Why Is Dubai A Dream Destination?

دبی در خاورمیانه، یک شهر خارق العاده با ویژگی های شگفت انگیز است. در ادامه این مطلب، خواهید فهمید که چه چیزهایی دبی را به یک مقصد رویایی تبدیل کرده اند ...

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When looking at dream destinations in the world, Dubai must sit at top of the list. This is a dream Middle Eastern destination where a lot of people visit every year. It is a place to experience the best of entertainment, to enjoy ultra-modern architecture, exotic and lively nightlife as well as stunning views of the beautiful skylines. Read on to find out what else make this amazing city a dream destination…

Why Is Dubai A Dream Destination?

Best tourist attractions

Dubai is home to a number of exotic and unique tourist attractions that one should not miss. Some of them include Burj Khalifa which is the tallest tower in the world, Dubai Mall that is the biggest and most exclusive mall in the world, Burj Al Arab Hotel that is among the most extraordinary in the globe, the largest aquarium in the world, Palm Jumeirah which is the world’s 8th wonder, Heaven on Earth and also a large number of other incredible attractions.

Why Is Dubai A Dream Destination?

A fast growing city

Dubai is famous as a rich metropolitan city with highest growth rate in the world. Dubai has now turned into a global hub for business, tourism, transportation and also trade.

High income & luxurious lifestyle

Owing to endless economic activities and business opportunities in Dubai, you can find a large number of jobs with high salaries in Dubai. Besides, this amazing city offers a luxurious style of living. This is why many people find it a dream destination where they never want to leave!

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A fantasy land

Dubai has turned into a fantasy land where luxury, amazing projects and glamour are above all else. In addition, life quality is the best in Dubai. This is also one of the reasons making Dubai a dream destination to visit and also live!

Incredible nightlife

Nightlife in Dubai is one of the best things attracting many tourists to this amazing city. Dubai offers one of the best and most unique bars and pubs in the world. Restaurants, pubs, and night bars always remain busy throughout the year. So, Dubai is a dream destination where you will never be worried about lack of things to do!

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Air hub

As tourists from all around the world flock to this amazing city all year round, the airport of Dubai is one of the busiest in the world. It is now an air hub where thousands of people are travelling in and out. This fact also reflects that Dubai is a dream destination in the world.

Best shopping destination

Dubai is a paradise for those who are fascinated by shopping. This amazing city offers a wide variety of luxurious, exclusive malls. Dubai is known for its gold market. It is known as a souk.

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As, this incredible city is growing day by day, it adds new attractions every year. Dubai is going to amaze us with new upcoming attractions that are listed below:

Ain Dubai

Ain Dubai is one of the main upcoming attractions in Dubai. It is in fact the largest observation wheel in the world that is located on Blue Waters region. At over 250 meter high, Ain Dubai is the tallest observation wheel. It carries up to 1400 passengers!


  • Passengers can enjoy the stunning views of the city’s coastline
  • Its base is an entertainment zone with a large LED screen mounted on the wheel.

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Madame Tussauds is a waxwork museum. Rumors about the popular waxwork museum franchise opening an attraction in the Middle East have been circulating since 2008, finally, it is going to be a reality. The waxwork museum already has a venue in NYC, Sydney, London, and Beijing.


  • Wax museum presents famous faces of dingers, actors, politicians, sports stars and historical figures.


It is located on one of Dubai’s latest hotspot – Blue Waters Island. Placed right next to Ain Dubai.


The museum of the future also is one of the best attractions in Dubai with an award-winning design. It’s a center of creativity to see the future.


  • Innovation labs.
  • Permanent exhibition for future inventions.
  • Immense theatre and themed attraction.
  • Architecturally striking.


It is located opposite Emirates Tower on Sheikh Zayed Road

Why Is Dubai A Dream Destination?


Mohammed bin Rashid library is a world-class library, that was has been built in the shape of an open book sitting on real. It is a high rise structure that can be seen from the creek.


  • World-class library
  • The exterior structure


Al Jaddaf Dubai

Why Is Dubai A Dream Destination?


Zombie Apocalypse Park is a massive entertainment zone themed around the living dead. It will become famous for its extravagance and oomph.


  • Haunted House.
  • Glow – in – the dark.
  • Zombie Races.
  • Zombie-themed café.
  • Paintball Games.
  • Target Activities.
  • Virtual Reality.
  • Live Acts.
  • Escape Rooms.
  • Practical Information.
  • VR 9D cinema.


The night market – Deira Island


It is one of the many amazing projects being built in the UAE. Aladdin City is inspired by the magical Arabian tales of Aladdin and Sinbad. The three towers look like the “magic lamp” in Aladdin’s story. It is shining, shimmering and splendid structure indeed.


  • The three-story building resembles Aladdin’s magic lamp.
  • It is connected with bridge and walkways, and looks like a snake
  • It includes office and hotels.
  • It provides parking for 900 cars.


Dubai Creek, close to the U shaped and J one towers


This a place where you can see Dubai from another point of view – the panoramic view of the Palm Jumeirah. The view at the Palm is a new landmark found 52 stories high on the Palm Jumeirah.



Shaikh Zayed Road being a couple of minutes away from the Palm Jumeirah Beach

Yes, Dubai is absolutely a dream destination!

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