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5/5 - (6 votes)

One of New Cairo’s top residential neighbourhoods, Mivida, offers all the amenities required for a full life of comfort and elegance. Mivida, which in Spanish translates as “My Life,” is the greatest place in New Cairo to begin a new, lovely life.

The perfect balance of nature, as well as urban life may be found in Mivida. Beautiful native and adaptive plants that surround the homes in Mivida complement the area’s naturalistic essence rather than imposing it.

In this post, we’ll share with you all the information you need in order to find the perfect property for sale in Mivida, Cairo. From our extensive database of properties in Mivida to the latest updates in the market, you’ll have everything you need to make an informed decision.

Mivida Stunning Properties

Dxboffplan is the ideal agency for you if you’re looking to buy a house, an investment, or just want to browse all the homes for sale in Mivida, Cairo.

Properties for sale in Midiva are among the most beautiful and desirable properties in Cairo. This amazing community offers apartments and villas for sale that are inspired by a unique blend of Spanish and Mediterranean design.

This upscale resort is distinguished by a variety of qualities, such as its beauty and elegance, that make it a preferred living location for many families and investors. Additionally, it has a distinctive strategic location in the New Cairo neighbourhood of the Greater Cairo Governorate and is easily accessible via a number of main routes, including The Ring Road, N/A Road, and Suez Road. Consequently, there is a high demand for Mivida real estate for sale.

Mivida east of cairo Development

About the Uptown Cairo Real Estate Developer

Emaar Misr properties, one of the biggest real estate companies in Egypt and a division of Emaar, is the creator of many well-known Egyptian projects, such as properties for sale in Cairo and the Mivida buildings, which present a new and lavish way of living in Egypt.

Masterful constructions of this scale have contributed to the Egyptian economy’s complete flourishing in recent years. The quality of these initiatives, which won the respect of both locals and foreign investors, distinguishes their contribution.

Mivida- The Best Residential Community In Cairo

Properties for Sale in Mivida

Mivida residents can choose from a wide range of real estate options, including apartments, twin houses, and villas, depending on their needs.

Mivida has an urban planning strategy that is evident in little courtyards, narrow streets, wide avenues, and great boulevards. This compound is also surrounded by lush greenery and picturesque scenery, which makes life there reminiscent of living in Europe.

Although Mivida is a quiet region, it has all the amenities and services a person may need, including colleges, schools, hospitals, clinics, shopping malls, eateries, and cafés. Additionally, Mivida offers various transportation systems, making it easier to move from one location to another.

Apartments for Sale in Mivida

The urban residents of Cairo who wished to unwind and seek a getaway from the hectic city provided inspiration for the Mivida development. The Mivida neighbourhood, which combines stunning Italian architecture with California’s Monterey Colonial architectural style, is poised to transform the residential experience in Egypt. In fact, this has raised the demand for apartments for sale in Mivida New Cairo. The fact that Mivida apartments for sale come in a variety of sizes, from 100 to 300 square meters, is another reason why they are the most sought-after property type among all Mivida properties. Additionally, given that they have an average cost of 3.000.000 EGP compared to other property types, their prices are thought to be perfectly fair.

Villa for Sale in Mivida

Mivida offers a variety of amenities and services that will make it possible for Cairo residents to fully enjoy their lives. The clubhouse, Industrial Park, The Boulevard, preschool, medical facility, schools, shopping centers, retail stores, parks, and Lake District are all part of this friendly neighborhood. This has prompted many to search the costs of the Mivida New Cairo, seeking waterfront living and privacy to be with their friends and family. Villas in Mivida are the most extravagant property type, with a variety of special features and amenities like security, private pools, and private gardens. In addition to the water view, you will also find other amenities like a communal spa, covered parking, a balcony, a common gym, and maid service. Villas available for sale there come with an average price of 1.000.000 EGP.

Mivida- The Best Residential Community In Cairo

Projects for Investment in Mivida

The neighborhood is near New Cairo compounds, which are home to elites and high-class inhabitants while being removed from Cairo’s gridlock.

To prevent residents from leaving the compound to go shopping or trekking, all essential services are offered within the compound. For instance, the complex includes a sizable shopping area with stores and restaurants, as well as international schools, medical facilities, and places of worship. Our team at Dxboffplan sorts through the available investment options and displays only those that are worth your time. Without further ado, let’s look at the Mivida project that offers the best return on investment:

  • Boulevard Residences 6 at Mivida, Cairo

The apartments for sale in Boulevard Residences 6 are one-of-a-kind dwellings that shouldn’t be overlooked at all because they are distinctive in terms of position, prestige, and privilege. Boulevard Residences 6 is a wonderful choice if you’re seeking an exceptional apartment for sale in Cairo. Boulevard Residences 6 in Mivida is appealing in part because it was built by renowned Emaar Misr. The apartments at Boulevard Residences 6 that are for sale are situated in the Spanish-inspired neighborhood of Mivida. They also showcase an outstanding array of amenities and a distinctive design. Additionally, you can include outstanding connectivity and simple installments in the list.

  • Boulevard Residences 5 at Mivida, Cairo

The apartments for sale in Boulevard Residences 5 in the Spanish-inspired community of Mivida provide you with the ideal balance of nature and urban living that you’ve always dreamed of. One of Emaar Misr’s most well-known buildings, Boulevard Residences 5 boasts a great location, top-notch amenities, a unique design, and luxury, elegance, and status of opulent proportions.

