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Apartments for Sale in Bursa

The 4th big city of Turkey is Bursa located on the northwest of Mount Uludağ and the southeast of The Marmara Sea. They first found and developed this city on the slopes of Mount Uludağ. They made many structures after they became the capital city of the Ottoman Empire. As many investors choose Bursa to buy an apartment in Turkey, we create a guide of apartments for sale in Bursa for you.

Why do people choose Bursa to buy an apartment?

As you might know, Bursa is becoming one of the most important areas among investors. Let’s discuss the reasons that affect investors to choose Bursa apartments.

  • You can find a range of apartments in Bursa for sale in several areas. For example, near the city center, natural green areas on the outskirts, or wonderful seaside locations.
  • It is a good place to buy apartments with stunning views over the sea and enjoy sitting right by the sea.
  • There are different prices for apartments in Bursa, which means you can choose a unit based on your budget. For example, those with seafront sites will offer the highest prices for apartments in Bursa.
  • There you can find the most ideal apartments for sale for investment purposes.
  • Most areas have easy access to the city center and brilliant links to Istanbul and many other Turkey areas.
  • Many investors choose this area because it offers an array of local amenities for year-round living and high yields all year round.

How much does it cost to buy an apartment for sale in Bursa?

As I mentioned above, there are different apartments for sale in Bursa at various prices. The prices start from the normal range of 65000 USD for a modern luxury apartment, at least half of Istanbul’s properties.

Most important factors you have to know about the second-Hand Real Estate market in Bursa

Today, the number of people who choose second-hand real estate in Bursa is growing. Fortunately, you can find the luxury unit you like thanks to the second-hand real estate market in Bursa based on your budget. Here, read some of the best points about second-hand property in Bursa. If you are looking to find the best second-hand apartment for sale in Bursa, here are factors that can help you in this way.

  • If you are an investor from out of Turkey with a limited budget, second-hand real estate is the right solution for you. Don’t rush buying a second-hand property in Bursa, and try to inspect all the important necessities. It is a good idea to see the property for yourself before going along with the purchase. A trustful real estate agent like the dxboffplan team can help you find the exact aspects of a property.
  • Try to learn as much as you can about Turkish law and regulations involving real estate. The Turkish government helps foreigners in the case of real estate purchasing. Buy a second-hand property at low prices and obtain Turkish citizenship easily. Your citizenship will be valid for two years and you can extend this permit. So make sure to apply for this permit when you buy a second-hand place in Bursa..
  • You can make a profit if you choose a second-hand property as an investment opportunity for the future.
  • Location is one of the most important aspects of an apartment for sale in Bursa. Based on your purpose, try to find the best location. For example, you can find many safe neighborhoods in residential places.
  • Try to find the best legal advice for buying second-hand property in Bursa. A professional lawyer helps you with second-hand property legal to avoid all future complications.


When you want to buy apartments for sale in Bursa, you have to be careful with the procedure. As the current property prices are skyrocketing and many individuals and real estate try to sell you a unit, find a trustful agency. In Bursa, you will find apartments at different prices and added facilities. Here, on the dxboffplan site, you can find a list of the best Bursa apartment choices based on your situation. Also, you can contact our online team and ask any questions that you have.


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