fe UAE's worst, best service centers listed by Sheikh Mohammed

UAE’s worst, best service centers listed by Sheikh Mohammed

Here’s the list.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has introduced five best and worst government service centres. Actually, the goal was to evaluate the performance of 600 service centers of 29 federal government entities in the UAE.

According to his tweet, the best center of the UAE is Fujairah’s Federal Authority for Identity & Citizenship and the worst is Sharjah’s Emirates Post.

It is interesting to note that well performing teams are set to get a two-month salary bonus. However, the managers of poor performing teams have been replaced.

Sheikh Mohammed pointed out that the government will evaluate managers, ministers and services on a yearly basis. Also, all ministries and entities will be checked. He believes that this should be done because hiding mistakes will cost much higher in the future.

– HH Sheikh

Besides, he thinks of government services as citizens’ windows to their governments.

Sheikh Mohammed declared: “Our government is dynamic, rapidly changing and adaptive to people’s aspirations. Those who cannot keep up with us may rest away from the government field work.”

Moreover, in his opinion, we live in an open and connected world where there is no room for errors.

The five best entities according to Sheikh Mohammed are:

  1. Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Fujairah Centre

The centre was ranked as the best in the UAE among 600 government service centres. The reason has been the proficiency and flexibility of its employees in serving customers. Also, this center has taken new initiatives to overcome challenges and improve services.

  1. Ministry of Education, Ajman Centre

The second best performing center was Ministry of Education, Ajman Centre. The ranking is mainly due to high levels of innovation and commitment in providing services. As well as these, the center is famous for offering quick and modern services in addition to using the latest technologies. Also, the center has used tablets across the centre to reduce waiting time of customer and a mobile platform to make all services easy to offer.

  1. Ministry of Interior, Traffic and Licensing Ajman Centre

The focus of the center is placed on the customer. This center is known to provide services meeting every customer’s needs. In addition to this, the center is famous for its outstanding response to elderly people and facilitating services beyond expectation.

  1. Ministry of Interior, Wasit Police Station, Sharjah

Its position among the best government services was mainly owing to the unique performance of the center. In fact, this center has showed a different image of police that is beyond the general concept. The centre also meets public needs by providing proactive services using the latest technologies.

  1. Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme, Ras Al Khaimah Centre

The most prominent feature of the center is quality services that meet all the needs of customers. For instance, it provides parking spaces for senior citizens and people with special needs.

The worst performing entities are as follows:

  1. Emirates Post Group, Al Khan, Sharjah Centre

The Emirates Group centre was the worst service of the country due to its weak employee performance and mechanisms. Also, it was a center with the lowest level of employee happiness.

  1. Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Al Muhaisnah Centre for Preventive Medicine, Dubai

The main reason for this center to be second worst service was inefficient employees leading to slow services.

In addition, the number of front-line employees placed this center among the worst ones. This factor results in increased waiting time and low quality of the services.

  1. General pension and Social Security Authority, Sharjah Centre

The quality of services in the centre should be improved. In this center also the low number of employees causes low quality services.

  1. Ministry of Community Development, Social Affairs Abu Dhabi, Baniyas Centre

Results showed that the center has been so weak in following the open-door policy. Moreover, employees did not sufficiently respond to customers. Above all, receptionists were not usually seen to respond to customers.

  1. Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, Fujairah Centre

In comparison to Ajman’s centre, lowest level of performance belongs to Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, Fujairah Centre. Its employees are always explaining services and guiding customers. Also, receptionists do not answer the inquiries of jobseekers and the jobseekers are always redirected into applying online.

*The information brought in this article was based on the recent report of Khaleej Times website.

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