How to Register for Abu Dhabi Toll Gates?

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The Department of Transportation unveiled the Abu Dhabi Toll Gate system in 2018. Additionally, the Abu Dhabi Integrated Transport Centre urges drivers to register their vehicles as soon as possible at the DARB toll gates to avoid penalties. The four bridges that connect to the city of Abu Dhabi have toll booths called DARB toll booths. However, “How do I register a car at the Abu Dhabi toll gate?” is the key question.

To help you with that, we’ve posted a useful tutorial on how to register for Abu Dhabi toll gates, or, as most people still call it, “Abu Dhabi Salik.” Since we are talking about driving, make sure to also check out Dubai driving license guide, the Driving license renewal in Dubai guide, and information about the Emirates driving institute in Dubai if you happen to live in this city.

How to Register for Abu Dhabi Toll Gates?

All About Abu Dhabi Toll Gate Registration

As previously indicated, drivers in the city must register at the Abu Dhabi toll gates. During peak hours, all cars will be required to pay AED 4 to pass through the toll gates in Abu Dhabi. Those who own at least one vehicle registered in Abu Dhabi are exempt from the requirement to register for an account. In Abu Dhabi, an account is immediately created when you register a vehicle. Visitors from other emirates who wish to enter the capital of the UAE must register with the DARB Toll Gate System and create an account. Al Maqta Bridge, Mussafah Bridge, Sheikh Zayed Bridge, and Sheikh Khalifa Bridge are the four bridges in Abu Dhabi that feature toll gates.

It is now necessary for you to register for the DARB Abu Dhabi Toll Gate System if you haven’t already done so for Abu Dhabi Salik. The new Abu Dhabi toll registration site is accessible online. Through the DARB website ( or the Darb Abu Dhabi toll gate app, you may register for the Abu Dhabi Salik. Online registration at the Abu Dhabi toll gate is a very straightforward process.

How to Register for Abu Dhabi Toll Gates?

To Register for the Abu Dhabi Toll Gate, what do I need?

It helps to have the required paperwork and information on hand before you begin the DARB Abu Dhabi account creation procedure. The following are the documents you need:

  • Emirates ID
  • The car’s number plate
  • An active phone number and email ID
  • Credit/Debit card details

If you have everything prepared, follow these instructions:

The first step is to Visit the DARB Abu Dhabi website or get the DARB app for your smartphone. Next, select “Individual” as the service type under the Create New Account section. After that type in a working email address and hit submit. You will receive an OTP (One Time Password) to your email address. Enter the OTP after you receive it. Then choose the emirate where your vehicle(s) is/are registered. Once you’ve entered your traffic code number and chosen your registered mobile phone number, you’ll need to enter the one-time password that was provided to your phone and then confirm your chosen password.

Your registration at the Abu Dhabi toll gate is finished once you confirm the password. Activating your account, registering your car or vehicles, and topping out your DARB wallet are now all possible with this account. Please be informed that there is a 100 AED registration cost at the Abu Dhabi toll gate. Out of that amount, AED 50 will be sent to your wallet as the initial balance for your DARB toll gate account.

How to Register for Abu Dhabi Toll Gates?

How to Register Corporate and Commercial Vehicles for the Abu Dhabi Tollgate

By following these procedures, businesses and commercial enterprises can finish the Abu Dhabi Salik registration procedure:

  • First step: You should go on the internet and go to the website of DARB Abu Dhabi.
  • Second step: Under the Create New Account section, choose the “Establishment” service type.
  • Third step: Then you should write down your email address and then click submit.
  • Fourth step: After this, you will get an email containing a One-Time Password. Go on and type in the OTP (One-Time Password).
  • Fifth Step: You need to then choose the emirate you are living in (The place you have registered your vehicle(s)).
  • Sixth step: Type in the Code Number for Establishment Traffic.
  • Seventh step: Select your registered mobile phone number.
  • Eighth step: A OTP will be sent to your mobile phone; you are required to enter it.
  • Ninth step: Enter and confirm your password which you like.
  • Tenth step: Type in the information needed regarding the establishment and finally click “REGISTER.”

