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Last Update: 2024-06-01

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Jumeirah Golf Estates (JGE), a privately held real estate development and management company, is situated in Dubai.

JGE manages all stages of real estate construction, including designing, building, selling, and managing. The organization manages the infrastructure and landscape design in addition to designing and building the buildings themselves. Customers of Jumeirah Golf Estates have access to dependable transportation networks that link all of the developer’s developments. These consist of recreational, sporting, and educational facilities.

Here, we’ll give a list of Jumeirah Golf Estates projects that are now available for purchase, giving you the opportunity to select the home you’ve always wanted.

Jumeirah Golf Estates, a Marvelous Real Estate Developer

Jumeirah Golf Estates (JGE), LLC is in charge of all phases of development, including site selection, architecture, building, marketing, sales, landscaping, and interior design. The location and infrastructure are fully developed to guarantee that the projects are well connected to transit linkages and provide amenities for education, childcare, recreation, and sports.

The construction of a golf club with two top-notch courses, “Earth” and “Fire,” each with a unique environmental theme and designed by Greg Norman, marked the beginning of the massive expansion of Jumeirah Golf Estates. Up until 2020, “Earth” will host the DP World Tour Championship annually. Crowds of spectators and the top 50 golfers in the world attend the tournament. Also situated here is the sole Middle Eastern location of the European Tour Performance Institute.
A wide range of luxurious resort-style amenities is available throughout Jumeirah Golf Estates’ communities, which are built around the golf links, to complement affluent, active, and healthy lifestyles. Undoubtedly, investors from the GCC and elsewhere are quite interested in the platform.

Jumeirah golf estates

List of Projects by Jumeirah Golf Estates

We will now talk about some of the best properties for sale by Jumeirah Golf Estates:

Alandalus Tower D

Alandalus Tower D is an opulently designed complex offering a variety of 1 to 4-bedroom flats at Jumeirah Golf Estates in Dubai. This high-rise 12-story complex, with a tower of exceptional design, provides its residents with first-rate amenities and conveniences. It provides simple and hassle-free connections to several important areas of interest because of its central location. Residents and guests may utilize its easy connectivity, which saves time and provides you with a location surrounded by recreational and green spaces. Enjoy the tranquility and romance of this lovely hill town’s lakes and superb golf course. The community is charmed by this totally originally designed home’s great surprises and amenities.

Modern flooring is the norm in the living spaces and the halls, along with fixtures and furnishings of the highest caliber. Enjoy the roomy interior, which provides a well-sized apartment for a family of four combined with a high-end setting. This golfing community has a cutting-edge golf club that provides its inhabitants with an all-encompassing golf experience. Enjoy the green of nature, the attractiveness of your neighborhood, and all the recreational opportunities while you’re at home.

Key Highlights:

  • Modern architecture with Andalusian design
  • Superb 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom residences
  • A Golf Community that welcomes families
  • Location-centric connectivity
  • First-rate amenities and facilities

alandalus tower D

Alandalus Townhouses

The great Alandalus townhouses are located in a gated community with walkable streets and a lovely urban plaza that will give the impression that you are in an Andalusian neighborhood. At the center of this exclusive, welcoming, and energetic neighborhood is a central courtyard that has been skillfully scaled. It provides gathering areas for residents so that anybody can take a leisurely stroll while the kids play securely. A patio and big bay windows that enable outdoor living and wonderfully represent the Andalusian way of life are also included in each home. For the hardscape, pre-cast concrete pavers that mimic the shape, texture, and color of Andalusian pavement are used as the paving materials for roads and pathways. The softscape consists of Bougainvillea and succulent plants as well as Mediterranean plant materials like Olive and Citrus Trees.

Each Townhouse unit has a two-car garage that is shaded as well as the main entry that leads to the family room through a large entrance lobby. Through full-height, doors that let in plenty of natural light and seamlessly connect interior and outdoor life; this extends to the back private garden. The center of the house is the kitchen, which has a breakfast nook and elaborate exquisite cabinets. Kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms have adequate waterproof coatings on the walls, floors, and any exposed roofs. Both feature devices for protecting against moisture and heat. Built-in wardrobes in the bedrooms feature a modern, white laminated veneer finish and are of the finest quality.

alandalus townhouses

Andalus Apartments

Alandalus has the tranquil, romantic atmosphere of a lovely hill village. Alandalus apartments for sale is a really one-of-a-kind residential and retail destination in Dubai thanks to its breathtaking views of the golf course, magnificent greenery, and 5 lakes that meander through it. Large covered patios are included in every residential apartment unit, enabling inhabitants to live an indoor-outdoor lifestyle and bringing the golf course’s green extremely near to them. Alandalus combines nature, community, golf, and the ideal location with 715 roomy apartments, 95 townhouses, and a 131,000-square-foot clubhouse. There are food and entertainment options, as well as recreational and fitness facilities, for the locals to use.

10 hectares overall are used in Alandalus, 6 hectares of which are used for the development’s lush landscape and stunning vistas, while the remaining 4 hectares are used for buildings. This creates a truly unique world of vibrant greenery, with five heritage sites serving as inspiration for its design. You can buy one of the best flats in Dubai that you can find here in this area.

