Property for Sale in Uptown Dubai

Property for Sale in Uptown Dubai

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# Project Name Property Type Min. Price Completion
1 Mercer House Apartments apartments - Q3 2027
2 SO/ Uptown Dubai Residences apartments AED 1,794,847 Q4 2023

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Uptown Dubai Q3 2027
Ellington Properties For Sale
home to residents who will bring new energy to Uptown Dubai

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Mercer House Apartments

“Hotel-style living with breathtaking sea views” is what perfectly defines the pleasure of living in Mercer House Apartments by Ellington Properties in Dubai.

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Uptown Dubai Q4 2023
DMCC Properties for Sale
Step through the looking glass and discover an enchanted world at Uptown Dubai.

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SO/ Uptown Dubai Residences

SO/Uptown Apartments at Uptown Dubai is a collection of branded flats in the heart of Dubai for the pinnacle of ultra-luxurious living. 100% FREE consultation...