UAE’s one of the oldest monuments to be renovated & reopened soon

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As an effort to preserve its cultural heritage, Abu Dhabi's oldest palace will be renovated and opened for visit.

In the present world, whenever someone talks about UAE, the first impression that comes to everyone’s mind is how big and humongous of a metropolis it is. It definitely stands strong as one of the most well-renowned metropolitans in the current world. Bearing all that makes a metropolis, UAE has emerged to be on top of its game in a very short span of time. From skyscraping buildings to latest technological advancements and highly conditioned as well as facilitated lifestyle, it has all the important components to be termed as a quintessential urban city.

However, a fact lesser known is that this Middle Eastern country is not just a metropolis but so much more than that. It possesses a wide-ranging and elaborate cultural heritage to its name. Being one of the most ancient habitation of the Middle Eastern thread, the place holds an impregnable cultural value to it. Having said that, due to the sudden boom of urbanization and modernization, UAE had somewhere pushed its heritage aside and had shifted all its focus to further asserting the 2.0 boom.

Until recently, when the higher authorities decided to renovate and reopen QASR AL HOSN Fort. Qasr Al Hosn Fort is possibly Abu Dhabi‘s biggest and oldest palace. Comprising of two adjacent buildings, the Inner Fort that was built all the way back in 1795 and the Outer Palace that was laid foundation of in 1940, the iconic heritage has been known to have witnessed some of the most extraordinary events of the ruling family historically. Thus, it has been decided that the Cultural Fort will now be divided into Qasr Al Hosn Fort, the Cultural Foundation, the National Consultative Council building & The House of Artisans. In addition to these, the renovated Qasr will also feature a performing arts theatre and children’s library which are expected to open with effect from 2019.

As an effort to preserve its cultural heritage, Abu Dhabi's oldest palace will be renovated and opened for visit.

Shedding some light over the advancement, the Chairman of Dubai Culture & Tourism, Mohammad Khalifa Al Mubarak stated: “Qasr Al Hosn retraces the history of the city of Abu Dhabi, our very first building. It stands as a constant in our evolving city. It is a testament to the heart and spirit of our people and the repository of our collective memories, and its reopening is a key moment for both the citizens of Abu Dhabi and the wider UAE.”

He also added: “In addition, we are thrilled to reopen the Cultural Foundation, which has always played an integral role in the cultural scene of Abu Dhabi, the UAE and the region. With the Al Hosn site, we look to foster a sense of community and make a home for Emirati culture. It is a place to both reflect on our past and embrace the present, as we look to shape Abu Dhabi’s future.”

Thus, we at, expect that such profound measures by the authorities will aid in uplifting UAE’s investment value whether socially or financially.

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