Invest Group Overseas (IGO) is a property developer and investment company that anchors itself on the potential of the emerging market for business opportunities. The group now hosts an extensive portfolio of properties which has gained the status of being one of the top investment companies in the region.

Vision of IGO:

IGO pursues the path of becoming a leading force on quality property development in the region and beyond via consistent delivery of landmark properties that ensure maximum return on investment and contribute significantly to the development and growth of the cities and localities which host our projects.

Mission of IGO:

To effectively capitalize on business opportunities that supports the growth and development of the region through strategic capital investments and management of commercially viable real estate, retail and financial activities.

History of IGO:

Since its establishment in 2004, IGO has been gaining profitable success in every project it undertakes. The company, which was established by a group of elite businessmen, has surpassed some of its competitors who have been leading in the industry and has retained its status as one of Middle East’s respected developers and investment companies.

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