What are the best places to live in 2022?

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There is no specific answer to the question of where is the best place to live. The definition of the best country to live in depends on different factors like overall financial stability, happiness levels, type of climate, or any other factors. It means the best place to live is entirely subjective for each person. But if you like to find the top countries to live in in 2022, do not miss the below list.

Best countries to live in 2022

As you probably know, some factors such as average life expectancy, equality among genders, financial stability, and literacy affect the livability of countries. So, here is a list of the best places to live in 2022 based on the United Nations’ Human Development Report.

  • Norway
  • Switzerland
  • Ireland
  • Hong Kong
  • Iceland
  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Australia
  • Netherlands
  • Denmark

As you saw, the best country to live in is Norway. Below here, we will talk about the elements that establish Norway apart from all other countries. Also, you can read about all the reasons why each country is on this list.

●    Norway

Based on the United Nations report, Norway is the best country for living. The researchers chose different factors for consideration, and Norway had a good mark at all of them. Based on luck or not, Norway excels in all the important fields for the UN. Also, this country greatly fits the certificates that the United Nations took into account. One of the significant facts is that Norway residents live about eighty-two years old, on average.

This fact relates to the healthcare system of Norway that covers all Norwegian health cases. The best point is that this system is for all residents of Norway, no matter what their situation or age are.

●    Ireland

The next amazing country for living is Ireland. This country is famous as the safest country in the world, as the criminal level is lower than every other place.

●    Switzerland

The third country is Switzerland because of the amazing health conditions like Norway. The United Nations praises Switzerland because of the life longing characteristic. This fact indicates that the rate of fatal diseases is low in Switzerland. While Norway is the king of number-one countries to live list, Switzerland’s life expectancy is a bit more than Norway.

●    Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is the fourth country on this list as it is a major international financial center. Many business people choose this country for living because the tax rate is so low there. Also, like most countries on this list, the crime rate is low, despite being a densely settled metropolitan region.

●    Iceland

Iceland bodes well in terms of healthcare accessibility as well as life expectancy. The average lifetime of Iceland residents is about 83 years of age. There are still some places around the world in which people do not live beyond forty years old. So, Iceland is impressive in terms of life expectancy of nearly double that of other countries.

●    Germany

This country is famous because of its focus on education. Countries like Germany or Australia adore the education of their residents. That is why almost all the population of Germany is at high education levels. And the surprising fact is that just four percent of people in Germany have not taken college courses or post-graduate education.

●    Sweden

Another country on this list is Sweden. This country is famous for its strong social welfare system, strong healthcare, and free education system. Their social model is based on growth, equality, liberty, and safety. If you are a worker, this country might be a great option for you as the government provides you with a minimum of five weeks’ vacation and supports entrepreneurs looking to run a business. Finally are the low rates of violent crime in Sweden that glisters besides the overall health and wellbeing.

●    Australia

Based on the Human Development Reports, Australia is a great living place. One main reason is the country’s focus on the importance of going to school and education. So most people in Australia do not even attend school but take pride in higher academic levels.Pay attention that education in Australia makes over five percent of the country’s GDP. This is what puts Australia among the world’s best countries to live.

●    The Netherlands

Many people believe that the Netherlands has as high of a wage gap. The imbalance rate among earnings in the Netherlands is around 12.4% which seems high among the world’s best countries. But if you compare this rate to countries like the United States, you will understand this country deserves to be among the ten best countries.

●    Denmark

Absolutely, the last country on this list should be Denmark. Many factors make this level for this country, like social trust. This factor indicates that people of Denmark trust in one another, their government, and public institutions such as police and hospitals highly. Also, health care and education are facilities for all residents for free. The other important point is that while Denmark is an international authority in industriousness like shipping, design, and architecture, it is famous as a green-forward country.




If you want to change your place and are thinking about choosing another country to live in, the above list might be helpful for you. There, you can read about the top ten countries of the world and why they got this place. If you have any other questions or want to find a great place to live in those countries, contact the professional team of dxboffplan.

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