The following details and papers are needed for Abu Dhabi toll gate corporation car registration:

  1. A photocopy of the trade license of the company is needed (if applicable)
  2. A letter from the company bearing its stamp, its signature, and the details listed below:
    • Corporate/Company representative
    • Email address
    • Mobile number
    • TCN, i.e. Traffic Code Number (This can be found on the vehicle (Mulkiya) registration card)
  3. A list of the cars you want to activate in the system on an excel file with the following details:
    • Licence plate number
    • Code/Colour
    • Source
    • Category

The registration of a car by the Abu Dhabi toll gate corporation involves 10 easy stages.

How to Register for Abu Dhabi Toll Gates?

Activate Your Abu Dhabi Toll Gate Account

After enrolling for Abu Dhabi’s toll gates, the next step is to activate your account.

To activate your DARB tolling system account, you must:

The first step is to log into your account on the Abu Dhabi toll gate app or online. The “Register Vehicle” tab will then need to be selected on your dashboard. Enter your car credentials next. Choose your chosen mode of payment (Amwal Wallet or credit card). The next step is to choose your wallet and then click “Pay.” The account activation is then complete after a successful transaction, as you will notice.

If you have multiple vehicles, repeat the process to set up and activate each one’s DARB Tolling Gate System account. You can log in whenever you want after your DARB Abu Dhabi account has been authorized. You may use the account to top up or recharge your wallet, examine any penalties, and keep track of your previous transactions.

How to Register for Abu Dhabi Toll Gates?

Adding credit to your account

It is a requirement for all drivers signing up for the system to deposit Dhs100 into their accounts. The remaining Dhs50 will be credited to your account when the remaining Dhs50 has been deducted as the charge. During peak hours, each time you travel through one of the four toll gates, a credit will be removed from your account. Passing a gate during rush hour will cost your account Dhs 4, with a daily maximum of Dhs 16 for travel inside Abu Dhabi. Log onto the mobile application or to add extra credit to your account. You may choose the top-up to add credit to your account on the main page’s “my wallet” section. A unique sum between AED 50 and AED 10,000 may also be added to a driver’s account in addition to AED 50, AED 100, AED 150, or AED 200. Only during peak hours, from Saturday through Thursday, 7 am–9 am and 5 pm–7 pm, can the toll amount be charged.

No toll is collected outside of this window, on Fridays, or on federal holidays. One DARB account may be used to pay the toll for a number of cars. However, you must have enough money in your account to cover the cost. Once logged in, all penalties as well as registered and unregistered cars under your name will be shown on the webpage.

How to Register for Abu Dhabi Toll Gates?

What if I Already Have an Account with the Abu Dhabi Toll Gate?

Use these procedures to create an Abu Dhabi toll gate account if you were previously registered on the ITC website and are unclear about how to proceed.

  • Use the DARB app or the website for the toll gate system.
  • Use your Traffic Number or Emirates ID number to log in.
  • Enter a working email address and click “Submit.”
  • A One-Time Password will then be sent to your email address. Type in the OTP (One-Time Password).
  • Click “VERIFY” after selecting your registered mobile phone number.
  • An OTP will be delivered to your phone; you need to enter it.
  • Type in and confirm the password that you desire. Press “Submit.”
  • After you’ve added your vehicle(s) to the account, finish the activation.

How to Register for Abu Dhabi Toll Gates?

Frequently Asked Questions

The information below is questions and answers that have been gathered based on reports from people:

Is There an Abu Dhabi Salik?

Salik’s counterpart in Abu Dhabi is referred to as DARB Toll. The DARB system, like the Salik system in Dubai, is an automated road toll system.

Where Can I Find Abu Dhabi’s Toll Gates?

