial master complexes as well as a wide range of residential properties. You can locate the most recent projects of Alef Group on Dxboffplan, one of the most comprehensive real estate platforms for sourcing off-plan projects in the UAE, and you may uncover profitable investment possibilities by obtaining the best bargains straight from the developer. If you want to buy property in Dubai, the projects of Alef Group are among our top suggestions for you.  To make your purchase perfect, you can benefit from a number of advantages including:

    •       Direct purchase from the developer
    •       100% free consultation
    •       Zero commission fees
    •       In-person and online consultation (via WhatsApp)
    •       Immediate securing of the property (in 1 minute)
    •       Citizenship services

    If you are deciding to purchase other residential properties in Sharjah, make sure to check out our page related to great properties for sale in Sharjah.

    Alef Group Projects List

    Project Name Property Type Development Name Min. Price Completion
    Hayyan Villas villas Barashi 1,899,000 Completion
    Al Mamsha Apartments apartments Al Mamsha 459,000 Completion
    Sama Residence Apartments Al Mamsha Completion

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    Alef has developed various business and leisure projects, aside from its good roster of high-quality residences.

    Sharjah developer, Alef Group, has launched Darb 3 in Al Mamsha Raseel (Zone 3).

    Alef Group was founded in 2013 by Sheikh Khalid Sultan Al Qasimi.

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