fe What are the best places to live in 2020?

What are the best places to live in 2020?

When it comes to best place to live in, the answer might be different for different people. This is because it depends on how you define a country as the best place to live. In other words, different factors make a country a good place to live including overall financial stability, happiness levels, type of climate or any other factors. The definition of the best place to live is entirely subjective. However, here are top countries to live in 2020.

As you probably know, some factors such as average life expectancy, equality among genders, financial stability and literacy affect the livability of countries. Thus, here are the top places to live based on the United Nations’ Human Development Report:

  1. Norway
  2. Switzerland
  3. Australia
  4. Ireland
  5. Germany
  6. Iceland
  7. Sweden
  8. Hong Kong
  9. Singapore
  10. The Netherlands

According to the above, the best country to live in is Norway. So, let’s see why Norway sits high in this list, and what factors set this country apart from other countries around the world.


There’s no wonder that Norway is ranked the best country to live in. This amazing country excels in all the areas considered for a country to be livable. The European country offers anything needed for a great living.

First of all, the healthcare system in Norway is among the best ones in the world. Unlike other places like the United States, the healthcare system of Norway is funded by the general public, and covers all Norwegians. So, no matter what kind of service it is, all of the Norway residents receive medical attention. Higher life expectancy in this beautiful country is the result of receiving annual healthcare attention that is amazing!


Like Norway, the health of the residents of Switzerland is outrageously impressive. It is interesting to note that the life expectancy in Switzerland is among the highest in the world. Besides, the rate of fatal diseases in Switzerland is very low in comparison to other places in the world. Surprisingly, although Switzerland was beat by Norway for the title of the number one country to live in, life expectancy in Switzerland is slighter higher than that of Norway.

The residents of Switzerland live to be about eighty-three years old. Switzerland is a shining example of how taking care of yourself will lead to wondrous things. This is a privilege that not all countries award their residents.


According to the Human Development Report, Australia is among top 10 countries to live in. One of the reasons making Australia a great place to live in is that this amazing country has always emphasized on the importance of going to school and education. A healthy level of pressure in Australia’s educational institutions results in not only attend school but also take pride in academic marks.

The average number of years that Australians attend school is about twenty years old. It means that most of Australian children remain enrolled in the education system until they graduate from an undergraduate college or university. As with every situation, there are exceptions, but the education in Australia forms more than five percent of the country’s GDP. This is what makes Australia eligible to be recognized.


As you probably know, Ireland is one of the safest countries around the world, and this is why it is an incredible place to live in. In this amazing country, the prevalence of homicidal behavior is at a bare minimum, and the levels of criminal activity is lower than ever!


An emphasis on education is what stands out a lot about Germany. Much like Australia, Germany has put the educations of its citizens on top priority. It is interesting to note that nearly all of the country’s population has received higher education. To be more precise, only 4 percent of Germany residents have not endured college classes or post-graduate schooling.


In the Middle East region, Dubai is one of the most livable and desirable places to live. In fact, this amazing city offers enormous benefits not only for the residents, but also for those who invest in this incredible city. Tax-free incomes, high salaries, stable currency, lucrative businesses, as well as superb infrastructure make Dubai a perfect choice for businessmen and investors from all around the world.

In addition to these, low levels of crime, highest levels of happiness, a sun-kissed whether, incredible safety as well as being a diverse place make Dubai a perfect destination for the family. However, Dubai is not among top 10 places to live, nearly all people who stay in this amazing city for a short time choose to call it home!


Iceland bodes well in terms of healthcare accessibility as well as life expectancy. The average lifetime of Iceland residents is about 83 years of age. There are still some places around the world in which people do not live beyond forty years old. So, Iceland is impressive in terms of life expectancy of nearly double that of other countries.


There is a strong social welfare system in Sweden that provides free education in addition to strong healthcare for its residents. Sweden’s social model concentrates on equality, growth, security and freedom. As well as this, Sweden provides a great condition for workers including a minimum of five- week vacation. Also, there is a government organization in this country that supports entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business. Lastly, like the other Nordic countries, Sweden has incredibly low rates of crime, and ranks well in terms of overall well-being and prosperity.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a main International Financial Center that provides a high quality of lifefor its residents. Hong Kong has very low taxes, with the highest income tax being at 17%. These elements make this beautiful country an attractive choice for businessmen. What comes as a huge surprise is that Hong Kong has a very low rate of crime in spite of being a highly populated urban area. Many believe that Hong Kong perfectly combines East and West cultures with festivals living, colonial buildings, temples, and ancient traditions side-by-side with tall glass skyscrapers and modern public transportation.


Singapore is a stunning Asian country that is known to be one of the best places to call home.  Once, this beautiful country earned the title to be the fifth best place to live in, alongside Denmark. Singapore received high levels of recognition from the UN especially because of the overall attention paid to the healthcare system and the high rates of life expectancy in the country.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands compares to Denmark in the sense that it doesn’t have a high wage gap unlike many countries around the world. In other words, the rate of inequality among wages in the Netherlands is nearly 12.4% which sounds high. However, based on the data about the wage gap percentage of the United States, the Netherlands still out does the USA in terms of fair pay across the board.

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