Project NameProperty TypeMin. PriceCompletion
Living Legends Apartments Dubai Apartments for sale in Dubai 481,011 Q3 2018
Living Legends Villas Villas for sale in Dubai 2,700,000 Ready To Move

Living Legends

Living Legends is a place of superb style of stylish villas for sale with unparalleled settings, penthouses, and 12 residential towers including 12 Towers,  Aladdin Tower, Sindbad Tower, Ali Baba Tower, Cleopatra Tower, Hercules Tower, Caesar Tower, Queen Sheba Tower, Napoleon Tower, Snow White Tower, Cinderella Tower, Rapunzel Tower and Shakespeare Tower. Each villa by Living Legends is technologically advanced and designed without compromise. Its villas and spacious apartments are created in the form of illuminated lanterns, while it is centered by Golf Fields that make the entire area more attractive to its residents

Nearest Mall in Living Legends:

The area itself has its mall and community center. Here is a list of mall/s nearby:

  • Dubai Outlet Mall

Nearest Hotel in Living Legends:

The area itself has its own hotel. Here is a list of hotel/s nearby:

  • Living Legends Tower 6

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