UAE’s aid to Iran to fight against coronavirus

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COVID-19 is still affecting a lot of people in China with some outbreaks in other countries. After China, Iran has a large number of patients confirmed to be infected by the coronavirus. The UAE was among those countries helping Iran fight against the spread of corona. In fact, the measures taken by the UAE were to prevent the outbreak of this virus in other countries.

The World Health Organization has sent its first planeload of assistance to Iran to help fight coronavirus, dispatching six medics with tones of medical equipment and test kits aboard a UAE military airport.

According to Robert Blanchard from the WHO in Dubai, the flight has carried 7.5 tonnes of medical supplies and necessary equipment. All of these items are primarily needed in order to prevent infection. They are also to control and support health care workers in Iran.

The supplies that were sent to Iran worth over $300,000. These items include surgical masks, gloves, and respirators. They were loaded onto the military transport plane of the United Arab Emirates in Dubai. Blanchard warned that global supplies were not enough. According to Blanchard, the demand now has exceeded the available stocks of the UAE… and this country is doing its best to get access to more supplies.

The medical team includes six member and is made up of laboratory specialists, epidemiologists and also doctors in order to help the Islamic republic prevent, detect and control the coronavirus, Blanchard pointed out that it has been the first WHO team to be sent to Iran since the spread of coronavirus.

According to the official statistics, coronavirus death in Iran has reached to 77 that is the highest outside China. To be more precise, 2,500 were confirmed in this country.

WHO operations manager Nevien Attalla has said that some most of health workers in Iran would benefit from the items that were sent to the country. In fact, these items were the first big shipment to support the response to coronavirus. She has also said that Iran is a challenging place now. Getting the approvals to go may not be easy.

In spite of downgraded relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the UAE has provided Iran with a military transport plane in order to fight against the spread of coronavirus.

The GCC countries have announced some measures in order to cut links with Iran to prevent coronavirus from spreading. In fact, they have cut off transport links. Besides, their citizens are not allowed to visit Iran. 129 cases of corona were confirmed in countries such as Bahrain, Kuwait, The UAE, Qatar and Oman. Most of them were returning from Iran.

Sultan Mohammed Al Shamsi, the UAE’s undersecretary for humanitarian affairs, has said that all people should get aid regardless of their background.

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