The following are the locations of the DARB tolling system gates in Abu Dhabi:

  • Al Maqta Bridge
  • Mussafah Bridge
  • Sheikh Khalifa Bridge
  • Sheikh Zayed Bridge

What Are the Fees for Passing Through DARB Toll Gates?

In Abu Dhabi, the following costs are levied while passing through a toll gate:

  • AED 4 is only charged during peak hours: Saturday through Thursday (07:00 am to 09:00 am and 05:00 pm to 07:00 pm).
  • There are no DARB costs for non-peak hours, Fridays, or public holidays.
  • For private vehicles, the daily and monthly maximum costs are AED 16 and AED 200, respectively.

Who is Not Subject to Toll Gate Fees?

Four groups of persons in Abu Dhabi are free from paying the toll gate fees, according to the Department of Transport and ITC:

  • Retired Emirati citizens
  • Senior Emirati citizens
  • Emirati residents with minimal or limited income
  • People of Determination

Similar to that, other automobiles are also excluded. These consist of:

  • Abu Dhabi licensed taxis
  • Ambulances
  • Army vehicles
  • Police vehicles
  • Public transport
  • School buses
  • Motorbikes
  • Towed vehicles

In Abu Dhabi, how can I obtain the Salik Tag?

Only in Dubai is the Salik tag relevant. As a result, if you’re traveling from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, you simply need the tag. The Salik tag is available for purchase online or at any gas station. Once you’ve paid for the tag, you should affix it to the vehicle’s windshield. Every time you pass a toll gate in Dubai, a fee of AED 4 is applied to the tag.

You will be fined if you cross a toll gate without a Salik tag or with insufficient money in the Salik tag.

How Do I Apply for the Abu Dhabi Toll Gate Charge Exemption?

Even if you fall under one of the categories listed above that are free from toll gate costs, you still need to register with Abu Dhabi Salik. You must apply for the exemption and activate your DARB account.

  • What you do to do it is as follows:
  • Sign in to your DARB account via the app or online.
  • Click “Submit Request” after choosing the “Requests” option on the dashboard.
  • Click “Exemption Request” on the services panel.
  • Indicate your vehicle’s license plate number and sub-service.
  • Complete the request description and include any pertinent documents.
  • Send in your application.

Your request will be examined by the pertinent department, and if necessary, an exemption will be granted.

Who Should Sign Up for The DARB Abu Dhabi Toll Gate System?

Anyone may sign up for DARB Abu Dhabi as long as they have a registered car outside of Abu Dhabi and a legitimate Emirates ID. All drivers have been asked by the ITC to register for an account on the tolling system in Abu Dhabi. Here is how to register a car in Abu Dhabi if you have recently purchased a vehicle. Keep in mind that if your vehicle is registered in the capital, you do not need to go through the Abu Dhabi Salik registration process.

How to Register for Abu Dhabi Toll Gates?

Last Thoughts on Registering for the Abu Dhabi Toll Gates

We really hope that our post about how to register for Abu Dhabi toll gates was useful. Paying toll at the Abu Dhabi toll gate is a mandatory requirement for all residents living in Abu Dhabi property for sale. As soon as you buy an automobile, you must register it with the DARB account. The larger integrated road and transport management system, DARB Abu Dhabi, which was established to guarantee a smooth and trouble-free traffic flow in the city, includes the Salik version for Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabi Salik registration system has proven to be reliable. If you want to visit the capital, register for the Abu Dhabi toll gate as soon as possible.

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frequently asked questions

The entrances to the DARB toll system in Abu Dhabi include Al-Maqta Bridge, Musfa Bridge, Sheikh Khalifa Bridge and Sheikh Zayed Bridge.

Only AED 4 is charged during peak hours: Saturday to Thursday (07:00 AM to 09:00 AM and 5:00 PM to 07:00 PM). No other DARB charges for non-peak hours. It is not accepted on Fridays or public holidays. For private vehicles, the maximum daily and monthly fees are 16 and 200 dirhams, respectively.

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