Why Invest In Dubai Real Estate?

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Dubai is a desirable Middle Eastern city that has been long the number one choice of investors from all around the world. It is the country’s main business hub offering enormous benefits not only to the residents, but also to those who invest in this amazing city. Read this to the end to know what these benefits are…

A Tourism Hub

Dubai tourists taking pictures and sightseeing

Dubai is a popular tourism destination with a large number of attractions to see and experience. Many people from around the world use this beautiful city as a holiday destination to enjoy. Besides, it is interesting to note that Dubai International airport is known as number one airport in the world for international passengers. This is why Dubai is ranked the fourth most-visited city in the world.

Attractive Property Price

Properties for sale in Dubai; Dubai Marina

Dubai is among the few places in the world where you can easily find your ideal property with an attractive price. Properties in Dubai are more affordable in comparison to other major cities around the world. No matter how much your budget is, your property is ready to purchase

In addition, if you are looking for a luxurious high-end property, you can find it in areas such as Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai.

Perfect For Business

Dubai is a Business Hub

There are various free zones in Dubai that suggest world class infrastructure. As well as this, the liberal labour policies make it is easy to recruit manpower from almost any part of the world. So, Setting up a business in Dubai is very easy. Dubai is a trading and business hub for the Middle East. The strategic location of Dubai between East and West makes it a gateway to connect with emerging markets in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Dubai is home to most of the leading companies such as Microsoft and Oracle.

A Thriving Economy

Uae real estate market

This incredible city boasts a thriving economy that is diversified in manufacturing, trading, and tourism and is not dependent just on oil. Also, UAE has a liberal policy that encourages foreign individuals and companies to invest and take part in the mutual growth process. So, due to the rapidly growing economy, Dubai is a perfect place to invest.

Highest Safety

Dubai Tourists Safe in Dubai Metro

The low rate of crime in Dubai makes it one of the safest places on earth. Highest levels of safety make this amazing Middle Eastern city among the most desirable places to live.

Incredible Infrastructure

Dubai Road Infrastructure

Dubai has a state of the art road and train infrastructure and continues to develop further which ensures accelerated growth.

A Sun-kissed Weather

Dubai Tourists enjoying the perfect blend of the city and seaside

Dubai has a sunny weather round the year where you can enjoy sunshine 365 days of the year. The sun-kissed weather of Dubai makes it a perfect place to have fun whenever you decide to have memorable moments with your loved ones!

Excellent Rental Returns’

Dubai has high rental returns for investment

For those who are looking to guaranteed rental returns, Dubai is considered a paradise to invest in real estate. In addition to this, the properties in Dubai gain much more value in the near future that is amazing!

Benefits For Property Owners

Dubai Skyline and Dubai Apartments for sale and rent

Dubai offers enormous benefits to property owners that cannot be found in other parts of the world, literally. For example, there is NO tax for owning a property in Dubai. In addition, developers in Dubai offer easy and flexible payment plan on off-plan properties. Besides, financing of the real estate investment is available in the UAE. You can easily find local and international banks to finance your investment.

New Residency Program

It is interesting to note that the UAE has been ranked as the top residence-by-investment program in the Middle East and Africa for the third consecutive year. This beautiful country offers a residence visa to the owners of freehold properties. The recently announced long term investor visa has set a new wave of excitement among investors to go full throttle and plan for long term.

Incredible Diversity

Dubai residents and tourists adapting to cultural diversity

Dubai is currently home to nearly 200 nationalities that makes it is one of the most globally diverse places to live, work and invest. The diversity of the UAE has been one of the main reasons for its success in different fields.

Dubai, The Happiest!

Happy Couple in Dubai; the UAE wants everybody to be happy

During the past few years, Dubai has made it to be among the happiest places on Earth. More interestingly, Ministry of Happiness has the role to improve channel policies and plans to achieve a happier society.

Home To Great Universities

Universities in the UAE

If you want to choose Dubai as your study destination, you just made the right decision. Dubai is home to a number of internationally renowned universities.

World-class Entertainment

dubai summer surprises in dubai mall

The UAE is also known for its world-class entertainment as well as luxurious leisure facilities. Also, with a number of Theme Parks Dubai is turning into the world’s most exciting adventure playground in the world. Thus, there is no room for lack of things to do in Dubai!

A Forex and Derivatives

Dubai has also emerged as a hub for Forex and Derivatives through the initiatives of the Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange.

Tax-free Income

Professional Opportunities in Dubai are vast

There will be NO tax for incomes in the UAE. (This is the most liked reason for Dubai to be the best place to invest in real estate). There’s no wonder that business in Dubai are highly lucrative. This an amazing place where growth is guaranteed!

High-quality Properties

Dubai Properties in Sheikh Zayed Dubai

Another main reason making Dubai a perfect destination to invest in real estate is that the architectural standard and construction quality are excellent. The high quality of buildings in Dubai are the key to its success as one of the most trusted places to invest in real estate.

Financial Benefits

No restrictions on repatriation of funds in the UAE. One of the best reasons to invest in this beautiful country.

Shopping Lover’s Paradise

Tourist shopping in the world's best shopping malls in dubai

Dubai is ranked among the top 5 hottest shopping destinations in the world. In other words, Dubai is considered as a paradise for those who love luxury shopping.

No language barrier

Dubai and different nationalities, there is no language barrier in this city

No matter what language you speak. English is an important language of communication in Dubai while many other languages are widely spoken.

Perfect To Have Fun!

Dubai deser dunes fun for tourists and residents

Dubai offers unique entertainment options. Luxurious spas, Desert safaris, beaches, skydiving, yacht rentals, and water parks. You can never have enough of it.

High Government Revenues

The introduction of VAT has increased the income of the government that will be spent on infrastructure projects.

100% business ownership

The policy of 100% business ownership that was announced this year will allow large businesses to increase growth and integrate with global markets for long term growth.

Service Charges Are Spent!

According to a recent law, property developers are not allowed to collect service charges from property owners. This leads to more transparency on how the service charges are being spent.

According to the above, there are numerous reasons why Dubai is one of the best places to invest in real estate. As well as these, the UAE government is constantly attempting to make the country a better place to live. Owing to setting new policies in addition to enormous benefits that the country offers, the UAE promises a brighter future to all those who live, work and invest in this amazing country!

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