  • Boulevard Residences 4 at Mivida

Boulevard Residences 4 is among Emaar Misr’s most well-liked projects at Mivida, offering a variety of magnificent apartments for sale in Cairo. Boulevard Residences 4 gives you the luxury of living in a premium location and having access to top-notch amenities. Your apartment at Boulevard Residences 4 is a destination where you can look forward to a distinctive living experience in Cairo. Your life will be full of grandeur, elegance, comfort, and enjoyment when you live in Boulevard Residences 4.

  • Boulevard Residences 2 at Mivida

Boulevard Residences 2 offers a selection of Amazingly constructed residences in the center of Mivida. Boulevard Residences 2 will be your haven of comfort where a new way of living is born, offering first-rate amenities, a premium location, gorgeous architecture, and breathtaking vistas. Apartments for sale in Boulevard Residences 2 are ideal home choices if you value luxury, location, urban living, and a distinctive way of life.

Mivida- The Best Residential Community In Cairo

Reasons to Invest in Mivida

The personal preferences and demands of Cairo’s urban residents, who are seeking a getaway from the city without losing their standard of living in the city, directly influenced the design of this fully integrated community. To meet the many needs of Mivida residents, the city is well-equipped with educational facilities, medical facilities, shopping, and entertainment options. Additionally, we have compiled a short list of other features that will prove why investing in Mivida is a wise choice.

Prime Location of Mivida Cairo 

Apart from being a beautiful residential community in Cairo, Midiva is perfectly connected to the main landmarks of the city. Some of them include the following:

  • 5 mins to the AUC campus
  • 15 mins to Suez & Sokhna Roads
  • 15 mins to main Ring Road & Eastern Ring Road
  • 25 mins to Cairo International Airport
  • 30 mins to New Capital

Hospitals near Mivida 

Cairo is home to numerous medical facilities of various sizes and specialties. If you are unsure which hospital is the best option for you while residing in Mivida, seek advice from your primary care physician.

The closest medical facilities to Mivida are:

  • Eterna Healthcare City
  • Seashell Hospital
  • Town Hospital

Schools in Mivida 

Numerous international schools in Cairo cater to students of all educational levels and linguistic backgrounds. Residents in Mivida have access to a wide range of educational opportunities for their kids, including preschools, colleges, and academies.

Near Mivida, residents will find a number of elite childcare facilities and institutions, including:

  • German School – Mivida
  • Repton Cairo School
  • Europa Schule Neu Kairo

Here are More Amazing Features of Mivida:

●      Breathtaking Vistas of Green spaces in Mivida 

There are Awe-inspiring vistas with stunning views of gardens, walking trails, lakes, and natural valleys that will make Mivida an ideal place to live.

●      Eco-sustainability of Mivida

Mivida’s master plan is inspired by a green leaf. And the unprecedented solar lighting of the Mivida community is powered by Philips.

●      Exclusive Clubhouses in Mivida 

Mivida residents will experience the epitome of relaxation and convenience at these clubhouses.

●      The Boulevard in Mivida 

The thriving urban area features an array of upscale shopping, leisure, and entertainment venues for Mivida residents to enjoy.

●      Mivida Business Park

It features a unique working environment with interiors that breathe style and elegance, located in the middle of greenery that enhances Mivida residents’ productivity and reduces stress.

●      The Lake District in Mivida 

The lake district in Mivida provides a large number of activities for the entire family around the beautiful lake, ensuring continual stunning views and an exceptional outdoor experience.

●      Eterna Healthcare City in Mivida 

Egypt’s first medical complex that offers a hospital, multidisciplinary clinics, medical labs, and pharmacies for Mivida residents.

Mivida- The Best Residential Community In Cairo

Choosing Dxboffplan for Buying Property in Mivida

Mivida Compound, developed by Emaar Misr Company, is a healthy and environmentally responsible residential development that includes green spaces, gardens, and water features to provide residents with a peaceful and comfortable lifestyle. A property within Mivida offers a variety of benefits – both within and outside of the community, making it a wise financial move for starting or strengthening your investment portfolio.

We’d be pleased to give you a rundown of our most recent listings and off-plan projects. Our team of specialists is available around-the-clock to assist you in finding the ideal properties for sale in Mivida.

Mivida Projects price table

Project Name Property Type Min. Price Completion
Boulevard Residences 6 Apartments 4,863,888 2022Q2
Boulevard Residences 5 Apartments - 2022Q2
Boulevard Residences 4 Apartments - 2022Q2
Boulevard Residences 3 Apartments - 2022Q2
Boulevard Residences 2 Apartments - 2022Q2
Boulevard Residences Apartments - 2022Q2
Gardens Twinhomes Townhouses 10,096,888 Ready To Move
Greens II Villas Villas 13,701,888 Ready To Move
The Place Offices 5,695,888 2023Q3

Mivida Projects

2022 Q2
2022 Q2
2022 Q2
2022 Q2
2022 Q2
2022 Q2
Ready To Move
Ready To Move

Gardens Twinhomes

Ready To Move
Ready To Move

Greens II Villas

2023 Q3
2023 Q3

The Place

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Villas available for sale there come with an average price of 1.000.000 EGP.

Airport International Cairo is 25 minutes away from Mivida properties.

Emaar Misr properties are one of the biggest real estate companies in Egypt and a division of Emaar

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