UAE’s top most priority Your child’s safety!

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UAE's top most priority Your child's safety!

UAE, is invariably, one of the safest countries in the whole wide world. With probably one of the most minimal crime rates, the country has withstood to its commitment of prioritizing the residents’ safety over and over. With hundreds and thousands of expatriates flowing in into the country every year, there arises a dire need to keep the security and safety of people residing within the region ahead of everything, and thus, owing to the security organizations’ vigilance, UAE government has been successful in achieving the same till date.

The topmost concern of parents has to be their children, their safety and security when they are not under their parents’ umbrella of care. One such time parents encounter on daily basis is when their children are off to school. With over 40% of women being working professionals in the region, it is of immense value to such mothers and fathers to know that their children are well-protected.

UAE's top most priority: Your child's safety!

UAE authorities have come up with yet another path-breaking solution to this problem by introducing an online platform in the form of a tracking app that helps them keep track of their children at all times starting from the time they step in to the bus to the moment they step out of it along with their respective locations. Parents can install this app and be aware of their child’s location all the time. This is Road and Transport Authority- RTA’s initiative in collaboration with their actively operational department of DTC i.e. Dubai Taxi Corporation.

DTC i.e. Dubai Taxi Corporation currently operates a whopping total of 368 buses for 17 schools carrying around 8,800 students every day. Each one of these buses is fitted with safety and security features including surveillance cameras and GPS satellite systems.

Thus, we hope that this new smart feature will further ease up residents’ life in UAE and ensure more families’ decision of making a home within such a safe and secure country.

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