List Of Projects In Ataşehir

# Project Name Property Type Min. Price Completion
1 Ataşehir Modern Apartments apartments - Ready To Move
2 Otto Atasehir Apartments apartments - Q1 2024
3 Finans Şehir Apartments apartments - Ready To Move
4 Time Tower apartments - Q2 2022

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Ready To Move
Affordable Apartments With 10% Cash Discount

Ataşehir Modern Apartments

Ataşehir Modern apartments in Ataşehir, İstanbul, Turkey, where you can start your luxurious life in one of the 3 towers (Arya, Beste, and Opera). Click here for more information.

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Ataşehir Q1 2024
Modern Apartments at Affordable Price with Spacious Living Space

Otto Atasehir Apartments

Otto Atasehir Apartments are sought-after apartments in Istanbul, coming with city convenience at its finest. Click for 100% free consultation...

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Ready To Move
Offer An Opportunity To Get Turkish Citizenship

Finans Şehir Apartments

Finans Şehir Apartments in Ataşehir are perfect apartments for sale in Istanbul that should not be missed. Click to get more info…

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Ataşehir Q2 2022
Named by Forbes as the best Turkish investment project

Time Tower

Time Tower is part of a large project that includes: Time Palace Residences, Time Park & Offices. Time Tower is made of 34 floors and units from 0+1 to 4+1 with European style facades. These lavish residences named by Forbes as the best Turkish investment project and suitable for Turkish Citizenship.


Ataşehir is one of the most desirable residential areas in Istanbul that is located in the Asian Side of the city. It is a unique neighborhood that is beautifully filled with eye-catching skyscrapers that truly please the eye. It is interesting to note that some of these skyscrapers are even among the tallest buildings in the city of Istanbul and in Turkey. You can choose your ideal property from a wide range of properties that are available in Ataşehir. Properties for sale in Ataşehir offer you amazing features, and this is the reason why these properties are highly valuable!

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