Key Highlights:

  • Development of luxurious Andalusian architecture
  • Constant surveillance
  • Connection made simple
  • Stunning fittings and interiors
  • Luxurious Boutiques and Retails

andalus apartments

Whispering Pines Villas

In Jumeirah Golf Estates, there is a development called Whispering Pines. The region lies behind the International Media Production Zone and next to Emirates Road. The architectural design of the Whispering Pines villas will appeal to those who enjoy the grace of European communities. The homes include a wide range of features and hip modern designs from throughout the globe. Some of the residences have pitched terracotta roofs and stone façade. Views of the fire golf course are available from a few of the villas. A sense of tranquility and peace permeates the area around the villas thanks to the small, private gardens and water features that line the roadways. This instantly makes it the ideal location for families looking for a comfortable place close to the city’s most popular attractions. For those who like the peaceful and natural settings that living so near to golf courses affords, the villas are also fantastic.

You can definitely reside in one of the top Dubai villas that you can find here in this community.

Whispering Pines Amenities

The Whispering Pines Villas provide a selection of opulent facilities that are current with contemporary technology. The luxurious homes feature cutting-edge home entertainment systems and smart home technology, as well as handcrafted hardwood doors that are built specifically for each property. The gourmet kitchens are influenced by European designs and have custom-built cabinets with under-the-counter lighting and spectacular views of courtyards and pools.

The dining room is created with stone-tiled flooring and teak-to-finish interior doors. Large designer series bath amenities and independent shower units are featured in the bathroom designs. The Whispering Pines Villas also come with cutting-edge technology and energy-saving features, such as a solar-powered heating system, luxurious audio-video gear, and other smart home amenities. You may also use a variety of shared amenities including the gym, swimming pool, and children’s play areas.

whispering pines villas

Redwood Avenue Villas

Redwood Avenue villas, a collection of 47 uniquely built five- and six-bedroom luxury villas in Dubai that overlook the world-class Fire course and are only a short stroll from the Clubhouse, with a strong emphasis on outdoor living. Individually created plots, which have been meticulously developed by professional landscape architects, benefit each high-quality residence. Redwood is the ideal spot to experience nature because of its beautifully manicured public spaces, parks, and nature trails. The Mediterranean motif of the neighborhood is reflected in natural stone, mosaics, and water features, while rock gardens give the environment a local feel. The world’s top interior and furniture company, B&B Italia, has uniquely developed four interior schemes and eleven architectural types for homeowners to choose from, or they may take advantage of the rare opportunity to design their own house.

Redwood Avenue Villas Amenities

The Redwood Avenue Villas are built to offer a selection of first-rate facilities that are all accessible inside the neighborhood. Bang and Olufsen developed state-of-the-art audio-visual installations in the villas, which radiate graceful living. The Poggenpohl brand kitchens are constructed, and B&B Italia, which satisfies all the demands of contemporary life, outfits them with Miele equipment and interior design. With a cutting-edge lighting and access control system, you can simply watch over your house using its various network cameras, and turn on and off the lights and the air conditioner using smart switches, touch screens, remote controls, or the internet.

Aside from being tucked away in carefully planned plots, Redwood Avenue villas also provide access to manicured common spaces, parks, and nature strips so that you may enjoy the lovely outdoors. The community’s landscaping includes natural stone, water features with Mediterranean-inspired motifs, and rock gardens that give the design a unique twist.

redwood avenue villas

Redwood Park Townhouses

Seventy-five Redwood Park townhouses include three to four bedrooms with breathtaking fairway views of the Fire golf course. Redwood Park offers great quality and a unique way of life. It was designed with the same grace and beauty that distinguish Jumeirah Golf Estates and was motivated by the landscape of Tuscany. In addition to the resident swimming pool, the neighborhood also has a children’s play area and a children’s swimming pool with a tensile shade. The neighborhood is a great place for those who want to entertain visitors or just like being outside because it has paved paths, which are also available throughout the community, in addition to a green park, water features and fountains, a BBQ kiosk, and visitor parking space. Each house has a private garden in the rear, with the majority having gardens that look out onto the golf course, and the rows of houses are situated along a cobblestone roadway.

For ease of access, the kitchens are positioned in the front close to the garages and the living room is positioned in the rear facing the garden. With bedrooms located on the upper story for seclusion, the residences had two to three stories. Some properties with views of the golf course offer highly private entertaining spaces on rooftop decks. Plaster and cast stone moldings are the main building materials for the facade, while burned clay Tuscan-style tiles are used most frequently for the roofing.

Redwood Park Amenities

  • Parking for two vehicles under cover
  • Parking area for guests
  • Paved sidewalks
  • Kids’ play area with shade
  • Fountain
  • Water features
  • BBQ kiosk
  • Magnificent landscaping

redwood park townhouses

By Using Dxboffplan, Invest in Projects in Jumeirah Golf Estates

There you have it, then! On this page, we’ve provided you with a list of Jumeirah Golf Estates’ top projects that are currently available for purchase. Jumeirah Golf Estates, one of Dubai’s top real estate development and investment firms, has completed a number of important residential and commercial master complexes in addition to a wide range of residential properties. The most recent projects of Jumeirah Golf Estates may be found on Dxboffplan, one of the most complete real estate platforms for sourcing off-plan projects in the UAE.

You may find lucrative investment possibilities by getting the greatest offers directly from the developer. The developments of Jumeirah Golf Estates are among our top recommendations for anybody looking to buy property in Dubai. You might profit greatly from your purchase by getting things like:

  •       Direct purchase from the developer
  •       100% free consultation
  •       Zero commission fees
  •       In-person and online consultation (via WhatsApp)
  •       Immediate securing of the property (in 1 minute)
  •       Citizenship services

Jumeirah Golf Estate Projects List

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